Song Hye-kyo, Jang Ki-yong, Kim Joo-hun, and Choi Hee-seo star in the ongoing South Korean romantic drama television series Now We Are Breaking Up. Here we provide you Now We Are Breaking Up Quotes, Synopsis, Cast, and Episodes.

Now We Are Breaking Up Synopsis

“Now, We Are Breaking Up” deviates from the norm by discussing the breakup and going through the breakup process in reverse order, despite the fact that most dramas follow a similar path. As a result of this method, it appears to emphasize the happiness of loving moments even more, rather than just the end result.

A dream-like story of love and separation.

Ha Young-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo) is a design team leader for a fashion company. She is a cold-hearted realist and she prioritizes stability first. She is smart, beautiful, self-disciplined, and sensitive to trends.

Yoon Jae-Kook (Jang Ki-Yong) is a popular freelance fashion photographer. He has everything like intelligence, wealth, and good looks.

Detail Drama Now We Are Breaking Up

Drama: Now, We Are Breaking Up (literal title)
Hangul: 지금, 헤어지는 중입니다
Director: Lee Gil-Bok
Writer: Je-In
Network: SBS
Episode: 16
Release date: 12 November 2021
Schedule: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10
Language: Korea
Country: Korea Selatan

Now We Are Breaking Up Cast

Song Hye-Kyo as Ha Young-Eun
Jang Ki-Yong as Yoon Jae-Kook

Now We Are Breaking Up Quotes

Quotes From Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 1

Every designer hopes…
that each piece they design would become a beloved classic,
but trends are always fleeting.

At the end of the day, there is only one thing that never changes.
The fact that nothing is forever.

Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever.

Anything that comes from Korea is popular now,
and fashion is no exception.

If a model’s personal photos…
circulate on social media due to girl problems,
the brand image will be ruined as well.

If this is the best you can do, I’d rather eat out.
Eat it while you can.
It could always be your last chance.

Quotes From Episode 2

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness…
simply didn’t know where to go shopping.
-Gertrude Stein-

Are you not aware of your position in the company?
We gave you that title so you’d work hard.
It wasn’t so you could do things however you wanted to.

You can’t tell just by meeting her once.
So try to make time to meet her again.

Isn’t it stressful to have your hard work go unnoticed?
People only praise designers with their own eponymous labels.

Men and love…
To me, it’s nothing more than my hormones tricking me.

Those who say that happiness can’t be bought with money…
are usually poor.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 3 Famous Line

Craft must have clothes,
but truth loves to go naked.
-Vivienne Westwood-

You shouldn’t give that much meaning to coincidence.
Fate comes disguised as a coincidence.
Walk past and it’s a coincidence, grab it and it’s fate.

In our business,
the one responsible doesn’t always do the actual work.

The life I’m enjoying right now…
is the prize I got…
for giving up on men and working like a bee.

Everything I have…
and have achieved so far.
I’ve been through this one too many times to know better.
Experience does not make you courageous.
Rather, it makes you more fearful.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 4 Dialogue

Those who love you will stay, and those who don’t will leave,
so don’t sweat it.
-Vivienne Westwood-

There’s nothing more foolish than dwelling on what’s already done.
Just shake it off and move on.

When people like you fall in love, they fall hard
But your feelings aren’t something you can control.

A company’s priority is always its sales.

If she loves you, she will stay.
If she doesn’t, she’ll leave.
So don’t get too attached.

Experience is the most rational advice.

I’m not going to let the past bother me.
What matters is the future.

Quotes From Episode 5

I don’t remember anything.
Starting from zero is my style.
-Karl Lagerfeld-

There are things we miss as we move on.
Things we didn’t know then,
but that we know now.

Just focus on making beautiful and good-quality clothes.
Then opportunities will naturally come to you.

If you’re too considerate, people think they’ve earned it.
If you’re too nice, they take it for granted.
If you let them lie to you, they lie again.
That’s how humans work.

I appreciate elegance in everything.
Elegance, class, and beauty should be appreciated.

