In Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Tae Ri, Choi Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Myoung star. From February 12, 2022, it airs every saturday and sunday at 21:10 on TVN. Here We provide drama Twenty Five, Twenty One quotes with cast and synopsis.


Drama: Twenty-Five, Twenty-One (literal title)
Hangul: 스물다섯 스물하나 (Seumuldaseot Seumulhana)
Director: Jung Ji-Hyun
Writer: Kwon Do-Eun
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 12, 2022 —
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:10

You can watch legally at Netflix here 


Love story: “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” is about Na Hee-Do and Baek Yi-Jin. Kim Tae-Ri plays Na Hee Do (Nam Joo-Hyuk).

It’s Na Hee-job Do’s to fight for her high school fencing team. Due to the South Korean financial crisis, the fencing team at the high school is no longer in business. She makes it through all the difficulties and joins the sabre fencing team for the country.

The South Korean financial crisis also causes Baek Yi-father Jin’s to lose his business. This changes Baek Yi-life. Jin’s He goes from being rich to poor. While he is at school, he works part-time jobs like delivering newspapers. Later, he works for a broadcasting network as a sports reporter.


Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin
Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do
Choi Hyun-Wook as Moon Ji Woong
Lee Joo-Myoung as Ji Seung Wan

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 1

Don’t think about doing well.
Winning doesn’t matter.
-Na Hee Do (adult)-

Kim Min Chae’s Grand Mother :
Weren’t you doing ballet because you wanted to?
Kim Min Chae:
I don’t know anymore.
I need to do something to look like I’m doing something.

Adults never accept it
if we say we don’t have a dream.
Do we need to have one?
People only talk about getting a job.
-Kim Min Chae-

Na Hee Do’s Friend:
Isn’t she on the fencing team? Why did she come to class?
Doesn’t she come only for exams?
Na Hee Do:
I have to meet my minimum class attendance.
What use is it to speculate among yourselves?

The stuff I have can’t be lost.
For example, my dream and admiration.
-Na Hee Do-

All the schools are cutting back
and are getting rid of teams that aren’t successful.
-Fencing club coach-

Live as an anchor who leads by example for society.
You don’t do that for your family anyway.
-Na Hee Do-

It’s an unstated rule that you leave a paper
even if people say not to.
-Baek Yi Jin-

It takes skill to persuade someone.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

Then transfer to Tae Yang High School.
No. I’m not telling you to transfer.
I have no reason to.
But you come if you can.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

You didn’t tell me to, but I’ll come to transfer!
Yes. It’s not like Mom ever helped me with anything.
If she won’t transfer me, I’ll get transferred.
Compulsory transfer.
That is my plan.
Assaulting a peer.
-Na Hee Do-

I need a bigger assault
in order to be forced to transfer.
The assault I’ll partake in is gang assault.
A gang fight.
I’ll get wrapped up in this fight and be forced to transfer.
What do I need for that? I need the cops to show up.
-Na Hee Do-

Going ambiguously astray isn’t what I need right now.
It’s something that’s illegal.
Music, dancing, alcohol, and cigarettes in the dark of night.
Mix that with a minor.
It’s impossible for something not to happen.
What a great country to go astray.
-Na Hee Do-

This is one good thing about my family going bankrupt.
I get to see people at their worst.
You should have treated me this way from the get-go.
I thought we were friends.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Because when people do something bad,
the imagination of adults
and the imagination of minors are worlds apart.
-Baek Yi Jin-

The times can easily take away your dream.
Not just your dream. It can take away your money…
and even your family.
Sometimes, it takes all three at once.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Protecting your dream…
Though your plan was wrong,
you had the right idea.
-Baek Yi Jin-

I always think only about what I’ve lost.
But you think about what you can gain.
I want to try that too.
-Baek Yi Jin-

It’s okay to go bankrupt when you’re young.
It’s better than going bankrupt when you’re almost 60.
That’s my dad.
-Baek Yi Jin-

