Korean Drama My Name Quotes. Yoon Ji-Woo’s (Han So-Hee) father dies suddenly. And She desperately want to take a revenge on whomever is responsible for her father’s death. Thus, She trust in a powerful crime boss and enters the police force under his direction.

This action drama has aired on Netflix October 15, 2021 for 8 episodes. Recommended for your healing space.

Detail K-drama My Name

Tittle: My Name
Others Tittle: Undercover (early working title)
Korean Tittle: 마이 네임 (My Name)
Director: Kim Jin-Min
Writer: Kim Ba-Da
Network: Netflix
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Duration: 50 min.
Airs: Oct 15, 2021
Airs On: Friday

Han So Hee
Ahn Bo Hyun
Park Hee Soon

Here we present some quotes My Name drama excerpts that we have summarized from several episodes that have aired cafehallyu version.


EP 2
“…You never learned how to say that you’re in pain.
Maybe no one taught you…”

my name quotes


EP 2
“…Life is process to find a person who can tell that you are in pain and that life is too hard…”

my name dialogue


EP 4
“…You cops are incredible, even incompetent idiots like you can manage become captain…”

quotes from my name


EP 4
“… It’s a world of villians. If you are gonna lie, put more thought into it..”

kdrama my name quotes


EP 6
“…If you don’t have a hobbies, you must find it…”

han so hee my name


EP 6
“… Life is a battle. You can’t lose and you can’t give in…”

my name han so hee


EP 6
“…Investigations are like sandcastles. You work hard to build it up, but the wave comes and knocks it down constantly.
But if you keep at it, the low tide will come eventually. That’s when you get your man…”

my name korean drama


My Name Quotes Episode 6

My daughter who grew up too quickly.
There were so many things I wanted to do with you.
Whenever there’s hardship,
I want to talk, beg, and tell you to trust me.
If you fall in love,
I want to worry about what he’s like,
wanna watch you get married and have children,
want to share all of those days with you,
but there’s a chance…
that those days may never come.
I was an inadequate dad,
but I was happy because of you, Jiwoo.
You have to be happy
and live a good life even if I’m not around, okay?
I’m sorry I can’t be with you.
I love you.

my name poem


EP 7
“… Think it over in solitary confinement. You’ll have lots of time…”


EP 8
“…You have to be happy and live a good life even if your father not around…”


EP 8
“… Because I hesitated, another person precious to me died…”



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