In Drama Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Han Ji Hyo, Do Young (NCT), Kwon Ah Reum star. From July 14, 2022. It airs every thursday on TVing. Here We provide drama Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me quotes with cast and synopsis.

Seo Hee Soo might not be the most popular girl on campus, but that has never really bothered her. Hee Soo wants to be a successful lyricist, so she has more important things to worry about than being popular. Still, she has to agree that not being popular has its downsides, especially when it comes to meeting guys. Hee Soo has never had a boyfriend before, and she wants to change that. The trouble is that she doesn’t know how.

Hee Soo doesn’t think she’ll find a guy soon because she has never been with a guy and her self-esteem is so low that it’s almost non-existent. But everything changes when she finds a magic notebook that says it can make anyone fall in love with someone for a month. Hee Soo can’t resist the temptation, so she tries the notebook. When her best friend Jung Shi Ho finds out the truth, he is shocked.

Park Se Jin, her co-worker, can’t ignore how popular Hee Soo has become with the guys all of a sudden. He wants to know her secrets. Will Hee Soo be able to deal with all the problems that come with having so many suitors and keeping the truth from people who want to find out?

Drama: Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me
Hangul: 나를 사랑하지 않는 X에게 (Nareul Saranghaji Atneun Xege)
Director: Go Jae-Hong
Writer: Go Jae-Hong, Wang Hye-Ji
Network: TVING
Episodes: 10
Release Date: July 14, 2022 —
Runtime: Thursday

Han Ji-Hyo as Seo Hee-Soo
Do Young as Jung Shi-Ho
Kwon Ah-Reum as Park Se-Jin
Bang Jae-Min as Kim Do-Bin
Son Hyun-Woo as Kim Gang-Wook
Kim Ji-Hoon as Park Joon-Young


Quotes Line from Drama Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Episode 1

Just say no if you don’t like him.
-Park Se Jin-


Happy romance is cherishing, protecting, and trusting each other.
With someone who isn’t twisted.
-Seo Hee Soo-


You once said you were so happy to be loved.
Now do you regret it?
-Jung Shi Ho-


You always make a move, regret doing it,
and come to me with your worries just because I’m a friend of yours.
Now I’m sick of it.
-Jung Shi Ho-

Quotes Line from Drama Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me Episode 2

The one thing that gives me a relief is…
the fact that I’m used to people hating me.
-Seo Hee Soo-


At first, I thought we were similar,
so I just wanted to be nice to you.
But as time passed,
I learned that you were a good person, unlike me.
So now, I’m scared.
Because you’ve become the most precious person in my life.
-Seo Hee Soo-


I wanted to see you because I was worried about you.
-Park Se Jin-


I don’t want to like someone who won’t like me back.
-Park Se Jin-


I felt gloomy and depressed all day,
but it all melted away in a flash.
Just a few old photos comforted me.
-Seo Hee Soo-


Because you’ve become the most precious person in my life.
-Jung Shi Ho-


I thought I was used to everyone hating me.
Perhaps, I was the one who never bothered to look around.
-Seo Hee Soo-


Don’t worry. You did nothing wrong.
-Jung Shi Ho-




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