People always like rich people.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Whenever I came home alone upset after losing a match,
you weren’t the one who comforted me.
It was that comic book.
-Na Hee Do-

It required much more courage for me to talk to you
than to go to the club to get forced to transfer.
That’s who you are to me.
You’re someone I don’t want to talk to…
ever since Dad passed away.
-Na Hee Do-

Do you think athletes succeed just by being good at their sport?
Everyone’s skill level is similar.
Competitions are about luck and vigor.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 2

I don’t want a girlfriend. All I need are fans.
And I don’t date my fans.
-Moon Ji Woong-

Ji Seung Wan:
But as always, someone who hates that duty ends up doing it.
It’s fun making someone do something when they don’t want to.
And sadly, I was elected the class president.
Na Hee Do:
You were forced to be class president for a year
because they found it funny?

You believe that you can do it and that you’ll make it.
Back there, I didn’t say I didn’t know your name out of curiosity.
The fact that I don’t know who you are in this small fencing community
means you’re nothing.
I think your beliefs are wrong
when as a fencer, you haven’t achieved anything.
-Go Yu Rim-

High schoolers should date other high schoolers.
Grown-ups should date other grown-ups.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Do you know what’s good about not being an athlete?
It’s okay to get injured.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Good water pressure leads to happiness.
-Ji Seung Wan-

I think I was closer to her when I watched her from afar.
I felt a little sorry for myself for admiring her so much.
-Na Hee Do-

This is what makes sports exciting.
The winner and the loser are in the same room.
You should enjoy this moment fully, and feel the full despair of it too.
That way you can move on.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

You’ve defeated a perfect player.
That means you were more perfect in at least one way.
What do you think that was?
Your strength.
Continue to eat well, okay?
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

What matters is that this midterm
isn’t going to shape our entire life.
The results don’t matter.
-Baek Yi Jin-

The times took everything from you.
You can’t give up on happiness.
-Na Hee Do-

From now on, when you hang out with me,
you can be happy and keep it a secret.
When it’s just us two,
let’s be happy when we’re together, albeit temporarily.
So this can be our little secret.
-Na Hee Do-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 3

You should repay money with money
and show gratitude differently.
-Na Hee Do-

If a student asks to be trained,
It’s the coach’s duty to oblige.
That brings me great joy.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

Why should we get in trouble for training?
Why must we be afraid to work hard?
She and I stayed behind to train because we were desperate!
-Na Hee Do-

It would have been over if you had apologized.
Talking back like you only makes them nag and abuse us more.
Life becomes easier if you back down briefly.
-Go Yu Rim-

I just realized why I’m not a good fencer.
Controlling the distance between you and your opponent
is the most important in fencing.
I think I’ve failed at that.
-Na Hee Do-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 4

The only thing I believe that will be constant
in this world is gravity.
I don’t believe in anything to stay the same forever.
Because believing in something like that
sets expectations for how things should turn out.
However, gravity is constant regardless of any expectations.
That’s why I can believe only in gravity.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Fencing is a game of wits.
You have to be able to read the game.
That is strategic thinking.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

I heard that every tragedy in life is a comedy if you see it from afar.
That means we have to live as if we’re seeing ourselves from afar.
-Na Hee Do-

Can you exclude me from the tragedies into comedies thing?
I have to admit, it worked.
-Baek Yi Jin-

I want to do better and provide Dad and Mom with a comfortable life.
-Go Yu Rim-

You lost because you thought you’d lose,
and I caught you thinking this.
No one you come across during the tryouts will be a better fencer than me.
So don’t be scared.
Even if you’re scared, don’t let it show.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

You know that an athlete’s ability doesn’t develop steadily.
It hits them out of nowhere. That’s what’s scary.
-National fencing team coach-

I don’t get disappointed when my dreams don’t come true.
I’m used to losing and failing.
That’s called having mental fortitude.
-Na Hee Do-

You are by far the most experienced fencer when it comes to losing.
Those losses were blocks to build yourself stairs leading up.
Think about it. Now you’ve got the highest staircase.
Take your time to climb it and take whatever you want.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Na Hee Do:
Why do you root for me?
Even my mom doesn’t.
Baek Yi Jin:
Because you give me hope.
I want more for you.

