In Drama Doctor Lawyer Bae So Ji Sub, Im Soo Hyang, Shin Sung Rook star. From June 3 – July 23, 2022, it airs every Friday & Saturday at 22:00 on MBC. Here We provide drama Doctor Lawyer quotes with cast and synopsis.

Han Yi-Han (So Ji-Sub) was an elite elite surgeon. He went to the best medical school in South Korea and graduated at the top of his class. He then went on to become an expert in two areas: general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery. His life changed after he had surgery. Han Yi-Han thinks that surgery went well, but the patient died. Then, his license to practice medicine was taken away.

After four years, Han Yi-Han is a lawyer who focuses on medical lawsuits. He also tries to find out what really happened when one of his patients died. Han Yi-Han defends people in court and tries to get those who do bad things in the medical field punished. He works with a public prosecutor who lost a family member and a lover because of the surgery Han Yi-Han did.

Drama: Doctor Lawyer
Hangul: 닥터로이어 (Doctor Lawyer)
Director: Lee Yong-Seok
Writer: Jang Hong-Cheol
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 3 – July 23, 2022
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00

So Ji Sub as Han Yi Han
Im Soo Hyang as Geum Seok Young
Shin Sung Rok as Jaden Lee
Lee Joo Bin as Im Yoo Na

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Quotes Line from Drama Doctor Lawyer Episode 9

If you fail at the hearing due to a scandal,
I would lose face as someone who recommended you.
-Yoon Mi Seon-


Now that I am old, it’s hard to wait endlessly.
-Section Chief Park-


Someone who hasn’t achieved anything
other than being a chairman’s son
would say such things.
-Jayden Lee-


If you seek revenge,
you should dig two graves.
-Goo Jin Ki-


If I think about the way you toyed with me,
I want to reveal everything in court.
-Nam Hyuk Chul-


Hostages are valuable when they are alive.
-Goo Jin Ki-


An artisan doesn’t blame his tools.
-Jayden Lee-


Nam Hyuk Chu:
I’m sorry…
for not keeping my promise.
Geum Seok Young:
You’re sorry?
An apology won’t cut it!


If you do not take what your enemy cherishes the most,
no matter what your revenge is, how can that be any meaningful?
-Jayden Lee-


A father was looking out for his incompetent sons.
-Nam Hyuk Chul-

Quotes Line from Drama Doctor Lawyer Episode 10

From now on, I’ll choose everything regarding work and men.
And it won’t be to help you but only for myself.
-Im Yoo Na-


It’s my job as a lobbyist to assist a politician
-Jayden Lee-


In order to become the kingmaker,
you must bet on the underdog.
-Jayden Lee-


Why do you think our members pay many times
the fee compared to other shops just to come here?
Because we give good massages?
No, it’s their trust.
They trust that what happens in here never gets out.
-Yoo Ga Yeon-


An arranged marriage is high-level politics.
-Jayden Lee-


Let’s not cross the line.
If we start crossing the line, people will get hurt.


There are a lot of smart and competent people.
But you’re the only one who would die for me.
-Yoon Miseon-


To be a better person,
you need to erase one fault at a time.
-Yoon Miseon-


We lived together.
Our place was old and cramped.
There were many inconveniences,
but we were happy to be together.
-Doh Jin Woo-


You can’t always see eye to eye with your child.
-Goo Jin Ki-


So what can you do other than help your child
find the right path? That’s a parent’s responsibility.
-Goo Jin Ki-


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