When Korean Actors Reading The Drama Script Before Shooting They Exude A Certain Allure.

Casting is the process of selecting or selecting players according to the characters or roles needed in a drama. An actor is a man who plays a certain role in a drama.

Before the casting process for a drama takes place, the drama management team must disseminate information about the casting or audition for the selection of the prospective cast. The selection of prospective players who fit the role in a drama will give a deep impression to the audience.

The charm of Korean actors makes the drama even more perfect when watching it. In addition to the storyline that makes the audience more curious, the selection of potential players according to the character to be played is an important thing in a drama.

Starting from the suitability of body posture, type of movement, and voice must be in accordance with the character to be played. The ability of prospective players to play a role in a drama is something that every prospective drama player must-have.

Here we present some of the charms of Korean actors during the first script reading before shooting begins.


Korean Actors Enchant in Drama Scripts

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1. Ju Ji Hoon

Ju Ji Hoon is a Korean actor who started his career as a model. Starting his career on the small screen in the drama Princess Hours in 2006 made Ju Ji Hoon’s career skyrocket to this day.

After his role in the film series Along With Goods made this handsome actor born in 1982 more popular with women.

This Jirisan drama actor makes the audience even more fascinated by his charisma.

2. Kim Seon Ho
After playing the character Han Ji Pyeong in Drama Start Up, Kim Seon Ho’s name skyrocketed in the world of Korean drama.

Starting his career as a musical drama player, Kim Seon Ho can be said to be a multitalented actor, both in the world of acting and singing.

The character Hong Du Shik played by Kim Seon Ho in the drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha makes healing for every audience who enjoys the drama.

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3. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki’s name became increasingly well-known among drama fans after he starred as the main character in the drama Innocent Man. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki’s journey into the entertainment industry began when he was preparing for his college entrance exam in Seoul. Therefore, that time marked the beginning of his story.

On the subway, he meets an agent who offers him the opportunity to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Song Joong Ki is expected to appear in a drama with the title The Chaebol’s Youngest Son in 2022. This follows his role in the drama Vincenzo in 2021.

4. Namkoong Min

Nam Goong Min’s acting is unquestionably excellent. Because of the presence of actors who are becoming increasingly well-known for their roles as serial killers. Like in the drama The Girl Who See Smells.

The role in the drama The Veil catapulted the actor, who graduated from Chung Ah University. With a degree in mechanical engineering.

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5. Ahn Bo Hyun

During his performance as Yumi’s boyfriend Koo Woong, the main character of the drama Yumi Cell makes the audience feel uneasy by making them feel anxious as well.

Ahn Bo Hyun’s name is becoming more well-known as a result of his role as Im Gwang-Nam. In the drama Descendants of the Sun. In which he played a member of captain Yoo Shi Jin’s crew.


So, while reading the drama script, who was your favorite Korean actors to root for?

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