In Drama A Business Proposal Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Se Jung, Kim Min Gyu, and Sul In Ah star. From February 28, 2022, it airs every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 on SBS. Here We provide drama A Business Proposal quotes with cast and synopsis.


Drama: Business Proposal (English title)
Hangeul: 사내맞선 (Sanaematsun)
Also known as: The Office Blind Date
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2022-Feb-28 to –
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
Director: Park Sun-Ho
Writer: Hae Hwa (web novel), Han Sul-Hee, Hong Bo-Hee
Original web novel: Here


A single woman named Shin Ha-Ri (Kim Se-Jeong) works for a company. Friend: She has a boyfriend. She has been in love with him for a long time. A friend, Jin Young-Seo, is a daughter of a powerful family, so Shin Ha-Ri decides to meet her. When Jin Young-Seo can’t go on a blind date, she asks Shin Ha-Ri to take her place and even gives her some money for her time. Friend: Shin Ha-Ri agrees to Shin Ha-plan, Ri’s Her name is Jin Young-Seo. When she goes on the blind date, she has the goal of being rejected by her date. When Shin Ha-Ri sees her blind date, she’s shocked. On her first date, Kang Tae-Mu is Kang Tae-Mu (Ahn Hyo-Seop). He is the CEO of the company where she works. This is how it works:

Kang Tae-Mu is the CEO of a company that his grandfather started, and he runs it very well. One day, his grandfather told him about a blind date he had set up for him. When Kang Tae-Mu’s grandfather sets him up on blind dates, he is angry. he decides to get married to the next woman he meets on a blind date, so he won’t have to be interrupted by her. People think that the woman in the picture is Jin Young-Seo, but she is really Shin Ha-Ri.

Next, Kang Tae-Mu calls Shin Ha-Ri. He wants to marry her.


Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo
Kim Se Jung as Shin Ha Ri
Kim Min Gyu as Cha Sung Hoon
Sul In Ah as Jin Young Seo

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 1

Rather than getting wrinkles from working overtime,
isn’t going on a blind date with a wealthy guy more productive?
-Shin Ha Ri-

Cha Sung Hun:
To marry a woman who dates as many men as she likes?
Kang Tae Mu:
Why is her past any problem?
Cha Sung Hun:
Because I feel like it will be a problem even after getting married.

You should marry someone that you love
-Cha Sung Hun-

Kang Tae Mu:
Love? What is love?
Cha Sung Hun:
You miss them even when they’re right there with you,
and your heart flutters when you think about them.

I don’t want to cling to mere emotion.
And wasting time on blind dates is even worse.
-Kang Tae Mu-

If he wants to marry you even after the crazy act I pulled,
I’m sure he’s after your family.
-Shin Ha Ri-

People who have it all are always the ones who want more.
His family’s much wealthier than mine.
-Jin Young Seo-

I’m not planning to marry you.
How can I marry someone I’ve only met once?
-Shin Ha Ri-

Ballads relieve stress better.
By expressing how it feels to love
-Jin Young Seo-

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 2

Don’t you know that it’s a crime
to use someone else’s name and identity?
-Kang Tae Mu-

Now that you’ve cleaned and cooked, do you feel less stressed?
You sure have a weird way of de-stressing.
-Cha Sung Hun-

You pretended to be another person.
You deliberately wasted someone’s precious time for your own benefit.
If that’s not a scam, what is it?
-Kang Tae Mu-

What kind of rich folks would meet up at a pork cutlet franchise
to see all their in-laws?
Either way, I’m still jealous.
It’d be nice to meet some in-laws at a pork cutlet restaurant.
-Kang Da Koo-

Whether it’s in real life or on television,
why is it so hard to get married, these days?
-Kang Da Koo-

Rich people will always stick together.
There might be a merger.

Stop making excuses and keep your promise!
-Kang Da Koo-

Money is important, but he’s the company president.
-Shin Ha Ri-

I never let anybody see what I look like without makeup.
It’s like a rule as a woman.
-Shin Ha Ri-

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 3

I won’t tolerate any mistakes, do you understand?
-Kang Tae Mu-

And if you’re poor, you should know your place in society.
-Man on TV-

True independence is living off the money you earn yourself.
-Jin Young Seo Father’s-

But our relationship is simply a contractual exchange of money.
So don’t act like we’re anything actually real.
-Kang Tae Mu-

Thank you for today. For everything.
For pretending you didn’t notice that I cried yesterday
and for coming to the concert with me,
which I would have gone to all by myself.
-Shin Ha Ri-

There are some things that get results with a short amount of time,
and other things where you risk the losses and stay in it for the long run.
It’s difficult to decide how good or bad something is just by how long it takes.
-Kang Tae Mu-

