One of the dramas whose popularity is increasing is Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which presents a light but full of struggle. Taking a unique theme that tells of a woman who has an autism spectrum disorder. We will present Woo Young Woo’s Love Story in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Played by Park Eun Bin as Woo Young Woo (a lawyer who has an autism spectrum disorder) and Kang Tae Oh as Lee Jun Ho (a worker at Hanbada Law Firm, the same workplace as Woo Young Woo). Both of them are involved in a love story in the drama.

Kang Tae Oh’s charm when playing the character of Lee Jun Ho who is kind, warm, and very caring makes the audience even crazier about him. The difference in character and sense of insecurity between Woo Young Woo makes their love story full of sharp twists and turns.

Here we present the journey of the love story of Lee Jun Ho and Woo Young Woo in the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

1. The first meeting of the two was when Woo Young Woo had trouble getting through the rotating door on her first day at work

On her first day working at Hanbada Law Firm, Woo Young Woo has to go through a rotating door. She had difficulty getting in and was finally helped by Lee Jun Ho to successfully enter her workplace. In addition, Lee Jun Ho also often helps Woo Young Woo when facing difficulties, including helping open bottle caps and other small things that make the audience melt even more.

2. Lee Jun Ho Sees all the advantages that Woo Young Woo has

Had stopped being a lawyer because of the cessation of various parties who did not like him. Woo Young Woo finally found someone who fully supports her as a lawyer, none other than Lee Jun Ho. For the first time in her life, Woo Young Woo found someone who really appreciated her and saw all the advantages that existed in her outside of family and friends. Finally, she decided to return to work at the Hanbada Law Firm.

3. Woo Young Woo became interested in Lee Jun Ho

Quotes Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Memorable Scene Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Lee Jun Ho’s charm made Woo Young Woo melt. Accompanying her to lunch together, listening to whale stories even to the point that Lee Jun Ho gave her a painting of a large whale, often accompanying him through hardships, no doubt impressing Woo Young Woo with all of Lee Jun Ho’s kindness.

His heart was racing with all the kindness and care that Lee Jun Ho gave. After confiding in Dong Geu Rami with everything that made her restless, Woo Young Woo finally asked Lee Jun Ho for permission to touch him. Is there a flutter in Woo Young Woo’s heart? It seems that Lee Jun Ho also has an interest in Woo Young Woo.

4. Lee Jun Ho confessed his feelings to Woo Young Woo

Now Lee Jun Ho’s heart is starting to rage. He realized that when he confessed his feelings and formed a relationship like a couple, it certainly wouldn’t be easy for both of them. The difference in the world, characters, and points of view from various parties made his heart even more confused. But, in the end, Lee Jun Ho still insisted on expressing his feelings for Woo Young Woo.

5. Woo Young Woo has not considered officially dating

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 12

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 12

Lee Jun Ho and Woo Young Woo have been on a date like a typical couple. Starting from a date cleaning the garbage together and a series of other unique dates.

In general, when someone expresses their feelings and both have the same feelings, then they are officially dating. But not with Woo Young Woo. They have done several unique dates, but Woo Young Woo still doesn’t think that Lee Jun Ho and himself are officially dating. This also made Lee Jun Ho’s heart a little disappointed.

6. The relationship between the two was opposed by Lee Jun Ho’s sister

When someone loves and cares with all their heart, all the shortcomings that the partner has, it seems invisible. What is visible is all the advantages and privileges that he has. Likewise with Lee Jun Ho. He accepts Woo Young Woo as she is.

But all these things do not apply to Lee Seung Hui (Chae Song Hwa), Lee Jun Ho’s older sister. Lee Jun Ho’s sister strongly opposes the relationship between the two. When they met in Jeju, she said that Woo Young Woo was not a woman who could make Lee Jun Ho happy. Because Lee Jun Ho has to take care of Woo Young Woo, who has an autism spectrum disorder. This was heard by Woo Young Woo. And in the end, Woo Young Woo decided to break up with Lee Jun Ho.

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7. Back to Dating after a break.

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Lee Jun Ho’s heartbreak was out of control. After Woo Young Woo’s decision to break up with him, he immediately kept his distance from the “special lawyer”. Disappointed because Woo Young Woo decided, his heart was so upset and angry that he completely ignored Woo Young Woo who was in trouble.

Because he still loves Woo Young Woo very much, Lee Jun Ho finally intends to get back together with Woo Young Woo. He also explained all his worries to Woo Young Woo until he finally found out the reason Woo Young Woo decided to do it, namely because the lawyer heard what Lee Jun Ho’s older sister said about her disapproval of her relationship with Lee Jun Ho.

After both know each other the reason behind the breakdown of their relationship. In the end, the two decided to reconnect. Woo Young Woo also considers that this time they have officially become lovers.

Lee Jun Ho and Woo Young Woo’s love journey is full of struggles and sacrifices. The lesson we can take from both is, that we must be able to accept all the shortcomings and strengths of our partners. And don’t forget we must be able to accept all the shortcomings that exist in us. Because in essence, all humans in this world are special.


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