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Roy Kim – Flower
Call It Love OST Part 2
Release Date: March 2, 2023
OST Call It Love by Roy Kim

Flower by Roy Kim (Call It Love OST) with Hangeul, Romanization, and English Lyrics

[Verse 1]

그때는 조금은 예뻤을까
Geuttaeneun jogeumeun yeppeosseulkka
Was it more beautiful before?
지금 이 모습과 달랐을까
Jigeum i moseupgwa dallasseulkka
Will it be any different now than before ?
허전해진 마음에 작은 기억 속에 꽃이 있네
Heojeonhaejin maeume jageun gieok soge
kkocci inne
In my empty heart, there are flowers in my small memories
조금씩 나아질 수 있겠지
ogeumssik naajil su ittgetji
I hope I can get better little by little
다시 한번 웃을 수 있겠지
Dasi hanbeon useul su ittgetji
I hope I can smile once again
시간을 지나 언젠가 그날 그 시간에 꽃이 피네
Siganeul jina eonjenga geunal geu sigane kkocci pine
Someday after time, flowers bloom at that time


참 많은 꽃들을 피웠었구나 그때의 난
Cham manheun kkotdeureul piwosseotguna geuttaeui nan
There is many flowers bloomed around me
이미 말라버린 맘도 피어나겠지 아무 일 없던 것처럼
Imi mallabeorin mamdo pieonagetji amu il eopdeon geotcheoreom
I hope my already dried up heart will bloom as if nothing happened

[Verse 2]

하염없이 걷던 이 길에도
Hayeomeopsi geotdeon i giredo
Even on this road I used to walk tirelessly
작은 들꽃이 여기 있는데
Jageun deulkkocci yeogi inneunde
There are small wild flowers here
어디에서 왔는지 알 수 없다 해도 꽃은 피네
Eodieseo wassneunji al su eopsda haedo kkocceun pine
Flowers bloom even if I don’t know where they came from


참 많은 꽃들을 피웠었구나 그때의 난
Cham manheun kkoccdeureul piwosseotguna geuttaeui nan
There is many flowers bloomed around me
이미 말라버린 맘도 피어나겠지
Imi mallabeorin mamdo pieonagetji
I hope my already withered heart will bloom


아무리 달려봐도 제자리인 것 같아
Amuri dallyeobwado jejariin geot gata
No matter how much I run, it seems to be in place
어디서 왔는지 어디로 가는지
Eodiseo wanneunji eodiro ganeunji
Where did you come from, where are you going?
끝은 있는 건지
Kkeuteun inneun geonji
Is there an end?
지쳐서 주저앉아 고갤 떨궜을 때 여기 있었구나 기억해 난
Jichyeoseo jujeoanja gogael tteolgwosseul ttae yeogi isseotguna gieokhae nan
I remember you were here when I sat down and lowered my hear from exhaustion


참 많은 꽃들을 피웠었구나 눈물이 나
Cham manheun kkoccdeureul piwosseotguna nunmuri na
There is many flowers bloomed, but my tears fall
다시 피울 수 있을까 그때의 나처럼
Dasi piul su isseulkka geuttaeui nacheoreom
Will I be able to smoke again like I was back then?


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