Moonshine (Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Bloom) is a South Korean television series in which Yoo Seung-ho, Lee Hye-Ri, Byeon Woo-Seok, and Kang Mi-na appear. The series is currently airing on KBS2. As four young people grow up, form friendships, and fall in love during an era of strict prohibition, the film follows their journey. Here We provide Korean drama Moonshine quotes, drama Moonshine Synopsis, and Moonshine Cast.

Drama Moonshine Synopsis

Moonshine is a South Korean drama that takes place during the Joseon era, which is full of restrictions and challenges. Moonshine will tell the story of an inspector named Nam Young, who lived in the 1930s (Yoo Seung-Ho).

He left his hometown in order to gain fame in Hanyang and reclaim his family’s position. And while on his journey, he will become involved with a poor noblewoman named Kang Ro-Seo (Hyeri), who works to make alcohol in order to pay off her debts and purchase medicine for her sick mother.

Moreover, they will become involved with the crown prince, who is secretly climbing the palace walls in order to locate the alcohol storage facilities. If the excitement of the three of them is revealed, it could be extremely dangerous.

Detail Korean Korea Moonshine

Drama: Moonshine/ 꽃 피면 달 생각하고
Also Known As Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Bloom, Flower Blooms, Moon Shines, Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms, Kkot Pimyeon Dal Saenggakhago, When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon
Screenwriter: Kim Joo Hee
Director: Hwang In Hyuk
Genres: Action, Historical, Comedy, Romance
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Airs: Dec 20, 2021 – Feb 15, 2022
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: KBS2
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Korean Drama Moonshine Cast

Moonshine Main Cast

Yoo Seung Ho as Nam Young
Hye Ri as Kang Ro Seo
Byun Woo Suk as Lee Pyo
Kang Mi Na as Han Ae Jin

Moonshine Supporting Cast

Choi Won Young as Lee Shi Heum
Jang Gwang as Yeon Jo Moon
Im Won Hee as Hwang So Yoo
Kim Ki Bang as Chun Gae
Bae Yoo Ram as Kang Hae Soo
Seo Ye Hwa (서예화) as Geum Yi
Byeon Seo Yun (변서윤) as Queen Yeon

Korean Drama Moonshine Quotes

A scholar does not use his bow to injure a person.
-Nam Young-

People who get in our way are more annoying
from the one who defeated us.
-Kang Ro Seo-

There are four pillars that keep the state.
Courtesy, loyalty, integrity, and shame.
Losing one will weaken the state.
Losing two will put the state in danger.
And if losing all four of them means the state has fallen.
-Nam Young-

If you cannot pay with your life,
you should at least ask for his mercy!
-Kang Ro Seo-

If you mix alcohol, you may blackout.
And if you make up lies, you may die.
-Lee Pyo –

You must be of noble birth unlike how you seem.
You should watch your behavior, do you not think so?
If you do not watch out and befriend a bad person,
you become filthy just like them!
-Kang Ro Seo-

If you were born from a good family and lived a fortunate life,
do not try to teach others without thinking.
-Kang Ro Seo-

If you learn the amount of work that goes into making liquor,
you will realize how precious it is to have a drink.
-Kang Ro-Seo’s father-

In this world, there are things that happen naturally…
without having to try,
just as how you are becoming more and more beautiful by the day.
-Kang Ro-Seo’s father-

Drama Moonshine Lines Quotes Ep 2

Self-discipline guides one down the right path.
-Nam Tae Ho-

Do not forget that you may die…
If you are not careful with your words.
-Lee Pyo-

Giving a bottle of alcohol…
to the newcomers is the tradition of inspectors.
However, since the prohibition has been announced,
we replaced it with omija tea.
-Prohibition Inspector Kim Seok Won –

When a woman gets harassed, she only has two options.
She either must hang herself or slay the offender’s head.
-Kang Ro Seo-

But alcohol is not always bad.
It makes you warm in cold winter,
Helps you endure a long and boring night,
It also helps you become honest with your friends.
-Kang Ro Seo-

If ghosts exist,
my father would have come to see me ages ago.
But he has not. Not even in my dreams.
-Kang Ro Seo-

Drama Moonshine Lines Quotes Ep 3

They say, keep your friends close,
but keep your enemies closer.
-Kang Ro Seo-

This is why people say men and women should stay separated.
Things that adults say are never wrong.

