In Drama ghost doctor, Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, and Son Naeun star. From Jan 3, 2022, it airs every monday and tuesday at 22:30 on TVN. Here We provide drama Ghost Doctor’s quotes with cast and synopsis.

Drama Ghost Doctor Synopsis

Korean drama Ghost Doctor tells the story of two doctors who have very different backgrounds and skills, but who work together to become one person, like a team.
Cha Young Min (Rain) is a very good doctor, but he is also very arrogant and selfish. On one day, he gets caught up in a case he didn’t expect. His spirit took over another doctor’s body because of an accident. These two doctors have very different personalities and medical skills.

Details Ghost Doctor

Drama: The Ghost Doctor/ 고스트 닥터
Also Known As: Goseuteu Dagteo , Goseuteu Dakteo
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee
Director: Boo Sung Chul
Genres: Drama, Medical, Fantasy, Supernatural
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Airs: Jan 3, 2022 – Feb 22, 2022
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: tvN
Duration: 60 min.

Cast Ghost Doctor

Main Cast
Rain as Cha Young Min
Kim Bum as Go Seung Tak
Uee as Jang Se Jin
Son Na Eun as Oh Soo Jung

Supporting Cast
Kim Jae Yong as Lee Sun Ho
Seo Ji Young as Ko Seong hye
Sung Dong Il

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 1

“There is no great genius without some touch of madness.”

Maze is a surgical procedure…
for treating atrial fibrillation…
using various sources of energy…
to disrupt faulty electrical signals.
-Go Seung Tak-

There are two types of patients.
Those that can live by my touch.
Those that can’t live even after my touch.
However, if it doesn’t work after I work on them,
it means no one can heal them.
That’s what they are.
-Cha Young Min-

A doctor’s not a service provider of emotions.
It’s a technical job where visible skills are important.
-Cha Young Min-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 2

If you can’t trust your mind, talk to a psychiatrist.
-Kim Jae Won-

Seeing how everyone is sad,
I guess he lived a good life.

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
The five stages of grief.
-Hwang Guk Chan-

I thought he was only book-smart.
But he can talk like a professor too.
When you listen to him, it makes sense.
ut when you read between the lines, it’s an insult.

He doesn’t have any family.
And there’s no next of kin who can look after him.
That’s awful. He must be so lonely.

Being a ghost has its upside.
I can listen to everyone…
and find out a lot of things.
But there’s something I don’t have the answer to.
-Cha Young Min-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 3

The most important point of this is to get out quickly…
after finishing your task.
If you stay in his body for a long time,
you’ll end up messing up other people’s lives.
There are rules in the living realm.
And there are rules for ghosts to follow too.
So leave the matters in the living realm to the living.
You must entrust your business with the living too.
Don’t meddle with other people’s lives.

Should I lose patients who can survive…
by focusing on those who can’t?
Like their lives were so great.
Why won’t they let go?
People should be cool about it and leave when it’s their time.
-Cha Young Min-

Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.
-Chairman Jang Kwang Deok-

Once your body is moved, it will be much more crowded there.
Wherever you end, I hope you can hang in there.
-Chairman Jang Kwang Deok-

It doesn’t matter where the gun came from.
What matters is who pulled the trigger.
-Han Seung Won-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 4

There is one thing that is intolerable to ghosts.
Time. Hanging on endlessly.
You can hang on endlessly while you solve your problem.

Once the body dies, so does the soul.
That is the order of the universe and the order of nature.

Don’t be intimidated. Man up, and tell them.
-Cha Young Min-

You never wore what I asked even when I begged.
-Jang Se Jin-

Don’t make me pronounce you dead.
I’ll do anything but that.
I know something complicated is going on.
But wake up first.
Then we can solve it.
The complicated issue and us.
-Jang Se Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 5

A person can make mistakes.
-Cha Young Min-

Someone allergic to shellfish wouldn’t have eaten crab.
I won’t ask you to uncover what happened to me.
-Chairman Jang Kwang Deok-

Do what suits you.
Preferably the option that’s not cognitive dissonance.
-Oh Soo Jung-

A family feud is the bloodiest.
-Cha Young Min-

It’s better to be a hidden genius than a useless moron.
-Go Seung Tak-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 6

Such is life.
Nothing goes quite as planned.
-Han Seung Won-

If you want to support the doctors effectively,
you must know what’s going on in the hospital.
Start from the bottom and learn your way up.
-Chairman Go Jae Sik-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 7

Operating is all about the feel in your hands.
Great cooks make delicious dishes.
Great artists create amazing pieces.
Doctors save patients’ lives.
Being great at what you do.
The feel of ruling the world isn’t really anything special.
As a doctor, saving a patient’s life…
makes you great and wins you the world.
-Cha Seung Won-

It takes experience and on-the-job training to be a doctor.
Some hardcore training doesn’t get you anywhere.
-Kim Jae Won-

Someone told me that…
to someone, a patient’s life is the world.
-Go Seung Tak-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 8

Both the ghosts and the living.
They must not remember being a ghost in their past life.
for the world to stay in order.

