In Drama Forecasting Love and Weather, Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura star. From February 12, 2022, it airs every saturday and sunday at 22:30 on JTBC. Here We provide drama Forecasting Love and Weather quotes with cast and synopsis.

Drama: Forecasting Love and Weather (English title) / Meteorological Administration People: Office Romance Cruelty (literal title)
Hangul: 기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편 (Gisangchung Saramdeul: Sanaeyeonae Janhoksa Pyeon)
Director: Cha Young-Hoon
Writer: Sun Young
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 12 – April 3, 2022
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:30

A romantic movie about work and love in the National Weather Service’s office. It’s hotter than a tropical night and more unpredictable than a downpour in your neighborhood.

Jin Ha Kyung is a smart person who is very organized. He does everything by the book and worries about keeping his personal and professional lives separate. In the workplace, he doesn’t have many friends because he’s so cold. He’s become a “outsider by choice.”

A free spirit, Lee Shi Woo thinks outside the box. Even though he looks clumsy, he has an IQ of 150 and can do anything he wants when he wants to. However, even though he was smart and talented, all he cared about was the weather.

Han Ki Joon is a handsome and smart person with a silver tongue. It took Han Ki Joon a while to get noticed by the spokesperson’s office because of his great ability to persuade. In the beginning of his service, he had a hard time getting noticed. It was also hard for him because he had always been an honor student.

Chae Yoo Jin is a weather reporter who does this job every single day. It doesn’t matter that Chae Yoo Jin goes to work dreaming of the newest and most exciting news and on-site reports, because he gets to work with the “weather and lifestyle” team. Even though he didn’t like the job at first, he ended up liking it.

Park Min Young as Jin Ha Kyung
Song Kang as Lee Si Woo
Yoon Park as Han Ki Jun
Yura as Chae Yoo Jin

Quotes Line from Drama Forecasting Love and Weather EP 1

Signals are simple.
Sometimes they are sounds.
Sometimes they are colors…and sometimes they are vibrations.
They keep signaling to me
that nothing is safe in this world.
-Jin Ha Kyung-

Jin Tae Kyung:
Mom, they’ve been together for ten years, and they never had a fight.
Mrs. Bae:
That’s what concerns me the most.

How is it possible that he just bears with it?
Fighting requires love.
-Mrs. Bae-

Nothing is more pleasant than the rain that falls at the right time.
-Lee Si Woo-

Forecasting is about probabilities.
-Eom Dong Han-

Weather is about a flow.
You can’t change the flow with a few numbers.
The basics of weather is variability.
Even a small phenomenon can greatly affect it.
-Eom Dong Han-

He’s usually quite gentle.
But when it comes to weather, he’s very tenacious.
-Shin Seok Ho-

Do you know how much public manpower is used
every time a special advisory is issued?
Billions could have been wasted because of an under five percent chance.
-Jin Ha Kyung-

I’m never going to date a colleague ever again.
-Jin Ha Kyung-

Quotes Line from Drama Forecasting Love and Weather EP 2

Sensible temperature is most affected by the wind.
The temperature that people feel differs depending on the direction of the wind
even if they’re in the same space.
-News Reader-

How could anyone in their right mind break off an engagement
a month before the wedding?
-Mrs. Bae-

I know splitting costs is a trend these days,
but I never heard of any bride who pitched in
for her own wedding gifts.
-Mrs. Bae-

Jin Ha Kyung:
He’s reckless and has no respect for the system
I know. He’s a bit immature.
Go Bong Chan:
But he has good intuition. He has intuitive power.
People like him are practical.

Like the wind, an affair is invisible
but it always leaves a trace.
No matter how big or small.
-Lee Si Woo-

You’re right. We were together for ten years.
Should I tell you how tough and exhausting those years were for me?
You looked down on me because you had a higher position.
-Han Ki Jun-

Quotes Line from Drama Forecasting Love and Weather EP 3

At times, I’m confused whether this inexplicable feeling…
is sadness about letting go of the passing season
or excitement for the new season.
What’s clear is that summer is coming.
-Lee Si Woo-

We’re the ones suffering because the KMA is making a big fuss.

The KMA is killing us, not the sea!
-Seafood Market Worker-

Forecasting is a science. If you want to remain on my team,
base your statements only on scientific evidence, not on your hunch.
-Jin Ha Kyung-

Well, it’d be uncomfortable
to have someone much older than you as a subordinate.
It could be awkward.
But when we work, you’re my superior.
And I’m someone who follows your orders.
So you should have given me a proper order.
That’s what your position entails.
-Eom Dong Han-

Lee Si Woo:
Can you dispose of your heart
just because it no longer loves him?
Jin Ha Kyung:
I should still get rid of everything that reminds me.
Lee Si Woo:
Even so, you’ll regret it anyway.
You can’t undo something that’s been done.
You probably mean nothing to him now.

Quotes Line from Drama Forecasting Love and Weather EP 4

Why doesn’t Korea have fog advisories?
Perhaps, they’re taking a defensive stance to avoid any criticism.

As I said before, marriage is about two families joining together.
There are many factors to take into account other than her job.
One’s personal information is important.
But one’s parents and siblings play a big role in determining the grade.
-Manager Lee SeongA-

Lee Hyang Rae:
Why would you try to help me and cause a ruckus?
Eom Dong Han:
I was only trying to help.
Lee Hyang Rae:
You can only help if you know how to.

You’re neither logical nor factual.
All you do is ridicule your subjects.
-Han Ki Jun-

This is why breaking up with a colleague is painful.
But then again, marrying a colleague
isn’t something to brag about either.
-Oh Myung Joo-

Imagine if you got married to a successful man.
Your stature at work would grow.
-Mrs. Bae-

At times, we may encounter bad weather
such as thick fog, yellow dust, rain, or snow.
But through those moments, we’ll learn something.
That the best way to narrow our visibility
is by mustering the courage to take a step closer to each other.
-Lee Si Woo-





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