Quotes From Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 6

You can find inspiration in everything.
If you can’t, then you’re not looking properly.
-Paul Smith-

Good ideas come to you when you’re relaxed and well-rested.

People are the same.
It may seem like we brush past,
but to someone,
we leave something significant.
Because of that person one’s life can change.

Don’t just design clothes. Design your mind too.
Greed, anxiety, alienation, betrayal.
Do you think you can make good, pretty clothes with that?
You make with what’s in your heart.

Misunderstandings can be explained,
but lack of skill can be an evaluation that sticks.

is so darn short.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 7 Quotes

Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.
-Gabrielle Coco Chanel-

In this industry, people spread all sorts of groundless rumors.

Marriage is a merger of two families.

You said instant foods are your enemy.
They’re also a miraculous cure for stress.

When you face accidents as you get on in life,
you get rid of things that mean nothing to you without regret.
And what you have left…
comes to mean even more to you.
You get to see that.
Isn’t that what life is?

If an employee asks me for a raise…
or to pay for their transportation expenses,
I give them that as long as it’s reasonable.
But those who secretly take money…
behind my back…
are never allowed back in my office again.
The money they steal may not be worth much,
but you can’t put a price…
on the fact that they deceived me.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 8 Quotes

I never really think about my age. I just wear what suits me…
in that moment.
-Loulou de la Falaise-

Play hard-to-get-to make them want you more.
That’s the Parisian attitude.

Men and women.
It’s such a headache.

If you want to throw your weight around,
do so with class, as a vice-president should.

Use that time to do the things that you never got to do.
Do what you can to live another day.

Koreans are so nosy…
when it comes to other people’s love lives.

You can’t just think about yourselves.
You don’t live in this world alone.

Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing.
Let’s just do what we can.

Approaches you disguised as a coincidence.
Maybe you were there for me…
At the end of the road…
Even when I wasn’t aware.
What do you think awaits us at the end of that road?
I will probably be there.
No matter where you go, I will always be… at the end of that road.
See? You never know what can happen in life.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 9 Quotes

It’s sad that we even have to talk about diversity and difference…
because it should be normal
-Olivier Rousteing-

Nothing is forever.
And we can’t really control anything.
The only thing we can do is…
be in the moment and only think about today…
as we try to live and love to the fullest.

Just do your job!
Making clothes that satisfy our customers’ needs…
is part of my job.

I thought I loved you,
but I’ve now realized it wasn’t love.
I’m comfortable around you because I’ve known you for years.
We’re like friends, like siblings.

Life’s been so busy that I keep forgetting.

How deep is the relationship?
If you introduced him to us,
that means you’re considering marriage, doesn’t it?

No one decides…
who we can like and who we can’t.

The world is full of all kinds of people.
They all look different, think differently, live differently.

In order to say goodbye with no regrets,
I should live my life to the fullest.
I want to do everything I can…
so I can pat myself on the back and say I did my best,
instead of having any regrets.

Knowing how to say goodbye is another form of love.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 10 Quotes

Life is short, your heels shouldn’t be.
-Brian Atwood-

Do something that suits your level of expertise.
Don’t waste your talent by doing something you’re overqualified for.

Kissing is like swimming
Once you learn it, your body always remembers it.

If I made the first move and got rejected,
I’d have no regrets since I at least got a few dates out of it.
But if I get dumped by someone who likes me,
I will be really hurt.

What really hurts is not the broken love,
but the one you love turning their back on you.

Even though you can’t see them in photos,
you’re reminded of how the air felt, smelled, and how happy you were.
Photographs evoke your memories and emotions.

Everyone has their own problems and struggles.

You try to act all cool and nonchalant…
as if you don’t care what people think of you.
But the truth is, you’re lazy and all you do is list excuses.

People criticize me even when I do a good job.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 10 Dialogue

Those who are left behind have to live their lives…
based on their memories of those who are gone.

Learning to run a business is a good experience.
Do it for a while to learn how things work,
then rejoin the company.

