Kim Da-Mi and Choi Woong (Choi Woo-Shik) were high school sweethearts. They were madly in love and working on a film. A terrible breakup caused by their opposing personalities made them promise never to see each other again. Here We provide kdrama Our Beloved Summer quotes with cast and synopsis.

Drama: Our Beloved Summer / That Year We (literal title)
Korean Title: 그 해 우리는 (Geu Hae Woorineun)
Director: Kim Yoon-Jin
Writer: Lee Na-Eun
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 6, 2021 —
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Our Beloved Summer Webtoon English

Drama Our Beloved Summer Synopsis

A webtoon adaptation of Our Beloved Summer depicts the complicated feelings of a couple breaking up by uttering the phrase, “It was a bad time with you, let’s never meet again!”. However, the documentary they made in high school ten years ago suddenly becomes popular, and they are compelled to appear in front of the camera together once more.

It’s Choi Woong, an illustrator who likes to hide his private life. Choi Woo Shik plays him in the drama. A good family raised him, but he didn’t have any real dreams, and he was used to hiding himself.

As for Kim Da Mi, she portrays Gook Yeon Soo, who is smart and has a lot of drive for success.

Our Beloved Summer Cast

Choi Woo-Sik as Choi Woong
Kim Da-Mi as Gook Yeon Soo
Park Jin-Joo as Lee Sol Yi
Kim Sung-cheol as Kim Ji Woong

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Quotes

Some people talk without thinking.
They don’t think at all.
Ep 1

Everyone changes when they become successful.
Ep 2

Being hot-tempered is a must if you’re poor.
Don’t let others look down on you.

TVs really give off the wrong image.
People think those bastards with a cold-hearted man are amazing.
but they’re just losers.

How precious it is to be able to capture and store a moment in their lives.
Ep 3

Let’s not let our emotions get in the way.
Ep 4

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 5 Line Quotes

Thanks to him, I was able to imitate happiness in my life.
But there’s always a third character in stories like these.
-Kim Ji Ung-

That’s how the story always goes.
But it wasn’t a problem.
All I had to do was take a step back.
I don’t think I’m the main character in this life
Let’s wrap it up now.
-Kim Ji Ung-

Being good at your job without empathy isn’t something to be proud of.
Empathy is linked to intelligence.
-Kook Yeon Su-

I think it’s too much to be sad every time you break up.
Just be sad once every two breakups.
-Kim Ji Ung-

Choi Ung: How is it that hard for you to say you’re sorry?
Kook Yeon Su: I can’t because I haven’t done it often.
Choi Ung: Then start doing it more often from now on.
Kook Yeon Su: Then everyone will think I’m a pushover.

Whenever I have time, I come to the museum to enjoy art.
It’s important for people like me
to be constantly stimulated and inspired.
-Choi Ung-

Looking into other people’s lives is fun.
You end up meeting all kinds of people in the world
and end up feeling grateful for your insipid life.
-Park Dong Il –

You can never tell what’s going to happen in life.
-Koo Eun Ho-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 6 Line Quotes

I hate being poor
because I can’t be generous to others.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Our family’s been poor since I was born.
It made hanging out with my friends more and more uncomfortable.
As a young girl, I was quite hurt.
But it was okay.
-Kook Yeon Su-

That’s why I decided to act nonchalantly
and be self-centered.
-Kook Yeon Su-

I’ve always thought that my dream was
to live an average, normal life.
I consider that a success.
-Kook Yeon Su-

I’m not interested in striving for success.
Give this chance to someone who needs it more than I do.
-Choi Ung-

The reason why we had to break up was…
Because we live in two very different realities.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Why do we have to break up?
To be completely honest,
I was afraid you’d eventually notice my inferiority complex.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Aren’t I pathetic?
I hated pathetic people the most.
While he was changing,
I was busy making ends meet and haven’t changed at all.
Even I think I’m pathetic.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Our love wasn’t just lukewarm…
and neither was our breakup.
Now that we’ve reunited,
we can say, “Have you been well?”
“How have you been?”
“Was it tough for you?”
“It was tough for me.”
Can’t we tell each other these things?
How have you been?
-Choi Ung-

The reason why we broke up…
was because of my pride.
It was my pride that told me
that I could live without you.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 7 Line Quotes

Attack is the secret of defense.
-Choi Ung-

Running away isn’t about avoiding things,
it’s just a reasonable decision.
-Choi Ung-

Running away?
I’ve never done anything so cowardly in my entire life.
It’s all just a pathetic excuse.
-Kook Yeon Su-

This is how I felt while dating you.
I was just waiting like an idiot,
watching you walk away, step by step.
It was always like that.
-Choi Ung-

