South Korean television series The Red Sleeve features Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, and Kang Hoon. A new Friday and Saturday 22:00 time slot on MBC was created for the show, and it premiered on November 12th, 2021. Here We provide Kdrama The Red Sleeve quotes, cast, and synopsis.

Synopsis Kdrama The Red Sleeve


Drama: The Red Sleeve (English title) / The Red Sleeve Cuff (literal title)
Hangul: 옷소매 붉은 끝동 (Otsomae Beulgeun Kkeuddong)
Director: Jung Ji-In
Writer: Kang Mi-Kang (novel), Jung Hae-Ri
Network: MBC
Episodes: 17
Release Date: November 12, 2021 – January 7, 2022
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00

The Red Sleeve tells the story of King Jeongjo and his royal concubine, Uibin Sung, in the 18th century.

Sung Deok-Im is a lady of the court. She develops a relationship with Crown Prince Yi San, who falls in love with her. The crown prince eventually ascends to the throne as King Jeongjo. He now wishes to have Sung Deok-Im as his concubine, but she declines. Sung Deok-Im wishes to live a free life, which she will be unable to do as a concubine. She is also aware that the life of a royal concubine is not always happy. Nonetheless, Sung Deok-Im becomes King Jeongjo’s concubine.

The Red Sleeve Main Cast

Lee Jun Ho as Yi San
Lee Se Young as Sung Deok Im
Kang Hoon as Hong Deok Ro

Kdrama The Red Sleeve Quotes

If your job feels meaningless,
your life will be meaningless just the same.
Don’t let that happen.

Folk tales are novels passed on by words of mouth among the public.
People do like them.

I do not like them.
Novels are distractions.
Its purpose is to make you curious…
about what will happen later.

It must be fine for you…
as long as you can make money out of your talent.
Why would you care about the feelings of the listener?

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 3

If you were going to withdraw so easily,
you should have not told him in the first place.

Rushing things leads to mistakes.

Because the incompetent King must have raised incompetent ones.

Our family is financially suffering.
We cannot live together anymore.
One of you can stay here.
The other one should go to your father with me.

Everything in the world…
has the right time.

We are family.
If you plan to unite with me,
inform me any time.
If you become my subordinate,
I will take good care of you.

Dialogue from The Red Sleeve Episode 4

If you have found evidence, you would have brought it.
A strong suspicion is useless.
Nothing can be done with just suspicion.

If we can’t find any evidence,
it’s better we forget about the anonymous letter.

Court ladies and maid trainees are treated way differently.

I may attend the ceremony in pretty clothes…
and become a junior ninth-rank court maid.
But I’ll just be serving someone high.
I won’t get to say a word even if they mistreat me.
If I make a mistake, they will kick me out immediately.
I’ll have to be anxious at all times.
I’m just a servant.
A servant isn’t supposed to think,
but I keep having so many thoughts.

Don’t spoil the good day with your silly words.

People even cuss at the King behind his back…

I may be…
just a mere court maid to you,
but I will be serving you for the rest of my life.
It’s not right to mock me.

Do not hold a grudge against me for your misunderstanding.
Do not dare to resent me. You are just a mere young maid.

Everyone in the world is your subordinate…
and your people.
So you should learn how to apologize to your subordinate…
and your people.

A true king always reflects on his mistakes…
and bows down to his people.

Talking about someone who is already dead is useless.

a minister walks on the King’s path,
I must kill him.
If a commoner walks on the King’s path,
I will imprison him, but I will not take his life away…
and set him free with mercy.

Court ladies are just tools.
Thus, they can’t even be subject to punishment.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 5

Men are subject to uphold their principles…
just as women are.

Regency is a big opportunity to establish yourself.
But if you make a mistake,
you’ll instantly lose the King’s trust and be cornered.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 6

That’s why it’s a nuisance to be a personal maid.
Their lives depend on their master’s circumstances.

The most precious flower is…
the flower each person needs.
A rice flower is precious to those who starve.
A licorice flower for a medicine practitioner.
To those who need padded clothes,
a cotton flower must be precious.

The Palace is a beautiful place.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 7

The Crown Prince…
has a lot of enemies.
It is a talent to win favor.

No one bothers to know about how a court maid feels.
That’s what non-maids think.
They don’t know that we court maids have feelings,
intentions, and goals to achieve…
even by risking our lives.