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 5

Baek Yi Jin:
When you try hard, it makes me want to try hard too.
When you accomplish something,
it makes me want to accomplish something.
You make other people do well, not just yourself.
I praise you for it. That’s why I root for you.
So, take it all.
Na Hee Do:
I’m going to take in all of your support.
And let’s become great together.

What shocked me wasn’t Mom’s love story, but her efforts.
Her efforts that only she knew about.
I saw how hard she worked
rather than her glamor for the first time.
-Kim Min Chae-

Fencers who can’t be controlled
make fencers who are usually in control flustered.
-Choach Yang Chan Mi-

Trust me if you can’t trust yourself because I chose you.
You won’t lose. I don’t choose fencers who lose.
-Choach Yang Chan Mi-

Go Yu Rim:
Don’t be sarcastic since I’m congratulating you.
Na Hee Doo:
I wasn’t. I was sincerely shocked.
I checked the mirror every time you ignored me.
I thought I was invisible.
And to clarify, my dream wasn’t to be on the national team.
My dream is to become your rival.

I gave birth to them.
They’ll take care of themselves.
A husband isn’t the same.
-Baek Yi Jin’s mother-

We have the strength to get back up again.
So let’s be as frustrated as we want when things are tough.
Let’s be as sad as we want.
And let’s get back up together.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Sometimes, saying that we can do something
can be more discouraging.
We haven’t learned about a world in which you don’t have to do well and can fail.
Still, let’s do the most we can.
Let’s do our best.
But I still hope that even if we fail, we’ll be strong enough
to get back up again.
-Baek Yi Jin-

We have the strength to get back up again.
So let’s be as frustrated as we want when things are tough.
Let’s be as sad as we want.
And let’s get back up together.
Even if we’re not together, let’s get back up together.
I’ll be your strength to help you back up again.
I’ll make sure it happens.
-Na Hee Do-

Do you know what upsets me?
That you care about a person’s job and status.
That you’re ashamed of poverty.
Your head is filled with that garbage.
That’s why you lie to your friends
and do what you did today.
-Baek Yi Jin-

The work isn’t what’s hard.
Something like this is hard.
Being treated like this by my one and only brother.
I wanted you to grow up without being hurt,
so I left everything and moved.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 6

I’ve never once regretted marrying your dad.
We loved and respected each other all our lives.
And we still do.
You should also meet someone like that.
Someone that inspires you to improve just by being together.
That is what a truly successful life is.
-Baek Yi Jin’s mother-

Even if life gets tough,
don’t give up on the things you like.
Live your life doing whatever you can,
whether it be success or failure.
-Baek Yihyun-

Don’t let down the ones who believe in you.

Na Hee Do:
I thought my heart had skipped a beat
when I saw your back earlier.
In case I lose you.

Baek Yi Jin:
It was so noisy out there…
but all I could hear was your voice.

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 7

Your skill doesn’t improve consistently, but in steps.
-Na Hee Do’s father-

The referee’s decision is absolute as Fencing is a speedy sport.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

Go Yu Rim:
It’s a fencer’s right to appeal a bad call.
Na Hee Do:
It’s the duty of a fencer to accept the ref’s call.

The news relays the situation.
A journalist must maintain a distance
from the subject being covered.
-Seo Jung Hyuk-

You should submit the ref’s decision.
Your skills won’t go anywhere.
-Go Yu Rim Father’s-

A ref has to be from a different country than the athlete’s to referee a match
and they are assigned the day before.
If I have been bribed, wouldn’t it make sense to say
that everyone involved in the match have been bought off?
-Referee Alan Smith-

Athletes can get confused when they’re excited.
Even if the cameras can’t give you a clear picture of what happened,
wouldn’t it make sense to say that what I saw was most accurate
since I was right in front of the action?
If you want the athlete you’re rooting for to win, go watch a movie.
That’s not the nature of sport.
-Referee Alan Smith-

