South Korean television series Under The Queen’s Umbrella features Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, and Choi Won Young. A new Saturday and Sunday 21:10 time slot on tvN was created for the show, and it premiered on October 15, 2022. Here We provide Kdrama Under The Queen’s Umbrella quotes, cast, and synopsis.


Queen Hwaryeong (Kim Hye-Soo) is supposed to be graceful and dignified, but her sons are princes who cause trouble. She gives up on those rules and tries hard through education to make her sons into princes who can marry.


Drama: Under The Queen’s Umbrella (English title) / The Queen’s Umbrella
Hangul: 슈룹 (Shuroop)
Director: Kim Hyeong-Sik
Writer: Park Ba-Ra
Network: tvN
Release Date: October 15, 2022 —
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:10


Kim Hye Soo as Queen Hwa Ryung
Kim Hae Sook as Queen Dowager
Choi Won Young as King Lee Ho

Quotes Line from Drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 1

I would like you princes to break free from the confines of your studies and think relentlessly
so that you may develop the ability to come up with new ideas.
-King Lee Ho-


Even if they cannot set a good example, they should not become a nuisance.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


In the royal family, the production of offspring
is more than just a way to carry on the family line.
It is an act that ensures the royal bloodline is perpetuated.
-Yoon Soo Gwang-


I may be living in hiding,
but that does not give you the right to appear in my yard
in the middle of the night without prior notice.
-Deposed Queen Yoon-


I would do anything necessary to protect my children.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


Quotes Line from Drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 2

Being polite, generous, loyal, agile, and showing mercy willingly
are the five virtues that lead one to a state of grace.
-King Lee Ho (teen)-


A wise man rises skyward to reach truth and morality each day.
He is not concerned with being acknowledged undeservedly
but strives to improve himself in order to earn recognition.
-King Lee Ho (teen)-


The only reason I am still living is because I still have
one son remaining that I must protect.
-Deposed Queen Yoon-


Although people may point their fingers at me
and ridicule me for being crude, cunning, and shameless,
I would do anything necessary to protect my children
-Deposed Queen Yoon-


It is not that they lack intelligence.
It is just that they are mostly lacking in determination.
-Min Seung Yun-


No matter how hard I search, there is no place in this palace where I can cry out loud.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


Grand Prince Ilyoung:
You never used to care even if we got bad grades.
Grand Prince Seongnam:
There is nothing good about being a prince.
It just ends up tying you down.
Queen Im Hwa Ryeong:
You cannot always get what you want.
At least not while you are in the palace.


It may be more meaningful to accept things as they are
and live to the best of one’s abilities.
-Grand Prince Seongnam-



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