In Drama Snowdrop, Jung Hae-in, Jisoo, Yoo Inna, Jang Seung Jo, Yoon Seah, Kim Hye-yoon, and Jung Yoo-jin star. From December 18, 2021, it airs every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 on JTBC. In some areas, Disney+ will stream it. Here We provide drama Snowdrop quotes with cast and synopsis.

Drama: Snowdrop (literal title)
Hangul: 설강화 (Seolganghwa): snowdrop
Director: Jo Hyun-Tak
Writer: Yoo Hyun-Mi
Network: JTBC, Disney+
Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 18, 2021 —
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:30

Drama Snowdrop Synopsis

This drama takes place in 1987, during a time when South Korea was ruled by a dictatorial administration.

Im Soo-Ho (Jung Hae-In) is a graduate student at Hosoo Women’s University who is covered in blood and decides to jump into the female dormitory to get some rest. Eun Young-Ro (Kim Ji-Soo) tracks him down and assists him in hiding. They begin to have feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Eun Young-Ro is a first-year student at Hosoo Women’s University, where she is doing well. She is pursuing a degree in English literature. She met Im Soo-Ho for the first time on a blind date and fell in love with him at the first sight.

After that, Kye Boon-Ok (Kim Hye-Yoon) decided not to pursue a university education because of her poor family background. Currently, she is employed as a telephone operator in a women’s dormitory. Pretending to be a university student, she goes on a blind date with Eun Young-Ro, who she doesn’t know at all. Later on, Kye Boon-Ok becomes involved in a legal matter.

Last but not least, Lee Kang-Moo (Jang Seung-Jo) is the team 1 leader at NSP (National Security Planning). As a man of principle, he refuses to compromise under any circumstances.

Snowdrop Main Cast

Jung Hae-In as Im Soo-Ho
Kim Ji-Soo as Eun Young-Ro

Drama Snowdrop Quotes

Only lowlifes marry for love.
The ruling class only marries for money.

A politician’s wife’s fashion is like a message to the people.
Snowdrop Ep 1

Ranks are what matter in the military,
It’s different in politics.

Snowdrop Ep 1

Our ages don’t matter.
Our husbands’ ranks do.

Snowdrop Ep 1

A good partner is a woman with a good background.
Snowdrop Ep 1

Romantic relationships begin with a tug-of-war.
And the best way to win is to make the guy desperate.

Snowdrop Ep 1

Don’t open any doors for the outsiders, and stay where you are.
Snowdrop Ep 2

My sister’s the most precious person in the world.
Snowdrop Ep 2

Don’t feel guilty about it, take advantage of it.
Snowdrop Ep 2

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop

I am jealous of them.
The fact that I wasn’t born into a good family like them makes me angry.
-Gye Bun Ok- (Eps 3)

Your life and their lives are different.
Know your place and stop trying to be like them.
-Pi Seung Hee- (Eps 3)

Our nationalities may be different,
what matters is that our hearts are one.
-Lim Ji Rok- (Ep 4)

Your future is whatever you make it.
-Kang Chung Ya- (Ep 4)

It’s not important for me to become the First Lady.
What’s important is for my husband to become president.
-Cho Seong Sim- (Ep 5)

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 6

If you stab them in the back twice, how will you negotiate with them?
You think you can bury this without anyone knowing?
-Eun Chang Su-

It’s always an emotional prick like you that ruins a mission.
You need to be coolheaded in a situation like this.
-Lim Soo Ho-

They say the boughs that bear the most hang the lowest.
-Hong Ae-Ra-

Once we’re convinced we’re never going back alive, we’ll blow ourselves up.
And all the hostages will die too.
-Lim Soo Ho-

Those who have power all thanks to their family name
-Lim Ji Rok-

My life wish is to keep you by my side 24/7
for the rest of my life.
-Nam Tae Il-

A soft boy like you can never serve the country well.
-Nam Tae Il-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 7

Don’t cross the line.
If you want to maintain our mutual trust.
-Lim Soo Ho-

I’m sure our spies consider dying for our party honorable.
-Choi Soo Ryun-

Your new mission is to go back alive
after keeping the hostages for ten days.
Making a contribution to make up for your failure
is what you need to do from now on.
-Kang Chung Ya-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 8

I’ll make sure she marries
someone who loves her so much.
And I’ll look out for her by her side until she becomes an old lady,
so don’t worry about a thing, Mom.
-Eun Yeong U-

Since you’re indebted to her, it must be bothering you.
I understand that.
But don’t let your personal feelings ruin our mission.
-Kang Chung Ya-

People need to know he sent his son to the front lines
so that they’ll be impressed by his patriotism.
-Hong Ae Ra-

“It’s better for you not to know.
What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”
-Jang Han Na-

For them to win the election by a landslide,
would it be better to rescue all of the hostages and make people happy?
Or would it be better to kill all of them and make people furious?
Of course, the latter would be better.
that’ll make the voters vote for the ruling party.
-Eun Yeong U-

My country never gives up on the comrades even if they fall behind.
-Lim Soo Ho-

If you want to go back alive, just do as I say.
If you don’t, you can just forget about negotiation.
-Nam Tae Il-

Don’t you want to live here with someone you love, like him?
If you want to live happily with that woman, don’t do anything stupid.
I won’t let it slide twice.
-Eun Yeong U-

If you want her to live, don’t try anything.
Don’t do anything.
-Lim Soo Ho-

Lee Gang-Mu:
In this scheme for the presidential election,
pawns like you and I are just tools to use and throw away.
Lim Soo Ho:
If that’s what I need to be for my country,
I’ll gladly be one.

