Lee Junho is from South Korea and is a member of the 2PM band, which is run by JYP Entertainment. Man born January 25, 1990 has a younger sister. “FEEL,” Lee Junho’s second Japanese mini album, sold very well. He wrote and produced all of the songs on the album.

Entering the world of acting and making his debut in the film Cold Eyes in 2013 as Detective Squirrel made Lee Junho’s name increasingly known in the acting world. Many are loved by women, it turns out that Lee Junho has the ideal type of woman.

Here we present some of the dramas that Lee Junho starred in as the main character.

1. The Red Sleeve

The first time Lee Junho played in a saeguk drama (a drama with a royal theme), his charm made the audience more and more interested with each episode that was shown. This made them want to watch more and more. It was the Best Actor award at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards, and Lee Junho was named the best actor there. During his career as an actor, this was his first award for Best Actor. It could also be a big step forward for him in the future. Here, we give you information about the play and a summary of it.

Drama Details
Drama: The Red Sleeve (English title) / The Red Sleeve Cuff (literal title)
Hangul: 옷소매 붉은 끝동 (Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong)
Director: Jung Ji-In
Writer: Kang Mi-Kang (novel), Jung Hae-Ri
Network: MBC
Episodes: 17
Release Date: November 12, 2021 – January 1, 2022

The Red Sleeve” which is set in the 18th century, tells the story of King Jeongjo and his royal concubine, Uibin Sung. They fall in love, and they marry.

During court, Sung Deok-Im is a woman who is married to a man. Crown Prince Yi San falls in love with her. The crown prince will one day become King Jeongjo. He now wants Sung Deok-Im to be his concubine, but she says no. Sung Deok-Im wants to live her life on her own terms, but that won’t be possible if she is a servant. She also knows that being a royal concubine isn’t always a good thing, and she doesn’t like it. Yet, King Jeongjo chooses Sung Deok-Im to be his wife.

Memorable quotes from drama:
In a country, there are laws to follow.
Laws should apply equally to everyone.
-Yi San-

2. Good Manager

Bromance with Nam Goongmin, Lee Junho’s co-star actor, made him show off his acting skills even more. He played an arrogant man in this drama, and the audience was amazed. For his performance in the drama, Lee Junho won the KBS Drama Award for Best Actor in a Medium-Length Drama in 2017. It’s called “Good Manager,” and here are the show’s facts and a summary.

Drama Details
Drama: Good Manager (English title) / Chief Kim (literal title)
Hangul: 김과장 (Kimgwajang)
Director: Lee Jae-Hoon, Choi Yoon-Suk
Writer: Park Jae-Bum
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 20
Release Date: January 25 – March 30, 2017

It’s called “Good Manager.” Lee Junho plays Seo Yul in the TV show. It started with Seo Yul giving life to an angry prosecutor. Later, she was in charge of finances for the TQ group. Lee Junho is a powerful executive in this drama. He wants to be in charge of everything and doesn’t like stupidity.

Memorable quotes from this drama:

“I need to spend a little time for myself.
I need sometime to be decent person.”
-Seo Yul-


3. Rain or Shine

Drama: Rain or Shine (English title) / Just Between Lovers (literal title)
Hangul: 그냥 사랑하는 사이 (Geunyang Saranghaneun Sai)
Director: Kim Jin-Won
Writer: Yoo Bo-Ra
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 11, 2017 – January 31, 2018


This is how it worked: Lee Gang-Doo (Lee Joon-Ho) dreamed of being an athlete, but an accident ended those dreams. Accident: His father died. He broke his leg. It took Lee Gang-Doo three years to get clean. Now that he doesn’t have anything, he just wastes his time. Lee Gang-Doo then meets Ha Moon-Soo, and they talk (Won Jin-A).

There are buildings that have been made by Ha Moon-Soo. Ha Moon-Soo also went through the same thing that killed her younger brother. She has felt guilty that she lived. She has lived her life with a lot of effort, but she hasn’t let her emotions show. After meeting Lee Gang-Doo, Ha Moon-Soo starts to show her true feelings.

Memorable quotes from this drama:

Just because your cry is louder,
doesn’t mean your pain is bigger
-Lee Gang Doo-

4. Work of Love

Drama: Wok of Love (English title) / Greasy Melo (literal title)
Hangul: 기름진 멜로 (Gireumjin Mello)
Director: Park Sun-Ho, Ham Joon-Ho
Writer: Seo Sook-Hyang
Network: SBS
Episodes: 38
Release Date: May 7 – July 17, 2018


“Wok of Love” is set in a small Chinese restaurant and follows Seo Poong as he tries to stay alive, get food, and find love.

A talented chef named Seo Poong (Lee Joon-Ho) worked at a Chinese restaurant in a hotel. His girlfriend, Seok Dal-Hee (Cha Joo-Young), had sex with the CEO of the hotel where they lived (Kim Sa-Kwon). Hotel CEOs also tried to frame him. Seo Poong vows to get back at the hotel CEO and quits his job. He goes to the Chinese restaurant that is across the street from the hotel to get some Chinese food. Loan shark Doo Chil-Seong (Jang Hyuk) ran the Chinese restaurant there. The restaurant closed down because there were not enough customers to keep it open. Seo Poong decides to take over the restaurant and bring all of the customers from the hotel restaurant over to the new one, too. After a long wait, his Chinese restaurant is finally ready to open.

There is a young woman named Dan Sae-Woo, played by Jung Ryeo-Won. Her father is wealthy. When her father was arrested the day of the wedding, the wedding was called off. She is now broke. Thanks to Doo Chil-Seong, who fell in love with her at first sight, she starts working at the new Chinese restaurant Seo Poong has just opened in her neighborhood.

Memorable quotes from drama work of love:
Even if all the money you have is gone,
You have to have self-respect.
-Seo Poong-


5. Confession

Drama: Confession (English & literal title)
Hangul: 자백 (Jabaek)
Director: Kim Cheol-Kyu
Writer: Im Hee-Cheol
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: March 23 – May 12, 2019
Genre: Crime / Thriller


A case about the truth behind the law that doesn’t allow double jeopardy.

As a child, Choi Do-Hyun (Lee Joon-Ho) had heart trouble. Most of his childhood was spent in a hospital. When he was born, he was given a chance to get a new heart. After he had a heart transplant, his father was charged with murder. His father was put to death.

Because he wants to find out more about his father’s case, Choi Do-Hyun now works as a lawyer.

Memorable quotes from drama confession:
I don’t think he’s always in contact with her.
And someone influential enough to make the news.
A person with financial strengths and weaknesses.
-Choi Do Hyun-



Among the dramas above, which Lee Junho drama do you like?


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