This woman was born on April 6, 1990. In most of the dramas she was in, she played a woman who was elegant, rich, and one-of-a-kind. After taking a two-year break because of the scandal, she came back. Now, she is the main character in the drama Eve, which is about getting even.

In the drama Eve, she played Lee Ra El, a dangerous but attractive woman at the center of a divorce case. When she was young, Lee Ra El’s father died. Since then, she has grown into a beautiful and mysterious woman. Lee Ra El’s character is linked to a beautiful woman who knows how to dance tango and ballet, which makes her even more charming. The characters’ changing feelings, as well as revenge, desire, and love, will be shown in a way that is smooth and sensual. This will make people feel more connected to the story.

As we said before, the way characters in a drama are shown, one of which is in the way they look. This makes the story feel more real. In a drama, fashion can be used as a way to talk to the audience. Everyone’s clothes send nonverbal messages to people who see them. People can figure out a lot about a person based on what they wear.

Lee Ra El’s charm seems to be getting stronger, and her clothes and accessories are getting more and more expensive. In every role she plays, Seo Yea Ji always has the right makeup for the scene, a classy look, a strong attitude, the tone of voice of a classy woman, and a confident walk.

Here, we show you how Seo Yea Ji (Lee Ra El), who stars in the show Drama Eve, dresses.

1.  Accessories

The importance of accessories in a person’s look turns out to have a big impact on how stylish they are. For example, a few carefully chosen accessories can make the look look even better. There are so many different kinds of accessories that can be worn, and most of the time, they make the outfit look a lot more stylish and trendy.

This is looks luxurious, it costs € 9,450 for Earring and € 3,740 for Bracelet. Both from Bvlgari. Woah, So expensive!

Another Earring Collection from this Drama, She is using earring from ellepeut. It cost around ₩178.000. Looks stunning!

Still from ellepeut, one set earring costs around ₩328.000. Looks so pretty!

2. Heels

Women always care about how they look in every way. Most of the time, women choose shoes that match their clothes so that they look their best. Heels shoes have a formal, beautiful, and polite personality. Heel shoes will take you to a classy place, whether it’s modern or formal.

Another attractive item from Seo Yea Ji drama is Heels Shoes. From Gianvito Rossi Collection is Eiko Bootie, it costs around $ 781. 

3. Fashion

Women like fashion a lot. Styles that are classic and glamorous are what most women like. The glamorous style focuses on making people think it is expensive, which makes it look attractive and sexy. Most of the time, the glamorous style is worn to a big event. Why does fashion matter? Fashion is more than just a way to look nice. It can also tell a lot about who you are.

This is the most important item, clothes and skirt. From Ports, Flap Wing Cotton Shirt (it costs around $1193) and Flutter Two Skirt (it cost around $471)

Another Fancy item is Wool Blend Bouclé  Cape, costs around € 2.500, Cutout Stretch Knit Turtleneck Top € 1.490, and the last is Skirt in Bouclé  Couture 


Which of Lee Ra El’s fashion do you like the best?

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