Instead of a fake relationship like this,
why don’t you try a real one?
You might think it’s a waste of time to be in a relationship right now,
but if you think long-term, it might be more efficient.
You know, you could even get married.
Being in a fake relationship with me means there isn’t really a future.
So maybe this is an even bigger waste of time.
-Shin Ha Ri-

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 4

It’s human to make mistakes sometimes.
You apologized, so it’s fine.
-Jin Young Seo-

A food researcher should care about the ingredients.
-Shin Ha Ri-

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their furniture.
-Jin Young Seo’s Neighbour-

Anyway, that TV show makes no sense.
What kind of rich guy buys his girlfriend a t-shirt
that’s only 15,000 won?
-Han Mi Mo-

If only I had hidden my love for you back then,
you wouldn’t be living like this.
-Shin Joong Hae-

Why is someone who can see just fine wearing glasses?
-Cha Sung Hun-

Shin Ha Ri:
I had fun on our fake anniversary date tonight.
Kang Tae Mu:
I had fun too on our anniversary date.

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 5

I’m going to take my time to make her realize…
just how big of a mistake she’s made.
-Kang Tae Mu-

The taste isn’t the issue.
The problem is the price.
It’s what all researchers do.
-Shin Ha Ri-

It’s really tough to live on just your salary.
-Jin Young Seo-

You think I have time to listen to a rich girl complain about her life?
-Shin Ha Ri-

We promised to not cross the line.
-Jin Young Seo-

Since this is a dream,
can I tell you a secret?
-Shin Ha Ri-

So what if he’s handsome?
He has a rotten personality.
-Jin Young Seo-

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 6

You have no shame.
Have you ever thought about your victims
who’ve been forced to live with the burden
of unknowingly being filmed?
-Cha Seung Hoon-

I think I’ve been attracted to her ever since I first met her.
Seeing how I decided to marry her.
-Kang Tae Mu-

I am sincerely sorry for lying to you this whole time.
From the very beginning, I didn’t approach you deliberately.
-Shin Ha Ri-

Kang Tae Mu:
How can she not see me in a romantic light?
I’m handsome, tall, and rich. What do I not have?
Cha Seung Hoon:
There’s one thing.
That heart-pounding charm.

Flexing like this sometimes is really good for de-stressing.
-Shin Ha Ri-

I want to let other people feel the same happiness that I felt
when I ate that frozen food in the past.
-Shin Ha Ri-

It was like this that day too.
Whether you’re Geum-hui or Ha-ri,
I guess this is the same.
-Kang Tae Mu-

There are a lot of nice things to say other than apologies.
Like how I’m cool, or that it’s fun to be with me.
-Kang Tae Mu-

My heart fluttered when he tied my shoelaces for me.
I must have been insane.
-Shin Ha Ri-

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 7

Do you know what my love for you
and this credit card have in common?
They both have no limit.
There’s no limit at all.
-Kang Tae Mu-

If we want to take your friends’ ego down a notch.
what should my concept be?
-Kang Tae Mu-

She hasn’t dated many guys, yet
she’s so good at playing hard to get.
She always keeps me on my toes.
-Kang Tae Mu-

I guess you only date
people who are on your “level”?
In my eyes, Ms. Shin is someone with endless charm.
So don’t you dare judge my girlfriend ever again.
-Kang Tae Mu-

If I dress nicely the day after I was asked out,
he’ll think I’m trying to look good for him. Gosh.
-Shin Ha Ri-

They say friends take after one another.
-Jin Young Seo-

People tend to think of Korean food
as “home food,” or as healthy food that’s made with love and care.
-Kang Tae Mu-

I have feelings for you, Ms. Shin.
And I won’t give up.
If you reject me, I’ll ask you out again and again.
Until you finally like me back.
So, you need to brace yourself.
-Kang Tae Mu-

Shin Ha Ri:
Why do you keep making it so hard for me?
Why do you keep being nice to me
and make me think about you?
You make me wonder if it really
might work out, even though I know that it never could.
It’s obvious that I’m not the right girl for you.
Why do you keep making me want more?
Stop liking me. Stop trying to get close to me.
Kang Tae Mu:
What you’re worried about
will never happen. I promise.
So stay by my side.