If you go against your parents to do what you want,
even if it’s hard, you won’t be able to say.

Don’t do what you’ll regret.
It’ll be much harder later on to set things right.

Not caring how much the man you love has down-scaled,
and how small he has become.
You don’t mind that and just care about your happiness.
That’s not love.
It’s greed.

When it comes to having a crush on someone.
It makes you walk on ice, work too hard,
and you get excited only to get disappointed.

Forget platonic love.
If our hearts don’t beat, then we can’t call it love.

Life is short, so I won’t waste my time contemplating.

Quotes From Now, We’re Breaking Up Episode 11

Black is not one color. Countless colors coexist in it.
-Yves Saint Laurent-

If we only have good memories,
we can end things with no regrets.
Then shall we break up with smiles on our faces?

During our allotted lifespan,
we live, enjoy our prime, and die.
It’s a natural cycle of life.

When some time passes,
things could change.
So just until then,
can we be patient and wait?
When some time passes,
and if they see that we’re sure about this,
both of our mothers…
will come to understand us eventually.

Let’s break up.
Before we hurt each other more.
Before we fight…
and get tired of it.

Don’t fall for a married man.

Letting go is love too.
What’s more romantic than giving someone…
everything you can, then parting amicably?

While you have someone you love, express it freely and openly.

There are things you can’t see when you’re in that position.
That’s when you must heed the things…
the people around you say.

Marriage isn’t what completes love.
Exchanging wedding vows…
doesn’t guarantee that we will love each other forever.
If that happens, we can end it then.

Just because you love someone…
doesn’t mean you must hold onto them.
Knowing when to let go is also another form of love.

As a woman, it was humiliating and miserable…
to live with a husband who no longer loved me.

Line Quotes From Now, We’re Breaking Up Episode 12

I have made bouquets of pleats, flowers, ruffles, and feathers.
-Giambattista Valli-

It’s not like we only wanted one child.
It costs a lot to raise a child.
-Jeon Mi Sook-

When you’re dating, people ask you when you’re getting married.
When you get married, they ask you when you’ll have a kid.
When your kid is born, they ask you when you’ll have another kid.
They won’t live our lives for us,
but they have to give their two cents on everything.
-Ha Young Eun-

What hurts more than anything…
is endlessly wondering about the path you couldn’t take.
-Min Hye Ok-

No one has the right to stone anyone else.
-Min Hye Ok-

My life is gaining wrinkles.
Sometimes, they become sighs.
Sometimes, they become tears.
Sometimes, they become a path.
-Ha Young Eun-

Don’t try to fit yourself to your father’s standards.
You’re not a common ready-made article.
You’re a very unique limited edition.
-Seok Do Hoon-

Line Quotes From Now, We’re Breaking Up Episode 13

One glass of water doesn’t equal another.
One may just quench the thirst.
The other you may enjoy thoroughly.
-Jil Sander-

Do not feel sad because of your memories of yesterday.
Do not worn yourself out…
by being concerned about tomorrow.
-Ha Young Eun-

Life is filled with temptations,
but you should always stay strong.
-President Choi-

If you think about it,
maybe life is about meeting someone and falling in love.
-Ha Young Eun-

Life is full of breakups and farewells.
You spend each day saying goodbye.
-Jeon Mi Sook-

Line Quotes From Now, We’re Breaking Up Episode 14

It’s always about timing.
If it’s too soon, no one understands.
If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.
-Anna Wintour-

Urgently, in private.
It means they have some kind of deal.
-Seok Do Hoon-

Before I got married, it was just me. All alone.
Then I met my husband, and there are three of us now.
Even in my worst times,
they’re always on my side. Thanks to them, I’m not lonely.
That’s what family is for. No one else would do that for you.
-Jeon Mi-Sook-

I just let my resentment grow and harden like hard-boiled rice.
And that is something I cannot swallow…
no matter how much water I pour on it.
My feelings are hurt, and I can’t let it go…
like food that just sits in the stomach.
-Kang Jung Ja-

