Korean stars transformation. Human physical appearance refers to everything about a person’s external appearance that is easily observed and judged by other people. Body shape is very important to Korean actresses’ appearance.

Appearance can be defined as a person’s self-image; wherever and whenever we meet people, people will judge us based on our appearance and immediately guess how we are.

In the following, we will present the transformation of the South Korean stars that will make those who see them fail to recognize them.

Song Hye Kyo Transformation

Song Hye-Kyo made her modeling debut at the age of 14 when she won a school uniform model competition. She then portrayed a cute and clumsy student in the SBS hit sitcom “Sunpong Sanbuingwa” (1998), but she failed to leave an impression on fans. But it was only at the age of 19 that his name skyrocketed through Autumn In My Heart.

hallyu stars song hye kyo transformation

Gorgeous even more, after the breakup (Image: INSTAGRAM/SBSDRAMA.OFFICIAL)

Dating rumors between Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki were widely circulated in March 2016 to get the nickname Song Song Couple.

Although initially denied by the agency, in July 2017 their special relationship was known to the public and it was reported that they had been in a relationship since mid-2015.

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki formalized their relationship as husband and wife in October 2017. It was intimate, the wedding was attended only by family and close friends in the entertainment industry such as Park Bo Gum, Park Hyung Sik, and Super Junior’s Donghae.

Now, after the breakup, Song Hye Kyo was paired in the new Korean drama Now We Are Breaking Up with Jang Ki Yong.

Song Hye Kyo plays Ha Young Eun, the design team manager of a fashionable and smart fashion brand. Meanwhile, Jang Ki Yong plays Yoon Jae Guk, a freelance photographer who is rich and popular.

Korean Stars Suzy Transformation

The youngest member of the girl band Miss A made her acting debut in the drama Dream High. Continuing to hone her acting talent, Suzy finally won Best Actress for the drama Gu Family Book at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards.

hallyu stars bae suzy transformation

Behind her super ideal appearance, it turns out that there is hard work she does. Not only is she a multi-talented artist, but she also has an eye-catching physical appearance that draws attention. She has a good body shape and a beautiful face, which is no surprise.

A number of Koreans considered Suzy to be one of the country’s role models for natural beauty. That is primarily due to the pure and innocent appearance of her features.

Suzy has also been included in lists of the world’s most beautiful women on numerous occasions. Suzy was ranked 14th on TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World.

Furthermore, when Suzy lost weight and achieved a desirable body shape. The appearance of her face was altered as a result. Her face appeared to be more defined than it had been previously, and this was entirely due to her diet.

For her own diet, she will only consume processed chicken breast, one sweet potato, and a glass of low-fat milk for breakfast. As for lunch, Bae Suzy only eats brown rice with salad and she won’t eat after 6 pm. In addition to a strict diet, Bae Suzy revealed that she often does an exercise called Penguin Exercise.

Hallyu Star Jung Eunji Transformation

This Drink Now, Work Later drama player made her acting debut in the drama Reply 1997. This woman who has a characteristic sattori accent is a member of the girl band Apink.

Stars Jung Eunji Transformation

In a recent video posted to her YouTube channel, EUNJI, Eunji revealed her toned physique, which quickly became a source of inspiration for fitness enthusiasts. She also shared the steps she took to achieve her toned appearance.

Eunji works out with a personal trainer and works out different muscle groups to keep her body healthy and fit.

And that’s not enough, she also works hard in the kitchen to make her family’s delicious home-cooked meals. She doesn’t restrict her food intake, despite her strict diet. Eunji only eats food that is both nutritious and safe. She once mentioned eating a whole chicken boiled with thyme and other spices and herbs.

Kang Sora Transformation

Kang So-ra made her acting debut in the horror film 4th Period Mystery in 2009 but rose to fame after starring in the film Sunny (2011). Hyun Bin’s ex-lover is now married to a pharmacist who is 8 years older and has a child.

kang sora transformation

Kang Sora is a beautiful actress who is often rumored to have had multiple surgeries, but is it true?

In the past, Kang Sora had slanted eyes, but now her eyes look more open. And this could be the result of having double eyelid surgery.

Previously, Kang Sora’s nose looked plumper, but now it looked much slimmer. So it was possible that she also did some nose repair.

Another thing that looks different on Kang Sora’s face from time to time is her jawline. Before going on the diet, Kang Sora seemed to have a rounder jawline, and now her jawline has a perfect V shape.

Kang Sora shared her secret to keeping her V-shaped jawline. Saying that she does facial massage using a glass of soju.

Kang Sora has never acknowledged or denied the rumors, so it is not possible to confirm whether she actually underwent plastic surgery or not.

Transformation of Korean Stars Park Min Young

Started her career in the entertainment world as a commercial star in 2005. and make an appearance on the small screen as a supporting actor through the series High Kick which aired in 2006-2007. Park Min Young won the Best New Actress in Comedy award at the 2007 MBC Entertainment Awards.

park min young transformation

Park Min Young is one of the most beautiful artists in Korea. But the controversy is because beauty is obtained by polishing plastic surgery.

Park herself is one of the few Korean stars who dare to openly admit to having plastic surgery. Thus, the result of the touch of the expert doctor looks so smooth on her face.

In addition to the confession about plastic surgery, Park Min Young also had time to invite a sensation because she was brave enough to appear open.


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