A royal concubine needs to be refined with proper courtesy…
in order to keep her king company.

A court maid has her own intentions and feelings.
Those who aren’t maids may not want to know,
but I dare to tell you that you don’t own my everything…
although I am your person.

Do not ever trust the King.
We only have ourselves to trust.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 8

Every part of you is mine.
You can die and live, only at my will.
You should never forget that.

The King of Joseon has the power of life and death over everyone in Joseon.
“People were given by the diety.”
“If I do not appreciate their lives,”
“I do not deserve to be the King.”

This ice may be cold, but not as much as my heart.

You pretended to be foolish, useless,
and innocent when you already know everything.
That is how you survived all these years.

Forced suicide with poison is a respectful method of execution.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 9

As your loyal maid,
protecting you is the only thing I have in mind.
When traitors show themselves,
you can always hide behind me.

Those in a wrongful situation ask for royal advice.

A royal march to show a king’s presence
That way, the people will trust and follow you.

I wonder how it feels to love someone with all your heart.

Do not provide your political opponents a reason.

The smoldering resentment of the people,
the excruciating pain of losing their children,
if I should be a king who saw it but pretends that he did not,
it would rather be better for me to not take the throne.

It started with the sole purpose…
of the court ladies’ survival.
But as time passed,
they became obsessed with power and authority.
They even changed kings…
for their own safety.
They call it the court ladies’ authority.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 10

Just to protect you,
so many people risked their lives…
and lost their lives for you.

If you know that it is hard,
it means you are doing well.
Doing something difficult…
as if it is easy is a problem.

People will suspect you if you keep shirking your duty.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 11

To serve you by your side,
pretending not to see or hear anything.
So there is only one thing I can do.
I can only light the path you take.

His Highness is dear,
but myself is dearer.
So I will never drive myself into pain.
If I cannot have it all to myself,
I would rather not have it at all.

No matter how much I regret it,
it is impossible to retrieve the past.

High treason is the crime of attempting to kill the monarch.

I also want to live in peace.
A long life without many ups and downs.

I had high expectations for you.
Gave you affection which I could never have.
I adored you so much.
I loved you so much.

Quotes from The Red Sleeve Episode 12

What you can do…
and you cannot do…
does not matter.
I do not care.

Even if a court lady devotes her life to the royal family,
she will be kicked out of the palace when she gets old and sick.

Go faraway.
Go and live a comfortable life.
No matter what kind of crime you committed,
I do not want to see you die in front of me.

I just want to…
share joy…
and sorrow…
with you like now.
I want to live in peace.
Nor I do not want change.
I want everything to stay this way.

I want to keep you by my side.
Not as a court maid, but as a woman.

Line Quote from The Red Sleeve Episode 13

The more people want you,
the more harmful it will be for you.
-Kang Wol Hye-

There are things you only see from the distance.
-Hong Jung Yeo –

When you were just a Crown Prince,
I have done you a favor.
But as soon as you got on the throne,
you quickly forgot about the old days.
-Queen Jungsoon –

All humans are the same.
If you give everything to someone,
you will want to receive everything as well.
-Sung Deok Im –

Line Quote from The Red Sleeve Episode 14

One good thing about being the King is…
that no one can not be in my way.
Wherever I go,
whoever I go to, no one dares to stop me.
-Yi San-

Depression is a mental illness.
She should lean on someone she can trust.
You are her husband…
and a pillar to rely on.
If you visit her more often and treat her nicely…
-Sung Deok Im –

One day, I will free all the slaves of this country.
It is the most important goal…
I want to achieve as the King of Joseon.
-Yi San-

I can not stand that I live off of…
the fat of the land while my family lives like animals.
-Yi San-

The women in the royal family did not…
marry the royal family on their will.
The hairpin on their heads is heavy like a stone.
And responsibility on their shoulders is heavier.
-Queen Jungsoon-

I don’t care if the world hates me.
I only need you to trust me, Your Majesty.
-Royal Secretary Jung Baek Ik-

Line Quote from The Red Sleeve Episode 15

Do not…
jump to your own conclusions on what others may be thinking.
-Sung Deok Im-

You should be reflecting on yourself,
but you have only become more arrogant and rude.
-Yi San-

Then punish me for being arrogant and rude.
Punish me properly without any toleration.
-Sung Deok Im-

