Love, betrayal, corruption, and revenge are all explored in the drama Reflection of You, which follows the lives of two women: one who has remained true to her desires while the other has been blinded by meeting her. Here We provide Quotes from the drama Reflection of You, Synopsis, Cast, and episodes.

Drama Reflection of You Synopsis

The plot of this drama revolves around the meeting of two women who, despite their similar backgrounds, have very different stories. Jung Hee-Joo (Ko Hyun-Jung) is a character with a troubled past. However, she has become a successful and well-known painter. She is also the mother of two children by her husband, who is the heir to a hospital’s ownership.

Jung Hee-Joo (Ko Hyun-Jung) feels that her life is meaningless. Until she met a poor woman one day. And this brings back memories of her childhood when she suffered the same fate as the woman he met.

This thriller drama starts airing on October 13, 2021, for 16 episodes. Recommended for your healing space.

Detail Drama Reflection of You

Other Titles: A Person Similar To You, A Person Who Resembles You, Person Who Looks Like You, I Didn’t Love Anyone, Nobody Loved, People Like You, A Person Like You
Korean title: 너를 닮은 사람 (Neoreul Darmeun Saram)
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Country: South Korea
Director: Im Hyun-Wook
Screenwriter: Yoo Bo-Ra
Number of Episodes: 16 Episodes
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes / EP
TV Stations: JTBC, Netflix
Showtime: 13 October 2021 – 2 December 2021
Showtimes: Every Wednesday and Thursday, 20:30 WIB (UTC+7)

Drama Reflection Of You Cast


Ko Hyun-Jung as Jung Hee-Joo
Shin Hyun-Bin as Koo Hae-Won
Kim Jae-Young as Seo Woo-Jae
Choi Won-Young as Ahn Hyun-Sung


Kim Ho-Jung – Lee Jung-Eun
Kim Soo-Ahn – Ahn Ri-Sa
Shin Hye-Ji – Lee Joo-Young
Hong Seo-Jun – Lee Hyeong-Ki
Seo Jin-Won – Lee Il-Sung
Oh Min-Jung – Maid

Quotes from Drama Reflection of You

Here we present some quotes from the drama Reflection Of You excerpts that we have summarized from several episodes that have aired the cafehallyu version.

Even if I have to face punishment,
I can’t watch her calling the shots.
She’s the one who caused the whole thing.
She’s just trying to get attention.
Don’t let her have her way.
But if we let this slide, she won’t know what she did wrong.
She’ll be more brazen next time.

I know it’s slow progress but focus on the basics.
If you learn it the wrong way now, it’ll be hard to fix that.
Your body will remember it.
Fixing a bad habit is the hardest task of all.

Times may have changed, but some just remain the same.
Especially old people, who are wealthy.
Because it’s been proven that their way is right.

If some of the students were offended,
it could be an issue even though the others were okay.
If the teachers’ rights clash with the student’s rights,
the latter apparently come first.

A true friend is someone you can be honest with
about your feelings whether you’re happy or sad.
If you just put up with it, you become a doormat.

You can’t blame someone for buying someone else’s talent or effort.

What you see isn’t everything.

Not being able to apologize is harder than not being forgiven.
It’s been shaking the whole time.

Drama Reflection of You Famous Line

The final products of art are beautiful.
But the process of getting there is like doing manual labor.
Sounds similar to exercising.

I eliminated the things I couldn’t do even if I wanted to.
And then I eliminated the things I could do but didn’t want to.

Don’t open up to everyone just because they’re friendly to you.

That’s why you should be more cautious.
Those around you can be even more dangerous.

You’ll have to provide for someone else while studying abroad.
It’s your only chance to dramatically turn your life around.
Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean it’ll work for me.

Be it artwork or humans, everything crumbles little by little, if they’re not cared for. If the damage became visible, I wouldn’t be able to fix it.

I don’t know much about art.
I find modern art even more perplexing.
They bring some garbage and call it art.
I don’t get it.
But it will be very expensive garbage.

This is nice.
Walking and talking with you.
Things I took for granted before have all become special to me.
So I like ordinary things like this.

Sometimes, I think about my father.
He didn’t do it often,
but he told me some loving words and showed me warmth.
There are times when I miss them utterly.
Then I feel regrettable and guilty.
I loathed my father, but even I miss him at times.

Dialogue from Drama Reflection of You

Don’t let those who don’t care about you take advantage of you.
You should start identifying those who are giving you a chance
and helping you 
drama reflection of you episode 7

If you are curious about someone, it means you are interested.
And if you are annoyed because she won’t reciprocate your interest,
you must be sad and disappointed.
drama reflection of you episode 7

Those who are bound to break up are destined to do so.
Then there are those who become more cautious and never break up again.
drama reflection of you episode 8

Married life isn’t all about some magnificent love or happiness.
It’s about sticking with each other through thick and thin.
drama reflection of you episode 8

Being married or having kids doesn’t affect your beauty.
It all disappears with age. It becomes useless.
Beauty doesn’t disappear.
It just changes.
drama reflection of you episode 8

