Adults aren’t the only ones who know what’s in style. More and more kids are also starting to know what’s in style. Also, women are very interested in fashion.

Fashion is another thing that is just as important in a Korean drama. Fashion is how people dress to make themselves look nice. Why does fashion matter? Fashion is more than just a way to look nice. It can also tell a lot about who you are.

Most Korean dramas are just as much about the clothes as they are about the story. Actors and actresses create unforgettable character immersion not only because they are great actors, but also because they dress like the characters they are playing. In the drama, they may have different personalities, like being quirky, cute, nice, or bad. But one thing is for sure: their personalities are shown by the way they dress.

The way characters in a drama are shown, one of which is in the way they look. This makes the story feel more real. In a drama, fashion can be used as a way to talk to the audience. Everyone’s clothes send nonverbal messages to people who see them. People can figure out a lot about a person based on what they wear.

Fashion also has other benefits, such as being a sign of social class. Fashion is something that has to do with how you look and how you live. People can join and be seen as part of a certain social class by the way they dress.

Last, it gives you a sense of who you are. Fashion is a part of a person’s identity and shows who they are. It can also make a person feel better about how they look and, of course, give them more confidence.

This time, we’ll talk about the clothes Kim Ji Won wears as Yeom Mi Jeong in the popular TV show My Liberation Notes. A drama about three siblings from simple families who are all trying to get their minds off all the problems in the world. This drama is very popular with many different groups because the story is simple and easy to understand.

Yeom Mi Jeong’s character is quiet and doesn’t talk much. She also comes from a simple family, which makes the clothes she shows look simple but cost a lot.

Here are some of the clothes Kim Ji Won wore in the TV show My Liberation Notes.

Even though this shoe looks simple, it costs ₩115200 (around $ 92.78) From Rachel Cox Brand.

When she meets Mr. Gu, this is the style Yeom Mi Jeong wears. This wool jacket looks so pretty and warm, it costs  ₩279000 (around $ 92.78).

This sling bag from Mulberry  costs around $1365. Woah, Yeom Mi Jeong Looks so luxurious.

Most people won’t know if this watch is a great deal or not. A watch with a great price that looks simple. It costs around €380.

This blouse costs around $169. With Yeom Mi Jeong’s soft personality, this blouse feels like it would go well with her.

Even though the clothes and makeup look simple, the bag is one of the unique pieces that is just as important. From Tory Burch costs around $628.

Which of Mi Jeong’s many styles of clothing do you like the best?

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