K-pop has grown in popularity around the world, and the Korean music scene includes a variety of genres. Listening to Korean R&B, which is a fusion of soul and jazz. We could listen to it all day because of its smooth and soothing notes. Here you will find chill Korean R&B songs that are easy to listen to.

Howl & J – Perhaps Love (Princess Hours OST)

Artist: Howl Featuring J
Album: Princess Hours Original Soundtrack
Released: 2006
Genre: K-Pop

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It’s not just the drama Princess Hours that skyrocketed, even one of the OSTs is the same. Perhaps Love is the song of all time. Even this song is often sung again by Korean singers, even Korean actors. Starting from Kim Seon Ho, Yoona SNSD, CN Blue Kang Minhyuk, Solbin, Eric Nam, to Ailee.

Even this drama was also successfully made into a musical drama.

Red Velvet – Take it Slow

Artist: Red Velvet
Album: The 1st Mini Album ‘Ice Cream Cake’ – EP
Released: 2015
Genre: K-Pop

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Take it Slow is one of the tracks on the Ice Cream Cake album. The album that sent Red Velvet entered the Gaon Chart as the Top 10 Best-Selling Female Artist for January-April 2015.

IU – Someday (Dream High OST)

Artist: IU
Album: Dream High OST
Released: 2011
Genre: K-Pop

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This is IU’s first time filling in an OST for a drama she is starring in. Debuted in 2008 in the music world and entered the world of acting in 2011 by starring in the drama Dream High.

BTS – Just One Day

Artist: BTS
Album: Skool Luv Affair
Released: 2014
Genre: K-Pop

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Just One Day is one of the tracks from the BTS album Skool Luv Affair. The album also entered the US Billboard charts at number three.

YOONA – Summer Night

Artist: Yoona featuring 20Years of Age
Album: Summer Night (Single)
Released: 2019
Genre: K-Pop

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Yoona is part of the legendary girl band SNSD. Now she started her solo with the track Summer Night.

Big Bang – Bae bae

Artist: Big Bang
Album: MADE
Released: 2016
Genre: K-Pop

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Bae bae is one of the tracks from the album MADE. This track was awarded Song of The Year at the Korean Music Awards in 2016.

Lee Hi – Holo

Artist: Lee Hi
Album: Holo (Single)
Released: 2020
Genre: K-Pop

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If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, look no further than LEE HI’s new R&B ballad. “HOLO” is like a breath of fresh air in a chaotic world, and is breathtaking and repeatable. Overall, it is an excellent piece of music, one that is appropriate for people of all ages to enjoy.

This song won R&B Track of the Year from the 2021 Korean Hip-hop Awards.

Galaxy – Bolbbalgann4 aka BOL4

Artist: BOL4
Album: Red Planet
Released: 2016
Genre: K-Pop

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Two members of the duo, Ahn Jiyoung, and Woo Jiyoon, make up the group Bolbbalgan4. On April 22, 2016, the duo was formed by Shofar and debuted with the song ‘Fight Day’. This indie-pop duo aims to write music that is honest and pure. When translated to English, “blushing youth” (or “red cheek puberty”) refers to the Korean name for the band, Bolbbalgan4.

This song won Best Indie from the 2016 Melon Music Awards.

Taecyeon & Nickhun 2PM – My Valentine (Dream High OST)

Artist: Taecyeon and Nickhun
Album: Dream High OST
Released: 2011
Genre: K-Pop

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Crush – Beautiful (Goblin OST )

Artist: Crush
Album: Guardian, Pt. 4 (Original Television Soundtrack) – Single
Released: 2016
Genre: K-Pop

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Top 10 Chill Korean R&B Songs of 2000 compiled by sparkling@cafehallyu

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