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 8

I prefer to pay people back
with exactly what I received from them.
An eye for an eye, and a kiss for a kiss.
-Kang Tae Mu-

There may be some things I don’t do,
but there’s nothing I can’t do.
-Jin Young Seo-

Things can only improve
if a customer gives good feedback.
-Jin Young Seo-

If your girlfriend cooks for you,
shouldn’t you clear all the plates
even if it tastes like saltwater?
-Jin Young Seo-

Spend just your time on me. I’ll spend the money.
-Kang Tae Mu-

When you eat food that you had in the past,
you recall all of the happy memories from back then,
and it tastes even better.
-Shin Ha Ri-

If you come any closer, I’m never going to let you go again.
-Kang Tae Mu-


Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 9

I didn’t sleep well.
Because I missed you so much.
-Kang Tae Mu-

I was so nervous that I put on two different shoes.
And I don’t even know if I can digest this food.
I don’t usually get this nervous. Why am I being so nervous?
I look so stupid, don’t I?
-Shin Ha Ri-

You keep cheating.
My heart just skipped a beat because you’re so cute.
-Kang Tae Mu-

Han Mi Mo:
And what kind of rich person goes to a franchise coffee shop
and picks up his own coffee?
Shin Ha Ri:
Rich people are human too.

Of course, like you said,
the two of us might not work out.
But I decided to give it a try.
-Shin Ha Ri-

Kang Tae Mu:
Anyway, it felt good
when you introduced me as your boyfriend to the owner.
Shin Ha Ri:
Do you think that I always want to hide it from other people?
“President Kang is my boyfriend.”
I want to say that confidently.

Nowadays, people are so quick to criticize
if anything seems wrong.
So we need to be careful.
-Yeo Ui Joo-

Shin Ha Ri:
I want to be loved by the person
you love the most too.
Kang Tae Mu:
Do you know you looked
really pretty when you said that?

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 10

I don’t mind being blackmailed if I can stay with her forever.
-Kang Tae Mu-

If you’re rich, it’s only natural to want a daughter-in-law from a rich family.
It’s better for people from two similar families to marry each other.
-Han Mi Mo-

Nothing good comes out of people knowing you’re dating someone at work.
If either one of us makes a mistake while working,
people will talk behind our backs that we slacked off.
If we break up, then they’ll talk about whose fault it was behind our backs.
-Yeo Ui Joo-

Is there a woman who doesn’t like flower?
-Shin Ha Ri-

Whether you’re Geum-hui or Ha-ri,
you’re still the prettiest woman in the world.
-Kang Tae Mu-

I was thinking about how to not seem too pathetic
when explaining my weakness to a woman I like.
-Kang Tae Mu-

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 11

I don’t think that I’ll ever meet
a woman I love as much as Ha-ri.
-Kang Tae Mu-

I used to hate it.
Words of sympathy or worried expressions.
I felt like no one knew what I was really feeling.
So they just felt like empty words and actions.
So I pretended to be fine, and eventually, I believed it too.
But one day…
I realized I was rotting on the inside.
So I was in a lot of pain for a while.
-Kang Tae Mu-

Do you know how bright your smile was when you were
talking about your parents just now?
I could tell by looking at that face…
how much your parents loved you when you were growing up.
They loved you so much. Do you really think they resent you?
-Shin Ha Ri-

Let’s not talk so badly about something that you don’t know about.

It’s okay if I talk badly about my own family,
but I can’t stand it when other people do it.

Rich people are really scary. They got rid of all the gossip articles.
-A Nurse-

If love is a crime,
then yes, I’m a criminal.
-Shin Ha Ri-

I know how stubborn and arrogant I’ve been.
But I don’t want to be on bad terms
with my only daughter anymore.
So let’s just try to understand each other a bit more, yeah?
-Chairman Jin-

When something good happens,
you should think about it positively.
Don’t think about something bad.
-Cha Sung Hoon-

Quotes Line from Drama Business Proposal EP 12

I’m fine.
Well, other than my lousy luck with my parents,
I have so many people around me who care about me.
-Jin Young Seo-

In my eyes, Ha-ri is the prettiest there is.
I’ve met a lot of beautiful women
with impressive backgrounds.
But Ha-ri is the first woman I’ve met
who is a joy to be around and always makes me laugh.
So I held onto her.
I will make sure to get my family’s approval.
So, if you two would approve…
I would like to date Ha-ri with marriage in mind.
-Kang Tae Mu-

She was only holding back from doing those things
because I wasn’t able to provide for her.
And now that little girl…
is seeing someone as incredible as you.
I’m just worried that people might compare the two of you
because of her parents.
That will hurt her feelings.
-Shin Joong Hae-

The more a person has, the more greedy they become.
-Jin Young Seo-

It’s a lot of money and couples shouldn’t be lending each other money
-Jin Young Seo-

You’re popular with me.
-Kang Tae Mu-

Kang Tae Mu:
Don’t worry about other people.
Shin Ha Ri:
I don’t care about other people, either.
I just don’t want this situation to hurt you anymore.

You know I hate wasting my time, right?
I can’t be apart from you any longer.
So let’s get married.
-Kang Tae Mu-





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