In Drama Cafe Minamdang Seo In Guk, Oh Yeon Seo star. From June 27 – August 23, 2022, it airs every Monday & Tuesday at 21:30 on KBS2. Here We provide drama Cafe Minamdang quotes with cast and synopsis.

Nam Han-Jun, played by Seo In-Guk, used to profile criminals but now works as a con artist. For his scams, he dresses up as a fortune teller and runs the Minamdang shop where fortune tellers work. Meanwhile, He attracts consumers since he is attractive and able to converse with them in an easygoing manner. In addition to defrauding people out of their money, he also helps them find solutions to their issues. He even gives his clients customer service. Su-Cheol and Nam Hye-Jun work together with Nam Han-Jun. Nam Hye-Jun is Nam Han-younger Jun’s sister. Su-Cheol runs a private detective agency. She is the best hacker around.

Han Jae-Hui, who is played by Oh Yeon-Seo, has been a detective for three years. She is passionate about her work and tries to do the right thing. Han Jae-Hui gets to know Nam Han-Jun in some way.

Drama: Cafe Minamdang
Hangul: 미남당 (Minamdang)
Director: Ko Jae-Hyun
Writer: Jung Jae-Han (novel), Park Hye-Jin
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 18
Release Date: June 27 – August 23, 2022
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:30

Seo In Guk as Nam Han Joon
Oh Yeon Seo as Han Jae Hee

Supporting Cast
Kwak Si Yang as Gong Soo Cheol
Kang Mi Na as Nam Hye Joon
Kwon Soo Hyun as Cha Do Won

You Can Watch it Legally on Netflix

Memorable Line KDrama Cafe Minamdang EP 5

You shouldn’t say something if you can’t take responsibility.
-Han Jae Hui-


You’re a dreamboat to all women here.
But none of that really matters.
The word has spread about how obsessive you are,
and only with criminals.
-Yoon Jae Woo-


When women tell you that they’re fine, it means things are not fine at all.
When they say they don’t mind, it means they do mind a lot.
When they say they want to be alone,
it means they really want you to be by their side.
-Kim Yoon Hye-

Memorable Line from Drama Cafe Minamdang EP 6

You can only learn about people and cases
If you go see them for yourselves?
-Nam Han Jun-


If you’re truly a police officer, and if you’re truly a prosecutor,
you should at least have checked your suspect’s alibi.
-Nam Han Jun-


Sometimes, as important as the evidence is,
you need to rely on your gut feeling.
-Jang Du Jin-


Revenge is just another crime.
It can never save you.
You are the only one who can save yourself.
-Cha Do Won-

You Can Watch it Legally on Netflix
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