When you said you were okay, I had to just accept it.
When you said nothing was wrong,
I had to say I worried for no reason.
And when you wanted to break up,
I had to accept it without knowing the reason.
And when I met you again,
I didn’t know how you’d been
or what you were thinking…
but I had to just accept things without knowing anything.
-Choi Ung-

Breaking up isn’t usually just one person’s fault.
It’s the same for both sides.
-Kim Ji Ung-

There are two kinds of men in this world.
Men who can’t date, and men who don’t date.
-Kim Ji Ung-

Eternal return.
It’s the concept that the universe is recurring infinitely.
And in it’s eternal recurrence,
our existence also recurs infinitely and continues to do so.
I got curious about the eternity of time.
-Choi Ung-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 8 Line Quotes

You need photo to reminisce.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Good stamina is a must if you want to be a producer.
-Kim Ji Ung-

We’re not going to break up.
If we fight or break up again,
just come to me like you did today.
And then.. I’ll grab onto you and never let go.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 9 Line Quotes

Anything I can’t control is just a risk.
-Kim Ji Ung-

If things won’t go according to plan,
do I even need a plan anymore?
-Kim Ji Ung-

Even on that day when I went to see him again for the first time
since I had brutally dumped him…
I was confident. I just had to keep a hold of myself.
I just had to hide my feelings.
But… What do I do?
I’m not confident anymore.
-Kook Yeon Su-

It’s a date if a man and a woman meet alone.

You should be reflecting on why you lost instead of blaming others.
-Kook Yeon Su-

I’m deceiving my friend and liking her in secret.
-Kim Ji Ung-

You can keep pretending we’re friends.
I’m going to make plans of my own.
-Choi Ung-

I’m not dating you again.

This is the conclusion I came to.
Let’s be friends.
-Choi Ung-

I shouldn’t spy on other people’s phones.
-Kook Yeon Su-

To be alone from the start is okay because you’re used to it.
But being alone when you once had someone by your side…
I don’t want to go through that again.
-Choi Ung-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 10 Line Quotes

You’re curious about his thoughts
because you want him to feel the same way.
That’s what people call a crush.
-Lee Yeon Ok-

You don’t need their understanding.
There’s no need for you to do that.
Who cares? Let them see and believe what they want.
It’s fine as long as you understand yourself.
That’s already hard enough.
-Choi Ung-

How can they be friends when they share no memories?
-Kook Yeon Su-

She gave me more soup if I had rice left
and vice versa. I had no choice.
-Choi Ung-

I was the one who dumped him.
I abandoned him. It was my fault.
I was selfish. I still have feelings for him.
Although I abandoned him…
I was the one who let him go, but I still like him.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 11 Line Quotes

I don’t think I can ever face something I can’t handle again.
So I’ve chosen to do the same.
Because nothing will happen if I don’t do anything.
-Choi Ung-

That’s the thing about cameras.
They pretend to be objective observers,
but they’re actually the most personal.

I think it’s better to do something you’re good at
than something you like.
-Kook Yeon Su-

When I saw you again,
I kept feeling angry for some reason
even though you were back.
And I resented you.
But I think I know why now.
I guess I wanted to see you love me.
I wanted to see you love only me.
Please keep loving me.
Don’t let go and keep loving me.
-Choi Ung-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 12 Line Quotes

Whether he changed or not doesn’t matter.
I just loved him for who he was.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Having a crush on someone is hard at first.
After a while, it gets even worse.
Then it becomes unbearable.
But after that you get used to it.
You get used to the pain
that you eventually become numb…
and you get used to the heartache.
-Kim Ji Ung-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 13 Line Quotes

Tips Get Back with Your Ex:
I have to be more cautious at a time like this.
Because misfortune always comes disguised as happiness.
“Couples who fight often have a higher chance of dating again.”
“But they think they will still be the same after they do
and have lower expectations of each other.”
“To maintain your relationship,
you must show your partner a new side of you to break such expectations.”
-Kook Yeon Su-

Saying “no” twice means it’s true.
-Bang Yi Hoon-

Tips Get Back with Your Ex:
1) Visual stimulation is very important.
You have to style yourself differently every now and then
to create a tension that isn’t usually there.
2) Your reaction. Guys are crazy about people who give great reactions.
3) Compliment him as many time as you can
4) Never nag him,
5) Keep making things romantic. Dating is all about having butterflies.
-Ji Ye In-

Dr. Yoo Yeong, human relationship psychologist from Hankook University said:
“Couples who fight and break up often have
a higher chance of breaking up again.
And that they know each other so well that they have no expectations.”
-Kook Yeon Su-

Kook Yeon Su:
It felt like I was always nagging you and starting fights,
so I was trying to stop that.
Choi Ung:
I just like you for who you are.
I like that you always have new things to nag about.
But I don’t want you nagging about the same thing twice.