Everyone is born with different glass sizes.
Some can pour an entire crock of liquor,
and their glass is still not filled to the brim.
Then there are others who cannot even contain…
a small glass of liquor.

Drama Moonshine Lines Quotes Ep 4

Those from wealthy families do not get punished…
for visiting courtesan houses.
-Kang Ro Seo-

Forcing someone to be indebted…
and making them sign a slave contract is not a sin.
-Kang Ro Seo-

Power comes from control.
He forbids people to drink.
He forbids women from having authorization.
He forbids slaves from talking back to their masters.
He forbids his loyal subjects from confronting him.
And all of this stems from one reason.
As long as the people desire it, the King can be replaced.
That is why he needs to come up with his own reason.
-Lee Pyo-

Drama Moonshine Lines Quotes Ep 5

I hate to leave things ambiguous.
I must clarify the ones who are responsible.
-Nam Young-

When ordinary people urgently need a lot of money,
they either sell everything they have or steal.
-Woon Sim-

You must hide your feelings well if you are to lie.
-Woon Sim-

Drama Moonshine Lines Quotes Ep 6

When depression accumulates within,
the trauma leads to memory loss.
It is also known as dementia.
One’s brain chooses to forget painful memories.
-Nam Young-

Memories that only bring you pain..
are better off forgotten.
-Lee Pyo-

Ignorance hinders your path…
which will stop you from reaching the end.
As long as you are stuck,
the agony will only continue.
-Lee Pyo-

That is sometimes…
how things end in this world.
Some things are meant to stay in the dark…
even if it means you are stuck in place.
-Nam Young-

I may not be a stickler for the rules,
but I know well enough to stay away from a man who now has a fiancee.
So, do not ruin your life by being associated with me…
and live a good life of high status while keeping your honor.
-Kang Ro Seo-

You are hotheaded, impatient,
and reckless to a fault…
which is why trouble will find your way.
Act with caution but also with certainty.
Always take the right path and choose what is right.
-Nam Young-

Mencius said,
“People do not know their true value.”
You are the only one who can value yourself,
so please treasure yourself.
-Nam Young-

Drama Moonshine Lines Quotes Ep 7

You impudent wench.
I took you in when you had nothing…
and did my best to teach you.
And you dared to run away with that dirt-poor scumbag?

They say you can always feel one’s absence.
-Kang Hae Soo-

When they cannot report a crime,
it means there is beef between them.

When things seem the most perfect,
it is also the most dangerous.
-Chief Royal Secretary Lee Shi Heum-

You must have a plan.
This seemingly clear and calm cup of tea…
will become stirred…
and the leaves will float if you shake it around like this.
-Chief Royal Secretary Lee Shi Heum-

Marriage is between two families.
It is not something we can call off just because we do not want it.
-Nam Young-

A memory shared with the one I love…
that I can cherish forever…
will help me through rough times.
-Han Yae Jin-

Kang Ro Seo:
But one’s feelings for another…
do not go away just because you want them to.
A day together can easily be excused.
To create a memory that can be cherished.
Nam Young:
Force those feelings away.
Do not meet him or see him from even a distance.
Put a lid on the feelings and let it rot.
Before you know it, the feelings will subside…
and he will not occupy your mind so often.

Drama Moonshine Lines Quotes Ep 8

From this moment on,
rather than love, I will first seek loyalty and friendship.
-Lee Pyo-

A scholar does not use his bow to injure a person.
-Nam Young-



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