In Drama Yumi Cell’s, Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Lee Yoo Bi star. From September 17, it airs every Friday & Saturday 22:50 on TVN. Here We provide drama Yumi Cell’s quotes with cast and synopsis.

Drama Yumi Cell’s Synopsis

Yu-Mi (Kim Go-Eun) is a normal single woman who works and lives alone. She isn’t very good at talking about how she feels. Through her love and work, she grows as a person and finds happiness in her daily life. This is how she learns about herself. Love, violence, rationality, good, and bad are all emotions that Yu-Mi feels. There are cells in her brain that show these emotions. Her brain is full of tiny cells that work hard for her. They take care of her feelings and problems, and they talk to her about them.

Details Yumi Cell’s

Drama: Yumi’s Cells (English title)
Hangul: 유미의 세포들 (Yumiui Sepodeul)
Director: Lee Sang-Yeob
Writer: Lee Dong-Gun (webcomic), Song Jae-Jung, Kim Yoon-Joo, Kim Kyung-Ran
Network: tvN, TVING
Episodes: 14
Release Date: September 17 – October 30, 2021
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:50
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Cast Yumi Cell’s

Kim Go Eun sebagai Kim Yoo Mi
Ahn Bo Hyun sebagai Goo Woong
Lee Yoo Bi sebagai Ruby
Choi Minho as Chae Ugi
Jin Young sebagai Bobby Yoo

Quotes Line from Yumi Cell’s EP 1

It breaks my heart, but I will let you go.
For your happiness.
-Yumi Ex-boyfriend-

Quotes Line from Yumi Cell’s EP 2

Taking too long to answer can make other people tired.
-Lee Ruby-

I can go and come home alone.
Being alone isn’t bad.
When I do it, I’m comfortable and enjoy it,
so I’m used to and comfortable with it.
-Kim Yu Mi-

Men expect a certain something from a first date.
-Rationality Cell-

If you think she’s that great, you should date her.
If you think I’m that great, you should date me.
-Kim Yu Mi-

Everyone’s walking on eggshells around her because she’s not smiling.
-Rationality Cell-

A person can’t be happy all the time.
-Emotion Cell-

Quotes Line from Yumi Cell’s EP 3

This time, I made the decision to stay uncomfortable
for the sake of my dream.
I’m happy because it was my decision.
-Goo Woong-

As a result, I don’t want to think too much about what will happen.
I just need to give it a try first.
-Kim Yu Mi-

I don’t know too much about what it means to be successful,
so I don’t know very much.
You never know what will happen when you try something.
-Kim Yu Mi-

Looks aren’t everything.
-Seo Sae Yi-

A beard is a man’s pride.
A man needs a beard. A beard is the man itself.
not easy to grow.
-Koo Woong-

If she still doesn’t reply,
then accept the fact that you got dumped.
-Woong’s Cell-

Even the ones who seem nice always end up being such jerks.
-Kim Yumi-

“Eventually replied”?
That means she had no choice but to reply.
-Seo Sae Yi-

Quotes Line from Yumi Cell’s EP 4

The things you start without a plan
may bring you more happiness in the long run.
-Kim Yu Mi-

What are you? Your goals aren’t very high,
but you also don’t seem to be having fun
or having a good time with your life either.
-Kim Yu Mi-

A kiss isn’t a coupon.
You don’t have to fill up numbers.
-Sensual Cell-

Home is a dangerous place.
-Woong’s Cell-

Quotes Line from Yumi Cell’s EP 5

I have a girlfriend, but I find it more boring to be alone than to have one.
-Yoo Bobby-

You may not be able to see, but to me, he isn’t very good of a friend at all.
Make sure that you don’t let him get too close to you or bother your loved ones.
You are a good person.
– Kim Yu Mi-


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