In Drama Extraordinary Attorney WooPark Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young star. From June 29 – August 18, 2022, it airs every Wednesday & Thursdayat 21:00 on Netflix. Here We provide drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo quotes with cast and synopsis.

Woo Young-Woo, played by Park Eun-Bin, is both very smart and on the autism spectrum. She never forgets what she sees, but she isn’t very good with people and doesn’t care about them. Woo Young-Woo starts working at a big law firm as a trainee lawyer. She has to deal with bias and irrationality while working there, but she solves cases with her own unique point of view and grows as a lawyer.

Drama: Extraordinary Attorney Woo (English title) / Strange Lawyer Woo Young-Woo (literal title)
Hangul: 이상한 변호사 우영우 (Yisanghan Byeonhosa Wooyoungwoo)
Director: Yu In-Sik
Writer: Moon Ji-Won
Network: Netflix, ENA
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 29 – August 18, 2022
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:00

Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo
Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho
Kang Ki Young as Jung Myeong Seok

You Can Watch it Legally on Netflix

Quotes Line from Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 7

I think the good-looking match should sit side by side.
-Woo Young Woo-


It’s not easy for someone to like me.
-Woo Young Woo-


You shouldn’t touch other people without their consent.
-Woo Young Woo-


If you think your feelings are temporary, don’t be nice to her.
-Choi Su Yeon-


Don’t act all self-righteous when you just want to bully Young-woo.
-Choi Su Yeon-


Woo Young Woo:
Can I touch you just once?
I want to check whether or not I like you.
Lee Jun Ho:
Can you only check by touching me?
I’m trying to check my heart rate
to see how fast my heart beats when I touch you.
Lee Jun Ho:
So, your heart doesn’t race if we’re not touching?
Even when you’re with me?

Quotes Line from Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 7

But not everything works in romantic method.
Come up with a way to solve this politically and less romantically.
-CEO Han Seon Young-


Discrimination against the disabled is legally prohibited!
You not being employed anywhere with your grades
is discrimination, dishonesty, and corruption.
-Choi Su Yeon-


Don’t just let people walk all over you, you idiot.
-Choi Su Yeon-


There’s nothing weaker than a person’s mind.
Especially in the face of money.
-Tae Su Mi-


I’ve realized through experience
that everything in life is political.
-Woo Gwang Ho-


Woo Young Woo:
I was trying to leave Hanbada
to be independent of my father and be a real adult.
But I can’t leave my father
just to join my mother’s firm.
Especially not when my mother
gave birth to me, but abandoned me,
and doesn’t recognize me at all,
Even now.
Thank you for offering me to join Taesan.
But I’m going to continue to work at Hanbada
and I will stay by my father’s side.
Tae Su Mi:
Do you resent me for what I’ve done?
Woo Young Woo:
It was nice when we looked at the tree together
on top of the hill in Sodeok-dong.



You Can Watch it Legally on Netflix
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