Marriage Life Quotes From Reflection of You

Thankfully, he wasn’t having an affair.
“A long river was flowing below the cliff.”
“The rushing river pierced through the farmland.”
“It glistened underneath the sunlight.”
“The mountains in the sky…”
Though alive, I think of the world as hell.
To me, hell is…
not being able to trust the person that I should the most.
drama reflection of you episode 9

When mixed with black, most colors lose their hues and become dark.
Only yellow, the brightest hue in the color spectrum,
turns green instead of becoming dark.
It’s the color of the bright and dazzling sun.
And at the same time…
when faded even so slightly,
it represents tragedy and sorrow.
That’s yellow.
And so are you.
drama reflection of you episode 9

When I went too far away and lost my way to you
and when I couldn’t see any path in the darkness,
you were my guide.
Even if the path to you is bumpy
and is nothing but a torturous hell,
as you still reached out your hand to me,
I vow…
Even if that path is nothing but a torturous hell,
I vow to spend the rest of my life with you.
drama reflection of you episode 9

Famous Line from Reflection of You Episode 9

Those who have a history of leaving
will leave again and again.

If you’d given me a bit more time
I will keep my vows.
Even if the path is bumpy and is nothing but a torturous hell,
I will keep my promise that I will spend
the rest of my life with you.
drama reflection of you episode 9

Weddings make people do crazy things.
I understand the feeling of wanting to break free.
drama reflection of you episode 9

Surprisingly, parents are often the ones who cause
the most pain to their children.
Children are supposed to love and trust their parents the most.
But kids feel immensely betrayed
by their misspoken words and wrongful behavior.

Quotes Drama Reflection Of You Episode 10

That’s life.
We all look well and healthy right now,
but any one of us can die at any moment.
You never know.
Episode 10

I can’t stop you from having feelings for someone else,
but I will never let you go.
No matter how much you pine for each other,
it’s nothing but a filthy affair that no one recognizes.
Episode 10

Don’t yearn for something that’s ruined.
If your life is ruined, you just have to endure it.
Episode 10

It’s easy to fall in love, but breaking up is complicated.
Episode 10

Quotes Drama Reflection Of You Episode 11

Close acquaintances will be the first ones to gossip.
Those close to you can be the harshest.

Episode 11

Don’t be a monster who steals a child from his parents.
Don’t steal the most important thing in their world.
Episode 11

People who destroy themselves because of their victim mentality.
They need to rationalize their misfortune, so they slander other people.
And these pathetic people do everything to make everyone miserable like them.

Episode 11

No parent is perfect.
But I didn’t want to be a mother who hurt her own child.

Episode 11

People tend to ignore that feeling when something bad is going to happen.
I get that they don’t want to believe it
and want to pretend that nothing’s wrong,
but choosing to ignore it won’t make it go away.

Episode 11

Quotes Drama Reflection Of You Episode 12

It doesn’t feel so great
to be someone whose existence…
is torturous to another.

Episode 12

Don’t you ever get mad at yourself or another person.
It’ll just eat away at yourself.

Episode 12

I read about contempt in a book once.
The one who feels it is subjected to unbelievable pain.
But the one who causes it doesn’t even show changes in their brain.
No wonder they can keep doing it.

Episode 12

They should know that even if they sin,
they can turn over a new leaf as long as they live on.

Episode 12

If you’re still mad afterward, then get mad.
If you get upset with someone,
eat and take a nap. Then you will feel better.

Episode 12

You should never rekindle an old flame
The breakup just gets messier.

Episode 12

Quotes Drama Reflection Of You Episode 13

But you have to be careful.
If you put your heart in the bottle for too long,
you’ll forget other feelings too.

Episode 13

It’s natural to break down and get jealous when you’ve been betrayed.
Episode 13

The scared girl decided to put her heart in a bottle just for a little while…
because her heart might get hurt.
When she did, her heart stopped hurting.
But her thoughts about the stars
and her interest in the ocean disappeared.
Soon enough, the girl lost her love and curiosity for the world.

Episode 13

If your limbs were broken or something,
people would have tried to understand your pain even for a moment.

Episode 13

Alcohol and drugs aren’t the only addictions.
You get addicted to people too.
You know that you’re hurting others and ruining your life,
but you can’t let go or escape.
That’s an addiction.

Episode 13

Dialogue Reflection Of You Episode 14

Blood clots are sensitive to temperature, humidity, and weather.
And it gets more painful at night.

Episode 14

They say you need courage to divorce someone,
but I can’t say I completely agree.
Staying married putting up with everything
also requires courage.
Because it’s much shittier.

Episode 14

Apologize to her first.
That’s what a strong person does.
Only the weak pity themselves and refuse to admit they’re wrong.

Episode 14

Don’t waste your life hating someone.
Episode 14

Dialogue Reflection Of You Episode 15

They say forgiving someone is like letting go of a prisoner
and then realizing that the prisoner was actually yourself.

Episode 15

Getting old doesn’t bring peace.
You do whatever it takes to find a way to cope.

Episode 15

It was so easy to start.
But breaking up is difficult.

Episode 15

Dialogue Reflection Of You Episode 16

That’s life.
Most of the time, you’re not in control of what goes on around you.

Episode 16

Because of my work, it’s hard for me to trust anyone.
Trust leads to expectation, which leads to disappointment.

Episode 16

Oftentimes, the truth
is more painful and shocking than any lie.

Episode 16

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