Start-Up is a South Korean TV show that stars Bae Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho, and Kang Han-na. A fictional Korean Silicon Valley called Sandbox is the setting for “Startup.” It is the story of people who work in the world of Startups. Here we provide you with Korean drama Start-Up Quotes, Synopsis and Cast.

Drama: Start-Up
Korean Title: 스타트업 (Start-Up)
Director: Oh Choong-Hwan
Writer: Park Hye-Ryun
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 17 – December 6, 2020
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Drama Start-Up Synopsis

Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) has years of experience working as a part-time employee. She was also one of the students who was expelled from the university where she was studying. Dal Mi aspires to be as successful as Steve Jobs.

Dal Mi wants to start her own business despite the fact that she was expelled from college, which will cost her approximately $90,000. She required the funds in order to start a business.

Meanwhile, there’s Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), the founder of the company Samsan Tech. In the past, he had become the family’s pride and joy after winning a mathematics competition. However, his reputation suffered as a result of his company’s failure to generate a profit and instead of spending the money of investors.

However, Han Ji Pyung (Kim Seon Ho) is the CEO of SH Venture Capital, a startup company founded by Han Ji Pyung. For the purpose of repaying his debts, Ji Pyung established a startup. Ji Pyung has been nicknamed ‘Gordon Ramsay Investment’ because of his expertise.

Meanwhile, Won In Jae (Kang Han Na) is a CEO.  Won In Jae is a perfect CEO with high education. She is also beautiful and wealthy.

StartUp Cast

Bae Suzy as Seo Dal-Mi
Nam Joo-Hyuk as Nam Do-San
Kim Seon-Ho as Han Ji-Pyeong
Kang Han-Na as Won In-Jae

Drama Start-Up Quotes

You may run into someone
you met briefly in the past, at an unexpected place.
The person may seem like a spring breeze at first
but may turn into a strong winter wind
and change your life completely.
Start-Up Ep 1

Speaking of hateful comments,
I couldn’t care less.
They say the best revenge
for those scumbags is indifference.
That’s why I stopped caring about them. It’s my revenge.

Start-Up Ep 1

I’ve been working like a dog for other people for the last 20 years.
Now I want to work for myself.
When a dog runs off, it only becomes a stray dog.
And then what happens? It either freezes or starves to death.

Start-Up Ep 1

Start-Up Famous Line

If the start is easy then it’ll be taken away easily as well.
It’s all about potential.

Start-Up Ep 2

Doing business is hard
You will be called CEO if successful
And called a cheat if it fails
This field is scary.

Start-Up Ep 2

Someone once stated that ignorance is a form of retaliation against unimportant people.
Start-Up Ep 3

It was very unlike me, but I thought
the exact same thing at that moment.
That it wouldn’t be bad
to sail off without a map even if we were to get lost.
If it’s with you, that is.

Start-Up Ep 3

Bluffing without a real plan makes you a fraud.
Start-Up Ep 4

When humans switched from all fours
their brains started to grow.
The other two limbs had nothing to do, so they became hands.
The use of hands led to the development of the human brain
and toolmaking, thus establishing cultures and histories.
The hands are everything.

Start-Up Ep 5

Flowers are useless on a deserted island.
With rocks, you can knock fruits off trees and scare off wolves.

Start-Up Ep 5

That deserts would cover the entire world if it was sunny every day.
We need rain and snow for plants and delicious fruits like this tangerine to grow.

Start-Up Ep 5

Working hard isn’t enough.
You have to do a good job.

Start-Up Ep 5

You don’t regret your choice the moment you make it.
It happens after.

Start-Up Ep 5

Start-Up Dialogue

Whatever I choose, I can’t satisfy everyone.
So I made a choice
that I knew would be criticized by only one person.

Start-Up Ep 6

What will happen if we fail to secure further funding?
You have two options.
Earn money by selling your service, or leaving.

Start-Up Ep 7

Try to learn from someone’s accomplishments.
Luck? Connections? Stop listing excuses already.

Start-Up Ep 7

My grandma once told me
that gaining an enemy is like losing 100 million won,
and gaining an ally is like earning that much money.
We’re already dirt broke, so we can’t lose money and fall into debt.
I’ll suck it up and try to gain an ally.

Start-Up Ep 7

You are nosy if you enjoy forcing unwanted help or advice upon others.
Start-Up Ep 7

Quotes From Start-Up Episode 8

Who knows if your best friend will one day become your worst enemy?
People are unpredictable, and so is life.

Start-Up Ep 8

How precious the things that I take for granted actually are.
I took the time we spent together for granted
when every moment was a gift.
And how valuable everyday life is.

Start-Up Ep 8

I’m not trying to achieve something new and great here.
It’s just…
For some people, what’s ordinary to us isn’t ordinary at all.

Start-Up Ep 8

Quotes From Drama Start-Up

Risk means a possibility of loss.
It’s different from danger.

Start-Up Ep 9

Regrets always come too late.
Start-Up Ep 10

Start-ups should forbid romance within the company.
“Forbid”? It’s not a crime to have feelings for someone.

Start-Up Ep 10

It’s very tiring to live as someone’s pride and joy.
You’re afraid of disappointing the person,
so you pretend you’re strong and competent.
Let’s not be each other’s pride and joy.

Start-Up Ep 10

Once you obsess over the scale, you’ll feel pressured.
Just look for investors who agree with your business philosophy.

Start-Up Ep 10

Drama Start-Up Famous Line

“Never let someone’s opinion become your reality.”
-Les Brown-

Technology makes your life easier and more convenient.
But it can make some people’s lives more difficult.

Start-Up Ep 11

It’s always the incompetent ones that talk a lot.
Start-Up Ep 11

Our job is to give candid feedback even if it’s hurtful at times.
Naturally, some will resent us.

Start-Up Ep 11

If you cut ties with everyone for all sorts of reasons,
you’ll be left all alone in the end.

Start-Up Ep 11

No help is unconditional.
They must have an ulterior motive.

Start-Up Ep 11

If you can’t beat them, join them.
That’s what you do.

Start-Up Ep 12

These days, giving up right away
is considered good manners.

Start-Up Ep 13

Drama Start-Up Dialogue

You’ll face many hardships while running a start-up.
The only thing that keeps you going is the confidence
That you’re doing what you love.

Start-Up Ep 14

As they say, a good start is half the battle.
Start-Up Ep 15

I believe a business can only grow as large as the CEO’s dreams.
Don’t limit yourself. I hope you can keep challenging yourself as a CEO.
Sometimes, foolhardy dreams can become reality.

Start-Up Ep 15

And recklessness can make hard work meaningless.
Be careful.

Start-Up Ep 15

You pass failure on your way to success.
We’ll build experience.

Start-Up Ep 15

Sailing off without a map was marvelous.
I might’ve failed, but I have no regrets.

Start-Up Ep 15

The recruiting tactics of a successful company.
HR is key.

Start-Up Ep 16

Nothing’s impossible. We can do anything.
Start-Up Ep 16

Call me even if you’re doing well.
Visit me often.
Come see me whether something
Happens or not.
If nothing’s happened, just come over.
Come over and talk nonsense.


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