Jirisan cast actor Ju Ji-hoon is paired with actress Gianna Jun (Jun Ji-Hyun) in the latest Korean drama. The two competed acting as seniors and juniors.

The amount of time they spend together strengthens the chemistry of the two. In a press conference held by iQiyi, recently, Jun Ji-hoon admitted that he has been a fan of Jun Ji-Hyun since he was young. He regards her as a charismatic figure.

“She’s been a role model for me. In our collaborations, she always tries to help me. So I’m very grateful to her,” said Ji-hoon.

In addition, the chemistry built by the Haidong Branch Rangers team consisting of Gianna Jun, Oh Jung-Se, and Cho Han-Chul is also no less slick. It’d be a shame to miss out on the funniest moments when they tease each other.

As Jirisan cast Ji-Hyun and Ju Ji-hoon play national park rangers who must face hurricanes, fires, floods, and other dangers while doing their job. Their job is to find and save lost mountain climbers.

This drama’s touching stories are worth the wait for the audience as well as the mystery and suspense. In, Jirisan Gianna Jun becomes an experienced ranger while Ju Ji-hoon is an amateur with many dark secrets.

Jirisan TV Rating

This Korean drama iQiyi Original premiere on October 23, 2021, through the iQiyi application and the iQ.com website along with its broadcast in South Korea. Jirisan also airs on tvN.

After airing the first episode, this horror thriller drama successfully achieved a rating of 9.1%. It also managed to achieve the highest premiere position.

“Great actors, good plot, nice cinematography. It is good to see wildlife parks and mountain ranges in Korea. Heart pumping scenes and action loaded, it was truly a series worth watching. Thank you for this wonderful series.” (Mariveliza Ramos)

The very 1st episode was really thrilling and the cinematography of the drama was truly beautiful.With a unique plot, the star studded line up, I can feel this series is gonna smash every past records of TvN.
Love you Gianna
You’re the best in the world, my queen” (Lìmbú Ãmîñ)


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