It must have taken such hard work to make it there.
You must have cried so much in secret
and suffered so much pain.
Goodness. You did great.
Please lead Korean fencing going forward.
-Diner’s Man-

At times you’re sad as if the whole world’s turned its back on you.
But other times, you laugh your guts out.
Our friendships are always excessive,
we’re helpless in the face of love,
and our failures are passionate.
Anxiety, grief, jokes, and smiles come together
to form a strange and irregular shape.
Perhaps we’re currently standing at the center of our youths.
I know how much your growing pains hurt.
I understand. Thank you for understanding
-Baek Yi Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 8

It’s not like I wanted to read that line on the news.
Do you know how I felt having to attack my daughter?
That was the day when I regretted my career
as a news anchor for the first time.
-Shin Jae Kyung-

You nag when you’re with me
but you interviewed the referee and aired it on the news.
What you’re doing doesn’t add up.
-Na Hee Do-

You made a promise.
You said you will never be happy, not even for a moment.
Don’t keep that promise.
It had been weighing on my mind.
I acted out on you despite all of this not being your fault.
As a parent with a child, I shouldn’t have done that.
But that was all I could do at the time.
I understand. It can be difficult,
but do your best to find happiness.
-Mr. Back’s creditor-

Go Yu Rim:
And if that leads to blaming someone,
I don’t need that kind of support.
Baek Yi Jin:
You don’t get to decide that.
That’s the life of a star.

Are you trying to say that life doesn’t go the way we want?
-Go Yu Rim-

If you’re dumb, you should have had it printed but you didn’t.
Then are you at least quick on your feet? No, you’re not.
-Shin Jae Kyung-

Lessons come at a price,
but it came with a very high price to pay this time.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

I’m not as smart as you
and I’ve never been in true love like you have.
All I know is how to fence.
I don’t want you treating me like some young, dumb, funny kid.
It feels like we’re growing apart.
I can feel your world and my world becoming distant.
You’re so much ahead of me, and I’m…
Somehow, I feel like I’m lagging far behind.
-Na Hee Do-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 9

If your world is gone, go to her world.
-Go Yu Rim-

I know I called it a stolen medal on TV…
but as your mom, not as anchor Shin Jae-kyung,
I don’t think you stole it.
I just want you to know that.
-Shin Jae Kyung-

The tougher things are, the busier you need to be.
You need to laugh in order to forget more quickly.
And you need to forget in order to survive.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

So you’re the one who beat my daughter and took the gold medal.
You must have been through a lot, Hee-do.
They said such terrible things.
Those nasty jerks.
It must have been hard for you.
You were scared, weren’t you?
Is it a little better now?
Oh my. You’re much prettier in person than on TV.
I’ll give you a big serving since you won a gold medal.
Congratulations on the gold medal.
-Ko Yu Rim’s mother-

Were you planning to avoid me forever?
Hoping we’d drift apart like this?
What do you think of our relationship?
-Baek Yi Jin-

I have to do things that I hate to achieve my goal.
-Moon Ji Woong-

Moon Ji Woong:
I want to pass something when the others get into college.
Ji Seung Wan:
You’re really not going to college?
Moon Ji Woong:
They don’t teach what I want to learn.

We need something dramatic to draw viewers.
-UBS Staff-

Go Yu Rim:
I’m so sorry, Hee-do.
I was so lonely and struggling.
You were always the one to comfort me.
But I had no idea.
Na Hee Do:
Go Yu-Rim. It’s okay.
Just promise me one thing.
Diving. Don’t ever do that again.
It’s too dangerous.
Promise you won’t do it again.