People and ghosts alike…
just never do as they should.
They can just not do what they shouldn’t do,
and not drink what they shouldn’t drink.
-Ms. Kim-

People cannot leave this world peacefully due to certain reasons.
It’s because they need to protect someone,
are infuriated by what was done to them,
or have an itch they want to scratch and cannot forget even in death.
-Go Seung Tak-

You’re not a human. You’re a first-year resident.
When I was a first-year, I couldn’t go home for a week…
or sleep more than two hours a day.
-Cha Seung Woon-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 9

I was special since I was born, so people can’t attack me freely.
But when a penniless intern suddenly becomes a genius…
and people think he’s special, the world doesn’t let you be, does it?
-Go Seung Tak-

That’s why you should continue to be a doctor…
whether you wake up or die. Be a doctor until that day.
And be a warm-hearted doctor like that intern if you can.
-Go Seung Tak-

You see, when you get older,
you can see through people.
That’s how you become a good judge of character.
-Ms. Kim-

I’m sorry for asking a doctor who does great things…
to do something trivial like this.
But consider it a gift for this old man on his deathbed.
-Chairman Jang Kwang Deok-

Se Jin.
You’ve always been…
my precious daughter whom I cherished.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t express my feelings completely to you.
Thank you for staying by my side during my final moment.
I love you.
-Chairman Jang Kwang Deok-

A doctor can wait for a patient,
but a patient never waits for a doctor.
-Go Seung Tak-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 10

You said you’re not a psychopath.
You said I’m an asset to the hospital.
If you know that, you’d better not think of harming me.
You need me to get up to make you more money.
Here’s a warning.
-Cha Young Min-

I wished that I would stop seeing them.
But I ran away out of fear when I saw them.
I wondered how I could have a normal life like that.
I even thought about ending my life.
I had all sorts of thoughts when I was a kid.
But later on, I came to the hospital because I wanted to live.
I tried to put myself through seeing scary ghosts.
And I also trained myself, pretending not to see ghosts.
-Go Seung Tak-

Everyone has a story they bury in their hearts.

People really don’t change.
Especially evil scumbags. That lowlife.
-Cha Young Min-

Should we make a patient wait for a doctor?
Quit tiptoeing around.
Should the pleasure of making money come before that of saving a life?
-Go Seung Tak-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 11

Spreading false news is a crime these days.

You need good stamina to work in CS.
And your hands you are so proud of.
Don’t you know that hands are everything to surgeons?
Just like that, the lives of your patients rest in your hands.
If you make the slightest mistake with your hands,
you can kill someone’s life. That’s what we do in the OR.
-Cha Young Min-

The more desperate you become,
the sadder and more disappointed you become.

Doctors tend not to believe in miracles.
But there are times when we meet people…
who make us realize there are inexplicable effects.
But even if that miracle is 99 percent the will of above,
I think the remaining one percent is the will and desires of people.
-Jang Se Jin-

Don’t you know hands are everything to surgeons?
Why do you think hands are everything to surgeons?
It’s because the lives of your patients rest in your hands!
If you’re not going to take this seriously, just quit!
-Jang Se Jin-

When I watched doctors saving lives,
I was in awe and envious of them.
But this time, I saved a life too.
Working at the hospital is so rewarding!
-Ms. Kim-

Every time I came to the hospital, I begged silently…
that I wouldn’t see anyone that day.
But if I didn’t see anyone, I became curious…
about what happened to the people from before.
It was probably one or the other.
Either they woke up or died.
I didn’t realize it then, but I realized it once I got older.
That in this place where new patients keep coming,
they must get pushed farther and farther back.
However, they cling to the sliver of hope and wait like that.
-Go Seung Tak-

The people that I saw.
Their families that you saw.
The people who loved them who laughed and cried…
when those ghosts disappeared.
While you ran away from ghosts because you were afraid of them,
I ran away because I was afraid of those people.
I thought… perhaps my desire to save the patients was weaker.
I wondered if I could save the patients.
-Go Seung Tak-