Diplomas are sufficient for people who need them.
-Choi Ung-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 14 Line Quotes

I hurt the people I loved.
I disguised my low self-esteem with a breakup.
-Kook Yeon Su-

That’s what the past does to you.
The more you try to run away from it, the more it traps you in,
so that you make the same mistakes again.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Ever since she was little, I was the only person she could rely on.
She didn’t have any friends or family.
Whatever it was, she always carried the burden herself.
When our family fell apart and we had no money,
that young girl strived to make ends meet on her own.
-Kook Yeon Su Grand Mother-

When you get famous, people end up flocking to you.
That’s what the media does. It attracts unnecessary attention.
Tell them to ignore anyone they’ve lost touch with.
-Park Dong-Il-

Spending some alone time is great.
But whenever I go to nice places or have delicious food,
I want to share those moments with a friend.”

I’ve been working since I was young,
so there are things I can’t have that are normal to most people.

If you want to live an ordinary life like the others,
just pretend that you are.
It may seem difficult, but it’s all about your state of mind.
And if you keep doing that, you don’t even have to pretend anymore.
We can’t just blame our surroundings.
After all, it’s our life we’re talking about.
It’s our loss to think like that.
So you should give it a shot
before you give up entirely.
-Kim Ji Ung-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 15 Line Quotes

Every life is a work of art.
And it becomes complete when all the pieces come together.
My life couldn’t be complete
because of a piece I’ve never had before.
-Kim Ji Ung-

Kim Ji Ung Mom:
Without you… I wouldn’t be living like this.
Without you… I wouldn’t be living…
such a pathetic life.
Kim Ji Ung:
That’s when I realized…
that I was a useless piece in her life.
The thing I wanted so desperately was hell for her.
So I decided that I would never have that piece.
My life wasn’t a work of art.
It was just an episode of a boring documentary series
that no one watches.

Let’s not give each other presents.
The culture of giving gifts on anniversaries
just makes people spend money.
It’s what’s on the inside that counts.
-Kook Yeon Su-

They talk about the new market
and how there are protests on the news, but look.
People are still just living their daily lives.
Our job is to record things like this.
Things that people miss because it seems so ordinary.
People who live their ordinary lives
and our daily lives as well.
If we put them together, they become stories about life.
-Park Dong Il-

They say there are two ways to make friends.
Spend a lot of time with them, or make an impression.
But for me, making an impression is faster than spending time with them.

I was curious
how you’d react after getting something of yours stolen.
But seeing that you still had that look on your face…
made me pity you.
It seemed like your life was so meaningless
that you could abandon anything.
What would be left of your life if you lived like that?
-Nu A-

Don’t live like me.
Keep people close to you,
do things that you want to do,
and enjoy your life.
-Kook Yeon Su Grand Mother-

Kdrama Our Beloved Summer Ep 16 Line Quotes

At times, nothing is the best you can do…
when you’re living a borrowed life.
-Choi Ung-

The more I looked at them, the more I realized
why your drawings comforted me.
The winding lines made me wonder
if you were just as anxious as I was.
Your stubbornness to only draw things that didn’t change
made me wonder if you were just as lonely as I was.
But whenever I look at your finished work, it warms my heart.
It puts me at ease.
You seem like someone who’s strong inside.
And, surprisingly, they end up comforting me.
It’s as if you’re saying that I can become like you.
This is my criticism of your work.

Why should you do a documentary…
for the good of your mom.
This is for your own good
This is for the people left behind.
Because people have to live with those memories
are the one left behind.
-Park Dong Il-

I was afraid… that I wouldn’t take after you and Dad.
I was afraid I wouldn’t turn out to be a good person like you.
That I might end up being a bad apple…
and fail to live up to your expectations.
I was afraid that you might be disappointed in me.
That was my biggest fear.
-Choi Ung-

You told me to stop enduring everything on my own.
And to make friends, follow my heart, and enjoy life.
So this time around, I’m going to be bold
and follow my heart.
But you know what?
I realized I had been living like that all along.
I always thought I was alone.
But there was never a time when I was alone.
-Kook Yeon Su-

I thought my life was pretty dull.
But, actually, I’ve always had pretty good moments.
The only person who made my life seem pathetic was just me.
-Kook Yeon Su-

We focused on our lives and did our best and time flew by
-Kook Yeon Su-

A Communication was the core of a long-distance relationship.
-Kook Yeon Su-

Everyone has unforgettable memories
from a certain year of their life.
They cherish those memories so much
that it lasts a lifetime.
-Choi Ung-



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