When your mom hugged me,
all of the hurt and sadness melted away.
What can feelings do for us?
Feelings can’t pay off our debt.
Your mom comforted me.
Something even my mom didn’t do.
I’m really grateful.
-Na Hee Do-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 10

Now I have someone who tells me that they’re worried about me.
And I also have someone who tells me that they love me.
-Na Hee Do-

Whatever you do, or no matter what you look like,
I’m in love with you for who you are.
-Baek Yi Jin-

I’m happy.
It feels like I’ve found all the missing pieces in my world.
I feel like I can befriend anything unfamiliar,
and overcome difficulties that will come my way.
I feel stronger. Suddenly, I’m not afraid of anything.
I think I can do anything if I’m with Yi-jin.
-Na Hee Do-

In the real world, you make an apology
for the sake of everyone’s peace. It’s nothing personal.
Society doesn’t care at all about an individual finding peace.
-Seo Jung Hyuk-

I heard that even if the rich fails, generations can live off of the fortune.
-PD Park-

I’m sure you all know
that the office of education banned corporal punishment at schools.
But is it really being carried out?
Why aren’t the teachers abiding by it?
Is that such a privilege? Can’t they just let it go?
This thought would have crossed your mind when a teacher hit you.
“Do I deserve to be hit for this?”
-Ji Seung Wan-

It’s true that we learn a lot of things at school.
But one of them is violence.
We are learning from school that it’s natural
for a person to hit another person.
It’s ridiculous.
And the place we call school… don’t you find it odd?
The only places on earth that gather people and put numbers on them,
surrounded by walls are schools and prisons.
-Ji Seung Wan-

My dad passed away.
When I was in grade school.
But what makes me really sad is,
that my Mom and I don’t talk about Dad at all.
We just never do as if it had never happened.
But I want to. I want to tell her that I miss Dad
and ask her if she misses him too.
Now Mom is the only person who knows Dad as well as I do,
but we don’t talk.
-Na Hee Do-

I like being me.
It’s exciting to live as myself.
-Moon Ji Woong-

Nothing lasts forever.
Everything is momentary.
They all flow away.
And that’s not always a bad thing.
-Na Hee Do-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 11

You’ll ask her out on stage? In public?
Girls hate things like that.
-Ji Seung Wan-

I wouldn’t be where I am today
if it wasn’t for you.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Taeyang High School Student:
He still has enough energy to scream.
It means it’s still bearable.
Ji Seung Wan:
Since I’m the class president, I should check on him, right?

I don’t think not living your dream means you’ve failed at life.
And I don’t think living your dream means you’ve succeeded either.
I simply want to do well at my job right now.
That’s my current dream.
-Baek Yi Jin-

I won’t seek your understanding anymore.
But don’t criticize my efforts of avoiding and trying to forget.
That’s how I’m enduring.
-Shin Jae Kyung-

I can’t go physically, but my heart will be there.
-Go Yu Rim-

High school drama is for high schoolers. I’m an adult.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Because behind her professionalism are your heartaches.
-Baek Yi Jin-

I wanted to be special to many people.
I wanted attention.
That was the most important.
I’ve found something more important.
If I can become special to just one person,
I’d want nothing more.
-Moon Ji Woong-

Sometimes, saying that we can do something
can be more discouraging.
We haven’t learned about a world in
which you don’t have to do well and can fail.
Still, let’s do the most we can. Let’s do our best.
But I still hope that even if we fail,
we’ll be strong enough to get back up again.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 12

Go Yu Rim:
But when it comes to money, going abroad is the best.
They offer you so much.
Na Hee Do:
Still, changing your nationality for money doesn’t feel right.

Athletes decide on a path at a relatively early age
and stay committed for the rest of their lives.
All we’ve ever done is this.
So for us, to give up is to face our greatest challenge.
-Fencing Athlete-

Actions speak louder than words.
-Na Hee Do-

I don’t want to live just minding my own business
just because it doesn’t concern me.
-Ji Seung Wan-

You have to learn how to be flexible.
You can’t live in this world if you only know how to break.
-Ji Seung-Wan’s mother-

I feel her time is more precious than mine.
So I don’t want her to waste a single moment on no good experiences.
She deserves to have only the greatest experiences.
And that is something I can do for her.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Don’t ever forget how you earned a new opportunity.
Whenever you’re having a hard time,
remind yourself how difficult it was to start.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

These are the school regulations.
However, the purpose of education isn’t about punishment.
It’s about being tolerant of the students’ wrongdoings
and leading them to be on the right track.
-Seo Yeong Seong-

Moon Ji Woong:
Your only weakness is having me as your friend.
You’re perfect but I always put you into trouble.
That really upsets me.
Ji Seung Wan:
That’s the whole reason why I’m friends with you.
I would’ve killed myself out of boredom if it wasn’t for you.

