In Drama Dear.M Park Hye Soo and Jaehyun (NCT) star. It airs every Friday at 23:10 on KBS2. Here We provide drama Dear.M quotes with cast and synopsis.

Someone is looking for “M,” who wrote something on the community board of the Seoyeon University website. Everything at college changed because of the writing.

Park Hye-Soo, who is in her second year in the Business Administration Department at Seoyeon University, plays Ma Joo-A. She is nice and has a great attitude. She doesn’t want to go after her dreams or find love. She has never dated a man.

Cha Min-Ho (Jaehyun) is in his second year of Computer Science at Seoyon University. He is good at making apps that are different and interesting. Since he was twelve, he has known Ma Joo-A.

Seo Ji-Min is in the Economics Department at Seoyeon University. Roh Jeong-Eui plays him on stage. She is also on her school’s cheerleading team.

Park Ha-Neul (Bae Hyun-Sung) is a business administration student at Seoyeon University and an honorary ambassador for the school.

Drama: Dear M
Hangul: 디어엠 (Dear M)
Director: Park Jin-Woo, Seo Joo-Wan
Writer: Lee Seul
Network: KBS2
Release Date: 2021 —
Runtime: Friday 23:10

Jeong Jae Hyun as Cha Min Ho
Park Hye Soo as Ma Joo Ah
Roh Jeong Eui as Seo Ji Min
Bae Hyun Sung as Park Ha Neul
Lee Jin Hyuk as Gil Mok Jin
Woo Da Vi as Hwang Bo Young

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Quotes Line from Drama Dear.M Episode 11

If you’re truly struggling and uncomfortable because of me…
I’ll try and get rid of these feelings.
-Cha Min Ho-


I liked you first and crushed on you for a long time.
I often worried that I was the only one who liked you.
I had hoped that you’d be able to reassure me first
before I even had to ask you!
Before I felt insecure, I hoped you’d be able to draw the line
and consider my feelings a bit more.
-Seo Ji Min-


I know I hurt you.
I’ve been reflecting.
I’m bad at expressing myself and have no sense,
so I made you lonely and miserable.
But in the end, it was all a misunderstanding
and what happened was not my sincerity.
But…I don’t know why we need to break up.
-Park Ha Neul-


Even if it’s for your dream,
I don’t want you to be too hard on yourself.
Because you’re still more important than a dream.
-Ban Yi Dam-


There were times when it was too much to handle,
but it was my choice and I was mostly happy.
-Cha Min Joo-

Quotes Line from Drama Dear.M Episode 12

I didn’t look into my feelings on purpose.
In case I say something I can’t handle.
Because the moment my feelings become words…
they’ll become real.
But my feelings somehow became words.
-Ma Joo Ah-


Imagining you dating another girl makes me feel like…
my heart is clenching. It hurts and it’s strange.
I feel a heavy weight and I have no appetite
I can’t focus on anything else.
-Ma Joo Ah-


For the interview,
rather than memorizing and reciting prepared answers,
it’s more important to show who you are as a person within the time limit.
-Ma Joo Ah Senior’s-


I always wanted to tell you this.
You were the best sister to me
as well as my mom.
And you’re going to be the best wife to exist.
I hope you become even happier.
I truly congratulate you on getting married.
Your one and only brother,
-Cha Min Ho-


“Dear. M” was a love letter to all of us.
Maybe we just needed an excuse?
To confirm our feelings…
An excuse to take one step toward where our hearts led us.
As passionate and excited as we were about a single post,
we were also that much sincere.
We experienced our first loves
and were also someone else’s first love.
And that’s how we all spent our season of youth.
-All Cast-


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