Work Later Drink Now Drama Quotes. Work Later Drink Now is a drama that follows the lives of three women who are best friends. Who share similar values, such as the belief that life is all about partying after work.

Work Later Drink Now Synopsis

It stars An So Hee (Lee Sun Bin), Han Ji-Yeon (Han Sun Hwa), and Kang Ji Gu (Jung Eun Ji). They have different jobs and characters. An So Hee is a broadcast writer, Han Ji Yeon is a yoga instructor and Kang Ji Gu is a Youtuber.

The three of them used to hang out after work and drink together. In addition to the 3 single women, there is also a man named Kang Buk Gu (Choi Siwon) who is friends with the three women.

The drama schedule is every Friday with a duration of 40 minutes per episode. This drama can be watched by teenagers aged 15 years and over.

This drama is adapted from the webtoon “Sooldo Girl” (술꾼도시처녀들) by Mi Kkang (미깡).

Detail Drama

Drama: Work Later, Drink Now (English title) / Drinker City Women (literal title)
Revised romanization: Soolkkundoshiyeojadeul
Hangul: 술꾼도시여자들
Director: Kim Jung-Sik
Writer: Mikkang (webcomic), Wi So-Young
Network: TVING
Release Date: October 22, 2021 —
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Work Later Drink Now Drama Cast

Lee Sun Bin – An So-Hee
Han Sun-Hwa – Han Ji-Yeon
Jung Eun-Ji – Kang Ji-Gu
Choi Si-Won – Kang Buk-Gu

Work Later Drink Now Quotes

It’s all in the mind.
You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it.

“I’m so glad that I have you by my side!”
That means she’ll make me do all the work but she’ll get paid too.

For the rest of day, look at yourself more objectively
and let go of the worries you have.

If you drink too much…
you don’t have enough oxygen in your body.
So your blood circulation will be poor.
And as a result, it can lead to cramps.
In order to help relax your cramped muscles…
you need to get treated with acupuncture and tteum.
While you’re undergoing the treatment, please do not drink.
(Episode 3)

They can’t beat someone who drinks because she enjoys drinking.
(Episode 4)

People should do what they know best!
(Episode 4)

Never bet on anything with a drink on the line.
(Episode 5)

There are more things we cannot understand than there are things we can understand in this world.
(Episode 6)

This world is a ball filled with emptiness.
(Episode 6)

People who really want to die don’t tell others that they are going to die.
(Episode 6)

Where to Watch Drama

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