Dr. Brain is a sci-fi thriller based on Hongjacga’s Korean webtoon of the same name. The series is Apple TV+’s first Korean-language production. Here we provide you Dr. Brain Quotes, Synopsis, Cast, and Episode.

Dr. Brain Synopsis

When Lee Se-Won (Lee Sun-Kyun) was a child, his mother died in a hit-and-run accident. He decided afterward to become a brain scientist. He is a genius and he remembers everything he sees. 20 years after his mother’s death, Lee Se-Won has become a famous Ph.D. scientist in the brain science field.

One day, a mysterious person contacts him and asks him to extract information from the brain of a man who committed suicide. Lee Se-Won is interested and accepts the proposal.

He attempts to extract information from the dead man’s brain but fails. A couple of days later, he finds himself behaving differently and seeing things differently. Lee Se-Won looks into the dead man’s case.

Detail Dr. Brain
Drama: Dr. Brain
Hangul: Dr.브레인
Director: Kim Jee-Woon
Writer: Writer Hong (webcomic), Jo Jae-Hong
Network: Apple TV+
Episodes: 6
Aired: Nov 4, 2021 – Dec 10, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Release Date: November 4, 2021
Based on Web Comic: Dr. Brain

Dr. Brain Drama Cast

Lee Sun Kyun as Lee Se Won
Lee Yoo Young as Jung Jae-Yi
Park Hee Soon as Lee Kang Mu
Seo Ji Hye as Choi Soo-Seok

Dr. Brain Quotes

The day may come when we will be able to communicate
solely through thoughts and without language.
episode 1

If all of your thoughts are unfiltered,
can you imagine how seriously disturbing that would be?
episode 1

Well, it seems only natural to wonder what other people are thinking, no?
Our family, friends, wife, or children.
We want to know what’s going on in their minds…
episode 1

Quotes From Episode 2

Most probably because the brain waves of the living
are much more difficult to control and interpret than the deads.
Executing brain sync with the living is most unstable and dangerous.

Regret is a non-productive emotion.

Quotes From Drama Dr. Brain

You never know, you might just get stabbed in the ribs.
Or you might just get stabbed in the back when you’re not even looking.
Imagine I cut your face or your neck.
You wouldn’t make a sound.
Don’t let them take you or you’ll end up like me.

episode 3

If you insist on looking for your son,
you need to consider your own safety.

episode 4

Sacrificing work won’t make me a better father.
episode 4

They looked more like a family with him.
It’s that sort of insecurity that tears relationships apart.

episode 4

They were all homeless people from shelters.
No one would fight for them if anything went wrong.

episode 5

If you want the world to truly advance, valuable brains must be preserved!.
episode 5

The older the child grows…
the more you have to accept the unknown.

episode 6

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