Just because you are mad now,
are you going to give up on her?
She is the only way for you to be happy.
Love someone from the bottom of your heart…
and make a family.
The only path to live like a human.
No one in the world…
tells you to live like a human and be happy.
-Hyebin Hong-

You should rather cry because of me.
You should cry only in front of me.
When I cannot see you,
when I do not know you are crying,
do not cry alone.
-Yi San-

The dead does not come back.
However, as long as he is alive,
there will be a chance.
As long as he is alive in front of me.
-Yi San-

Even if I have to deceive you again,
even if it hurts you,
I will do it if I have to.
-Yi San-

Thank you.
For saving my life repeatedly.
Even when I did not know you,
you protected me.
Thank you,
-Yi San-

Line Quote from The Red Sleeve Episode 16

There are things you cannot undo in this world.
Once you hurt a person’s feelings,
it is difficult to change it.
-Queen Jungsoon-

You are good enough on your own.
I just need a friend to keep close to help me…
Get through the long, lonely days in the Palace.
-Queen Jungsoon-

Ask me for what you want.
Take what it is you want.
I can see that you desperately desire it.
-Queen Jungsoon-

If I succumb to my personal feelings..
and go against the rules to save her,
I will be too ashamed to face them.
-Yi San-

No king is powerful enough..
to govern others’ emotions.
-Yi San-

The one I gave my heart to should only think about me.
No matter how much I love something,
if it cannot be solely mine,
I would much rather destroy it…
because it upsets me.
-Queen Jungsoon-

Quote from The Red Sleeve Episode 16

I have lost you numerous times.
I agonized every time that happened,
but I could not say a word.
I refuse to do that now.
I will never lose you again.
Even if you do not love me, you are still mine.
Do not cry by yourself alone when I am not there.
Do not let your feelings get hurt by anyone else but me.
-Yi San-

You should never fall in love with His Majesty.
Men do as they please,
and a king even more so.
Falling for him will only get you hurt.
Just do the bare minimum. Enough to not upset him.
If you must pretend to love him, do so.
Just do not really love him.
-Bae Kyung Hee-

If I do love His Majesty,
I will make sure that he never finds out.
-Sung Deok Im-

If you cannot avoid it, try to accept it.
Do your best.
Then you might find a little happiness somewhere.
-Son Young Hee-

That is what life means after all.
I cannot always be happy or always be sad.
-Sung Deok Im-

Line Quote from The Red Sleeve Episode 17

Everything you wear, eat, and stay.
It all comes from the tax they pay.
We live on their blood and sweat.
-Yi San-

But even though I knew I would make everyone sad,
I just wanted to live as I wanted.
-Son Young Hee-

In a country, there are laws to follow.
Laws should apply equally to everyone.
-Yi San-

The palace is such a dazzling…
-Queen Jungsoon-

“Classic of Poetry”
The north wind blows cold, and the snow falls heavily.
Together with my dear beloved, we shall leave while holding hands.
Why are you hesitating? We are already pressing on time.
The north wind blows violently, and the rain and snow fall furiously.
Together with my dear beloved, we shall return while holding hands.
It is still a fox even if not red, and a crow even if not black
Together with my dear beloved,
we shall get on the carriage while holding hands.
-Sung Deok Im-

Quote from The Red Sleeve Episode 17

You have a lot to protect.
The things you have to protect will protect you instead.
-Sung Deok Im-

If you see me in the next life, please just pass by…
as if you do not know me.
I do not blame you. I do not hate you.
Just want to live the way I want in my next life.
-Sung Deok Im-

If I did not like you,
I would have done anything to run away.
I decided to stay with you in the end.
It was my choice.
-Sung Deok Im-

Sung Deok Im: There are countless ladies in the world.
And many are from great families who are well educated…
and have good character. They have everything.
So why me?
Yi San: Because no one of those ladies can become you

I missed you and the days I spent with you.
I will never let go of your hand ever again.
-Yi San-

This is where I should be.
It turns out we do not have much time.
And we can not afford to wait.
So.. love me. Please. Love me.
Yi San-

If this is a past memory, it is fine.
If it is a dream, it is fine.
It does not matter if I am dead.
I will always choose this moment with you…
and hope this moment to not change.
For this moment to be forever.
So the moment became forever.
-Yi San-



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