In the Drama Mr. Queen Shin Hyesun and Kim Jung Hyun star. From December 12, 2020 – February 14, 2021, on tvN. This drama brings the story of the body swap between Jang Bong Hwan, a chef at the South Korean royal palace (Blue House), and Kim So-Yong, a queen during the Joseon Dynasty, which helped modernize South Korea, which has just ended. This drama with historical, comedy, romance and fantasy with a roller coaster story will catch people’s attention. Here We provide Quotes Drama Mr. Queen with cast and synopsis.


Jang Bong-Hwan is a chef at the President’s Blue House in the present day. He has a free spirit, but his spirit ends up in the body of Queen Kim So-Yong (Shin Hye-Sun) in the Joseon period.

Kim Jung-Hyun, who plays King Cheoljong, is hiding things. He seems to be a figurehead who is kind and easy to get along with. In fact, he hides what makes him strong. The late King Sunjo’s wife is Queen Sunwon (Bae Jong-Ok). She is really in charge of the country, making King Cheoljong just a figurehead. Kim Jwa-Geun (Kim Tae-Woo) is Queen Sunwon’s younger brother. He has a lot of ambition.


Drama: Mr. Queen (English title) / No Touch Princess (early English title) / Queen Cheorin (literal title)
Hangul: 철인왕후 (Cheorinwanghoo)
Director: Yun Seong-Sik
Writer: Park Kye-Ok, Choi A-Il
Network: tvN
Episodes: 20
Release Date: December 12, 2020 – February 14, 2021
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00


Shin Hye Sun as Kim So Yong (Queen Cheorin)
Kim Jung Hyun as Lee Won Bum (King Cheoljong)
Sul In Ah as Jo Hwa Jin (King Cheoljong’s concubine and first love)
Bae Jong Ok as Queen Sunwon (late King Sunjo’s wife)
Kim Tae Woo as Kim Jwa Geun (Queen Sunwon’s younger brother)

Quotes Line from Drama Mr. Queen Episode 19

Do not look back no matter what.
-Kim Byeong In-


I always looked at you.
I even saw the side of you that you did not know about.
-Kim Byeong In-


No matter how hard people try, some things aren’t meant to happen.
-Queen Cheorin-


Queen Cheorin:
Without you at the palace, it felt like a blackout.
Everywhere I turned was dark.
King Cheoljung:
I missed you. The pain in my heart was greater than the pain my body felt from the injuries.


The only drawback of being in youth is the foolishness of sacrificing everything to one’s fleeting feelings.
-Queen Sunwon-


Your shame is what makes it a crime.
If you do not feel ashamed, it is not a crime.
-Queen Sunwon-


There was a time in my life where living was just a nightmare I had to endure.
I endured everything with the thought of revenge
against those who killed my parents and siblings.
-King Cheoljung-


Even if our lives are unfortunate and pathetic, let us live longer.
-King Cheoljung-

Quotes Line from Drama Mr. Queen Episode 20

Kim Jwa Geun:
Kill me.
King Cheoljong:
Live. Living in humiliation is your punishment. If you kill yourself, I will do whatever it takes to save you.
I do not care about the damage or the pain I put you through. But I will make sure that you are breathing.
Living like an empty shell. That experience will be engraved deep in your bones.


King Cheoljong:
My Queen. Go finish your fight first.
Queen Cheorin:
No, I will not do that.
Nothing matters more to me than you do.


King Cheoljong:
I guess, I am still the King.
Kim Jwa-Geun:
You should not have done anything.
If you accepted your place and stood still, everyone would have been happy.
King Cheoljong:
I am the family of those you killed. I am the King of the people you trampled on!


Queen Sunwon:
The ruler of the Internal Court is me.
I am the ruler. I am still here! It belongs to me!
Queen Cheorin:
From this day on, everything will change, especially the rules and the etiquettes you made and maintained.


Everyone lives their lives differently.
-Queen Sunwon-


I thought that the only decision
I could make for myself was death.
-Queen Cheorin-


If you keep trying to change your life for the better
you’ll bring about positive change to the world
-Jang Bong Hwan-


King Cheoljong:
Finally, we meet.
Queen Cheorin:
After missing each other so many times.
King Cheoljong:
Those fleeting moments felt like an eternity.

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