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 9

Please believe me.
I don’t want to make you suffer anymore.
There’s nothing I can do for you but watch.
And that’s driving me crazy.
-Lim Soo Ho-

Seeing how he specifically asked for her,
he must like her very much.
-Ahn Gyeong Hui-

The administration’s number two guy is at the scene.
it must be some political scheme.
-Ahn Gyeong Hui-

For them to win the election by a landslide,
they’ll try to kill everyone including the hostages.
We need proof that they’re planning to do it.
-Lee Gang Mu-

We’re both rats in a trap.
If we fight each other, we’ll all die.
We must get out alive.
-Lee Gang Mu-

The ANSP frames and kills those who fight against the tyranny of the regime.
You’re the regime’s hounds
that trample on innocent people’s lives to make the security state.
That’s what the ANSP is.
-Lim Soo Hoo-

Besides, the South’s goal is to win the election,
not to save the hostages’ lives.
There’s no way my father would…
-Lim Ji Rok-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 10

But what parent can live happily
with money they got for their children’s deaths?
I must go back alive.
-Lim Soo Ho-

Your true identity will be revealed someday like me.
And when that happens,
you’ll realize you’ve lived for nothing.
If you kill the innocent students,
how will you carry that guilt for the rest of your life?
I wonder if you can keep being hypocritical when faced with death.
-Pi Seung Hee-

Don’t worry about your son.
If he sacrifices his life for the country,
he’ll be titled a Hero of the Republic.
And if that happens,
you’ll be acquitted of failing this mission.
-Choi Soo Ryun-

Don’t try so hard to understand.
An inflexible stickler for the rules
turned out to be spying for the ANSP.
-Pi Seung Hee-

After framing two innocent people for espionage and getting them killed,
you people were awarded medals and prize money!
For serving the country loyally! You think I’ll ever forget it?
For serving…
The one who tortured me the most cruelly…
shed tears in front of the people on the day I was released.
With the look on his face just like yours.
-Pi Seung Hee-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 11

For money, they sold their agents’ lives who have been loyal
to the country to the South.
-Lim Soo Ho-

The eyes of the first person you kill will haunt you forever.
The eyes of the person whose life slips away…
will follow you around when you eat or sleep.
Even in your dreams.
Your life will be a living hell where you’re chased
by those eyes endlessly.
-Lim Soo Ho-

They say money will take care of everything for you.
-Choi Mi Hye-

You know that the hostage situation is the election scheme.
Treat it as working expenses, and there’ll be no problem.
-Eun Chang Su-

People will hate communists even more.
That’ll put the ruling party at an advantage.
-Pi Seung Hee-

I wondered what it’d feel like to fall in love at first sight.
But the moment I saw him, I felt it right away.
Our hands brushed just briefly,
but my heart began to pound.
Is this first love?
-Eun Yeong Ro-

Those goddamn idiots.
They can’t do anything right except shooting guns.
-Nam Tae Il-

The eyes of the first person you kill will haunt you forever.
The eyes of the person whose life slips away…
will follow you around when you eat or sleep.
Even in your dreams.
-Lim Soo Ho-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 12

I may have decided not to kill you,
but don’t trust me too much.
Because the party still trusts me.
-Kang Chung Ya-

My father was shot to death while chasing a spy.
I followed suit and joined the ANSP to catch all those communists.
But rather than catching communists,
the agency framed innocent people for espionage to produce results.
So I ran away.
-Lee Gang Mu-

She’s from the North.
While fleeing to the South,
she lost her father, mother, and brother from bombings.
Their bodies were ripped to pieces in front of her.
That’s why even the sound of airplanes still frightens her into a fit.
-Kim Man Dong-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 13

Since your husband, who’s aspiring
to become the president, is in critical condition, you must’ve lost reason.
-Nam Tae Il-

“Once a mongrel, always a mongrel”
is a philosophy she lives by.
-Hong Ae Ra-

If we snowball that money into a fortune,
who knows? You might end up becoming the President.
-Choi Mi Hye-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 14

She must bring the money here for us to ruin their scheme.
That’s the only way to save the hostages
-Lee Gang-Mu-

Don’t get ahead of yourself!
I only joined hands with you to survive.
That doesn’t mean I’ve chosen the South.
-Lim Soo Ho-

The one who lied is to blame. Not the one who was fooled.
-Cho Seong Sim-

They’re just on edge with all they’ve been going through.
They will understand you, someday.
-Lee Gang-Mu-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 15

If you think your family will be safe if you die here, you’re mistaken.
We must live to find a way to save our families.
-Lim Soo Hoo-

Don’t ever aspire to become the President.
-Nam Tae Il-

You want to die here and be displayed to people?
And if your body is humiliated,
our country will look the other way.
They won’t do anything.
Because they can’t admit to the presidential election scheme.
-Lim Soo Ho-

The biggest mistake in my life
as considering you human.
-Lim Ji Rok-

But if it’s inevitable,
I thought two would be better than one.
-Kang Chung Ya-

After you all get out of there,
I’m going to make public that the hostage situation
was an election scheme.
-Eun Chang Su-

Quotes Line from Drama Snowdrop Ep 16

According to sources from the inside, the Hosu University hostage situation is
an election scheme planned by the key figures of the administration.
-Gal Sang Sik-

I’m not a man of conviction or a patriot like you,
but those trying to kill innocent students to regain power…
I can’t sit by and watch anymore.
I’m going to fight against those bastards.
So get out of there alive.
-Jang Han Na-

I just want to live an ordinary life,
having babies, cooking, doing the laundry,
and nagging at my kids and husband from time to time.
I want to live like that.
Without thinking about things like country,
revolutions, or missions.
-Kang Chung Ya-

If the students can be spared,
I’ll betray my conscience and convictions without hesitation.
-Lee Gang Mu-




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