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 13

Don’t just do your best.
You have to do well.
-Coach Yang Chan Mi-

Na Hee Do:
I’m afraid of losing him.
I shouldn’t have said how I felt.
Go Yu Rim:
It’s a gamble to confess your feelings.
You either get it all or lose it all.
Na Hee Do:
Even though we get it, we’ll end up losing it eventually.
Nothing lasts forever.
Go Yu Rim:
Right. Nothing lasts forever.
It’ll probably hurt if you lose it all.
But what matters is that you’ve had it at one point.

Liking someone means I can learn about myself.
-Na Hee Do-

Na Hee Do:
Can you understand why I’m like this?
Is it because you understand that you love me?
Baek Yi Jin:
I don’t understand you.
I simply accept you.

I took a gamble.
I’ll either get it all or lose it all.
I’m doing this knowing I may lose everything.
I’m scared that I’ll actually lose you
but I’ve taken the gamble already nonetheless.
So if you want to push me away, do it right.
Be prepared to lose it all and set your boundaries.
-Na Hee Do-

Why is love so damn hard?
-Na Hee Do-

I fight for us.
“Us,” the people I love.
As valuable as we are…
I can become stronger.
-Na Hee Do-

Because a reporter can’t speak with emotions like that.
-Baek Yi Jin-

I don’t regret meeting you or loving you.
Letting myself waver…
Wanting to waver was my failure.
A failure that’s clearly not minor.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Let’s put a distance between us.
We were capable of anything.
So let’s try this as well.
-Baek Yi Jin-

I don’t care about anything else.
Be it a rainbow, this kind of love, or that kind of love…
I can’t lose it. I just can’t.
So, please don’t take a single step away from me!
You drive me crazy.
-Na Hee Do-

Let’s try this kind of love, Hee-do.
I’m going to do everything…
I can with you.
-Baek Yi Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Twenty Five, Twenty One EP 14

For me, seeing my parents suffer is the worst that can happen.
-Go Yu Rim-

I don’t care what the others say.
I’ve never fenced for them anyways.
For me, fencing is just a means.
It’s a means to protect my family.
-Go Yu Rim-

I didn’t know that this job would involve so much drama.
I will have to stab a dagger in the hearts of people I love and hurt them.
I will have to disappoint them and make them uncomfortable.
-Baek Yi Jin-

This will be our last memory before her departure.
Let’s not make it a sad one.
-Moon Ji Woong-

Sometimes being selfish can be the most considerate thing to do.
-Na Hee Doo-

Rice brings out your inner-most power.
-Ji Seung Wan’s Mother-

It would be selfish of me to hold on to you
when I can’t promise you anything.
-Go Yu Rim-

I don’t want you to live for me.
I want you to live for yourself.
I already have a lot on my plate
dealing with my family who lives for me.
-Go Yu Rim-

They are much more enthusiastic when it comes to bad news.
-Na Hee Do-

I have to earn money to make a living.
Having money will put our family out of misery.
-Go Yu Rim-

You could gain things by fighting and protesting.
-Go Yu Rim-

Even if all you can give me is misery,
I’m up for it. I’m fine as long as we’re in it together.
-Moon Ji Woong-

Baek Yi Jin:
Ever since the beginning,
I give you my unwavering support to root for you.
Na Hee Do:
Same here. Wherever I am,
I will give you my unwavering support.
Wherever you are, I’ll make sure my support reaches you.
I’ll take care of everything.




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