Those patients must have things they desperately want to say to their loved ones.
What if they can’t tell them because of me?
I was always afraid.
Not just because a patient’s life depends on my fingers,
but because their whole life does.
-Cha Young Min-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 12

The people I saw since I was eight.
More ended up dying than waking up.
One day, they disappeared without a trace.
At a moment when no one expected them to.
Unable to say goodbye to their loved ones.
-Cha Young Min-

When your loved ones…
pass away all of a sudden without a goodbye,
the people left behind end up in tremendous pain.
-Go Seung Tak-

When one wakes up from a coma,
do you know why they remember nothing?
It’s because if they remembered…
what they did as a ghost, they’d never survive.
No one including myself should know about this.
So the world can go on as it should.
-Cha Young Min-

In this day and age, one wrong step can really kill me.
-Ban Tae Sik-

These days, one should have a comfy job that makes a lot.
That’s the best.
-Ms. Kim-

Do you know why we shave people in a coma?
Because we don’t know when they’ll wake up.
So that they won’t be shocked to see their face when they wake up.
-Jang Se Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 13

He’s too mysterious to understand, but I do know one thing.
He is more sincere about people’s lives than anyone.
That’s why he makes us feel ashamed all the time.
-Ban Tae Sik-

I felt like doing what he’d want to do for him..
was the best way to comfort him.
-Oh Soo Jung-

Does it matter who the patient is?
What matters is what surgery it is.
-Han Seung Won-

Don’t live for me.
Live for yourself.
Do what you want with your life.
That will make me happier.
-Sung Mi Ran-

Doctors aren’t always happy when they are done with surgery.
-Cha Young Min-

Ghosts can’t do anything.
The living must do their duties as best they can.
-Oh Joo Myung-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 14

The living were failing to do their duties,
so the ghost had to help.
-Oh Joo Myung-

As a kid, you ran away because you were scared of ghosts.
And older, you tried to avoid becoming a doctor…
when you wanted to be one.
All you did was run away,
until one day you met someone just like you.
Then you changed and fought…
and struggled to save people.
-Oh Joo Myung-

You and I.
It wasn’t about religion, blood types, or star signs.
He borrowed someone’s body to save you,
then he borrowed mine to save someone else.
-Cha Young Min-

Don’t blame anyone else for your lack of skill.
-Oh Joo Myung-

Seniors who gossip about their juniors…
going through a tough time don’t deserve them.
But a senior who can embrace his juniors does.
-Go Seung Tak-

I need to protect my precious granddaughter’s mental state.
Seeing her is my joy in life.
-Oh Joo Myung-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 15

Some of the patients who wake up from a coma…
tend to have a different outlook on life.
Perhaps something incredible that we don’t know about…
might have happened to the patient while she was in a coma.
-Jang Se Jin-

Even if we do the best that’s humanly possible,
things happen that are beyond our control.
Such is our field.
-Jang Se Jin-

Don’t even think about saying that a cushy,
high-paying job is the best.
-Oh Joo Myung-

Those doctors look like they could pass out at any minute.
But when they see patients, their eyes gleam.
When they see patients who almost died
walk out of the hospital, that makes them so happy.
So they smile like fools.
That’s how they grow into fine doctors.
-Oh Joo Myung-

You know how people talk to comatose patients?
Most people think they’re talking to themselves,
but the patients hear everything.
-Jang Se Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Ghost Doctor EP 16

If it’s a skill one lacks, one can practice.
-Cha Young Min-

Doctors’ hands are always stained with blood.
By letting us operate on them,
patients are putting their lives in our hands.
-Cha Young Min-

When we come into this world, physically, we are naked.
But we still have one thing that belongs to us.
Only the lucky ones get to…
leave this world after making a name for themselves.
And not everyone gets that lucky.
-Oh Joo Myung-

A doctor must consider more than a patient’s survival.
He must consider the patient’s life and make the best decision possible.
To protect that which is important in the patient’s life.
-Cha Young Min-

About the hardest, but most precious…
three months of your life.
About your love and the promise you made.
And what made you come back again.
People you must remember,
and the values you must keep in mind.
I’ll go over them one at a time.
-Cha Young Min-

Rules are meant to be broken.
The one who’s more desperate is the one who wins.
-Oh Joo Myung-

Don’t forget.
As much as you value your life,
every life in this world matters.
-Cha Young Min-



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