Here is a list of songs that will be featured on the soundtrack for the ENA drama Summer Strike. This drama with Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama themes tells the story of Lee Yeo Reum, played by Seolhyun, just got dumped by her boyfriend at the start of Summer Strike. Here we provide you Summer Strike OST Part 1, A Strange Day by Jihyo, with English lyrics.

Jihyo (TWICE) – A Strange Day
Summer Strike OST Part 1
Release Date: November 14, 2022

Jihyo Twice Ost Summer Strike
[Verse 1]
고요한 우주 속에서 살아있는 건 우리뿐이야
Goyohan uju sogeseo sarainneun geon urippuniya
We’re the only ones alive in the silent universe
내 밤은 불 꺼진 천장 아래 흐린 빛 별 하나 있네
Nae bameun bul kkeojin cheonjang arae heurin bit byeol hana inne
My night is a cloudy star under the lighted ceiling
그 마지막처럼 피어올라
Geu majimakcheoreom pieoolla
Blooming up like the last

고요한 우주 속에서 우린 불안한 숨을 쉰 것뿐이야
Goyohan uju sogeseo urin buranhan sumeul swin geotppuniya
We just breathed uneasily in the quiet universe
이상한 하루야
Isanghan haruya
It’s a weird day
전하지 못한 말들을 거둬내고
Jeonhaji mothan maldeureul geodwonaego
Take back the words you couldn’t say
마음이 머리보다 더
Maeumi meoriboda deo
Your heart is more than your head
빨리 달려가는 그 시간 속에
Ppalli dallyeoganeun geu sigan soge
In the time that we’re running fast,
있어줘요 기다려줘요
Isseojwoyo gidaryeojwoyo
Stay there. Wait for me
내 이야기를, 긴 고백을
Nae iyagireul, gin gobaegeul
My story. A long confession

[Verse 2]
어둠이 걷히고 나면
Eodumi geotigo namyeon
When the darkness clears
밝은 빛에 눈 부비고
Balgeun biche nun bubigo
I’m rubbing my eyes in the bright light
그대의 어둠이 될 준비됐어요 난
Geudaeui eodumi doel junbidwaesseoyo nan
I’m ready to be your darkness orchid

이상한 하루 끝에서
Isanghan haru kkeuteseo
At the end of a strange day
불안한 꿈을 꾼 것뿐이야
Buranhan kkumeul kkun geotppuniya
I just had an uneasy dream
있어줘요 기다려줘요
Isseojwoyo gidaryeojwoyo
Stay there. Wait for me
내 이야기를, 긴 고백을
Nae iyagireul, gin gobaegeul
My story. A long confession


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Korean Lyrics by: Genius
Synchronization Lyrics + Romanization + Eng Trans by: Sparkling @ cafehallyu


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