The fashion industry changes so quickly.
Things could be hot now, but the trend will change instantly.
-Yoon Soo Wan-

Every photographer’s dream and ultimate goal…
is to put on an exhibition of their own work.
-Yoon Soo Wan –

Choosing my own fabric.
Drawing my own specification sheet.
Staying up all night.
Then waking up and seeing a desk with tons of eraser shavings.
Although it may take some time,
I want to break the prejudice and stereotypes…
that people have of domestic brands.
I want to do what I love in my current position…
hoping that my work will echo to consumers all over the world.
That is my definition of success.
-Ha Young Eun-

The job that I love.
The people that I love.
I’ll do what’s necessary to love and protect…
everything that’s precious to me.
-Ha Young Eun-

If you trusted me,
you wouldn’t have jumped to conclusions so quickly.
-Seok Do Hoon-

Line Quotes From Now, We’re Breaking Up Episode 15

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you’ll never see them again.
They’re just no longer at the school.
When they run into a hurdle in life,
they might think of my advice. “Right, Mr. Ha told me to do this.”
-Ha Taek Soo-

She was my life partner for nearly 40 years.
Even if there are tons of things that she resents and hates about me,
I want her to remember at least one good thing about me…
and know that our marriage wasn’t only filled with bad memories.
-Ha Taek Soo-

It is what a woman leaves off, not what she puts on,
that gives her cachet.
-Paul Poiret-

To you I may be a cold-hearted mother.
But that is what a mother must be sometimes.
-Min Hye Ok-

Meeting, living, loving, and parting.
Like a scene from an ordinary afternoon,
it’s just one part of living life.
That is the path called life, and living means…
even if some things hurt, we have no choice
But to go on walking down that path.
-Ha Young Eun-

I like you too much..
to break up over a misunderstanding.
I never broke up with you for one second.
And I’d like to keep it that way.
-Seok Do Hoon-

Just because I’m not going with you…
doesn’t mean I don’t love you enough,
and it’s not because I have no trust in us.
My love for you remains the same.
-Ha Young Eun-

At first, I wasn’t sure about the love I had for you.
But, thanks to you, I learned that this could work.
That was amazing!
Thanks to your love,
I was able to experience something new.
You helped me achieve things…
that I never thought I could achieve.
Thank you.
You made me so happy.
Our love was overwhelming.
-Ha Young Eun-

The sadness you feel will only be temporary.
The loneliness you feel will not be with you for long.
Don’t let yourself get too emotional.
I just hope that you will sometimes…
remember me from time to time.
Then continue to carry on with your life.
-Ha Young Eun-

Everlasting love is about becoming a part of your loved one’s life.
A part of you lives inside them and stays there forever.
-Ha Young Eun-

Line Quotes From Now, We’re Breaking Up Episode 16

But good clothes are the ones that you want to wear…
and fit you the best.
-Ha Young Eun-

Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are.
-Gianni Versace-

When you’re on salary, the feeling of stability only lasts a month,
but it’s still not easy to give up on it.
It must’ve been a difficult decision.
-Seok Do Hoon-

Doing your best and living your life to the fullest…
is the best thing you can do to show your support for her.
-Seok Do Hoon-

There were happy and rewarding moments,
but I want to start doing what I’ve always wanted to do but was too scared to try.
-Ha Young Eun-

In life, there are times when you get soaked in the rain…
or end up with blisters. All of that is only natural.
Nothing is all good or all bad.
-Kang Jung Ja-

Brands churn something out and put them on celebrities,
making everyone else want to copy them.
When everyone wears the same thing, that becomes a trend.
-Seok Do Hoon-

Passion turned into yearning.
Yearning turned into longing.
Longing turned into aspiration.
And aspiration gives me a reason to live.
-Ha Young Eun-

Marriage is a process of 2 different people becoming 1.
They should be given time to overcome their differences.
-Seok Do Hoon-

Marriage is between a man and woman.
I don’t think anyone has the right to interfere.
-Seok Do Hoon-


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