In Drama Eve, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Sang Yeob, Park Byung Eun, Yoo Sun star. From June 1, 2022, it airs every Wednesday and Thursday 22:30 on tVN. Here We provide drama Eve quotes with cast and synopsis.


Lee La-(Seo El’s Yea-Ji) father died suddenly when she was young. His death was caused by people with a lot of power. Soon after, her family fell apart. Lee La-El decided to get even, so she spent the next 13 years getting ready. She is going after Kang Yoon-Gyeom, who is played by Park Byung-Eun and runs the LY Group. With the help of Seo Eun-Pyeong, Lee La-El gets her plan done (Lee Sang-Yeob). Seo Eun-Pyeong lived in an orphanage as a child. After seeing what happened to Lee La-El and her family, he made the decision to become a powerful person. He is now the National Assembly’s youngest member.

Finally, Lee La-El asks Kang Yoon-Gyeom for a divorce and wants 2 trillion won.


Drama: Eve
Revised romanization: Eve (이브)
Director: Park Bong-Sub
Writer: Yoon Young-Mi
Network: tvN
Release Date: June 1, 2022 —
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:30


Seo Ye Ji as Lee Ra El
Lee Sang Yeob as Seo Eun Pyung
Park Byung Eun as Kang Yoon Kyum
Yoo Sun as Han So Ra

EVE 15
Greed is a trap.
-Seo Eun Pyeong-


I want to cook you a nice meal at home.
Ordinary everyday life is what means most to us.
-Seo Eun Pyeong-


Fear is scarier when it’s nearing us, not when it’s right under our noses.
-Lee La El-


Fear isn’t the worst when you’re faced with it.
True fear is knowing you’re about to be overcome.
-Han So Ra-


I’m abused every day,
and no one listens to me,
but if I don’t even do this, I can’t go on.
Being alive is worse than purgatory.
-Lee La El Mom-


Quotes Line from Drama Eve Episode 16

Bad things don’t wait until you’ve made up your mind.
They happen before you know it.
-Lee La El-


If you could choose to erase your memory,
you can also choose what you see.
You showed me your true feelings many times,
but because I was in a difficult situation,
I didn’t consider your feelings.
-Kang Yoon Kyum-


Don’t leave. Stay here.
You can’t go anywhere without me.
-Kang Yoon Kyum-


You’re a good person.
You can’t lie.
And you’re too kind to hate anyone.
But given the tough life you had to lead,
you must have been miserable.
Now, I know you harmed yourself because of this.
But from now on, be yourself and live freely.
-Kang Yoon Kyum-


Kang Yoon Kyum:
What’s your wish?
Lee La El:
I want to feel no fury.
I want to live in peace.


This is why one’s bloodline matters.
A woman of low birth brought him into this world.
We shouldn’t have put him on our family registry!
-Kang Chi Gyeom-


If you’re stupid, at least know when to shut your mouth.
-Kang Bon Geun-


Life is a tragedy full of pain.
But a beautiful moment comes to help you defeat it.
Only humans can do this.
That moment of defeat is so noble and splendid…
that you can’t help but admire life once again.
That moment will come to you.
When a beautiful blessing embraces your heart.
-Seo Eun Pyeong-


There’s another side to everything.
We can only see what we are shown.
If you don’t see what’s behind the beauty,
you cannot face the truth of life.
-Lee La El-



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