Park Eun-bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-Su, Choi Byung-chan, Bae Yoon-Kyung, and Jung Chae-Yeon star in the South Korean drama television series The King’s Affection. There will be new episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 KST on KBS2, starting on October 11th, 2021. (KST). Here We provide quotes from the drama The King’s Affection with cast and synopsis.

Drama The King’s Affection Synopsis

The Crown Prince’s wife gave birth to twins, but twins were considered an ominous sign. The twin daughter was supposed to be killed, but her mother begged to save her life. Secretly, the twin daughter is sent out of the palace. A few years later, the twin son Lee Hwi is killed. The Crown Prince’s wife hides her twin son’s death and brings her twin daughter back to the palace and raises her as Prince Lee Hwi (Park Eun-Bin). Lee Hwi eventually becomes a crown prince, but she is afraid her real identity will be revealed.

The King’s Affection Drama is originally based on a webtoon that has the same title as the K-Drama’s “Yeonmo (연모)” and was written and drawn by Lee SoYoung.

You can read the webtoon in Korean here.

This history and romantic drama still airing on Netflix starting from October 11 – December 14, 2021, for 20 episodes. Recommended for your healing space.

Details of Drama The King’s Affection

Title: The King’s Affection
Other Titles: 연모 (Yeonmo)
Genre: Historical, Romantic, Drama
Episodes: 20 (twenty) Episodes
Director: Song Hyun-Wook
Screenwriter: Lee So-Young (cartoon) Han Hee-Jung
Channel Station: TvN, Netflix
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Country: South Korea
Showtime: October 11, 2021 – December 14, 2021
Showtimes: Monday and Tuesday at 19.30 WIB

The King’s Affection Main Cast

Park Eun Bin as Lee Hwi
– Choi Myung Bin as Lee Hwi (young)
Ro Woon as Jung Ji Woon
– Go Woo Rim as Jung Ji Woon (young)
Nam Yoon Soo as Lee Hyun
Choi Byung Chan as Kim Ga On
Bae Yoon Kyung as Shin So Eun

Supporting Cast

Lee Pil Mo as King Yejong
Bae Soo Bin as Jung Seok Jo
Jung Chae Yeon as No Ha Kyung
Yoon Je Moon as Han Ki Jae
Kim In Kwon as Yang Moon Soo
Park Eun Hye as Ji Woon’s mother
Jang Se Hyun as Jil Geum
Kim Seo Ha as Prince Changwoon
Lee Il Hwa as King Yejong’s mother
Kim Jae Chul
Go Kyu Pil

Quotes From Drama King’s Affection

Here we present some quotes from the drama The King’s Affection excerpts that we have summarized from several episodes that have aired the cafehallyu version.

The benevolent shall not worry,
the wise will not be cajoled,
and the brave will not be afraid.

Owning what you studied is of more importance than reading the words.

Eat even if rice tastes like sand in your mouth.
And drink water even if it tastes like bitter medicine.
I don’t want to. I hate everything.
If you give up now, it will mean death for everyone around you.
Including you and me. Everyone.

You are not to worry about other people.
Think only about yourself.
You are not to care about what others think of you.

It is only fair that
I apologize to whoever deserves my apology when I’m at fault.
No matter what my title may be.

They must know their place.
Make them fear you.
So don’t let them get close to you.
Only then will you survive.
Even your shoulders.
And your stance must be wider.

Be it hatred or resentment. I do not care what it is.
Learn to live with it.
As long as it gives you the will to live, it is enough.

The King’s Affection Famous Line

Live even if your heart is burdened.

If justice means to be upright and moral at the expense of one’s own family,
to forever reach an agreement with injustice itself.

Don’t distance yourself too much.
It’ll only make you lonelier.
Human emotions are the hardest to trust.
Killing others to protect ones

Wealth brings prosperity to families
while virtue enriches a soul.

All these moral values make up the truth.
And the universal truth will be clear as day.

One can only rule a nation if all is well within his family.
All goes well when one’s home is harmonious.

Doing what you love and being happy is the definition of a successful life.
So don’t let others intimidate you
and live your life as you wish.
Don’t let others dictate your life.

People like you who were born with a silver spoon
are hypocrites who pretend to care for the people.
And I want to destroy people like you.

It’s not common
for someone else to share the same feelings. 
Episode 9

Sometimes, I think about how it would be to live a normal life like them.
Laughing as they please
and crying their hearts out whenever they want to.
It’s impossible to be true to myself
when I’m in the palace.
Episode 10

A friendship between a man and a woman may not be possible.
Episode 11

in episode 12 from drama The King’s Affection there is a letter from King Hyejong to the Crown Prince Lee Hwi. See Letter From King Hyejong to Lee Hwi.

Drama The King’s Affection Quotes

As long as I am with you…
I do not need anything else.
Episode 13

If you wish to protect your people,
you must have the power to do so.
Episode 13

I lived a life that was not mine.
Episode 13

At the palace, what is right is not always the right answer.
Knowing that, do you think you can survive in the palace
with a mere sense of loyalty?
Episode 14

Please remember royal etiquette
Episode 14

Only people like you who were born into noble families had the chance to make decisions
Episode 14

It means, “Even though no one acknowledges your choices,
If you are able to always take the path that is right,
You may also consider yourself to be virtuous

Episode 15

After making one mistake,
is easy to make another

Episode 16

Leave your past behind you and look after yourself.
And do not blame yourself either.

Episode 16

If you have a destination, you will reach it someday.
No matter how long it takes.

Episode 16

Quotes from The King’s Affection

How could such a rumor spread?
Start a family of your own.
That way, people will forget.
Marry the young lady and have a child.
Live a normal life like others.

Episode 17

I may not know everything.
But I believe the Queen is called the mother of the state because
she is to cherish and take care of the people who serve you as her own.

Episode 18

it seems these rumors of the palace
are sometimes exaggerated to the point of absurdity.

Episode 18

Unlike the commoners,
the birth of twins is considered an ominous sign at the palace.

Episode 18

One who covets the crown must be coldhearted.
Episode 18

I hoped it would be true love,
but I guess the pain was meant to be.
The memories I shared with you will remain as such.
As memories.

Episode 19

A secret between two
will surely be exposed to others someday.

Episode 19

Your fate was determined
by the people around you regardless of your desire.

Episode 20

But living this life had been tough on me and I had been scared as well.
Because I had to live someone else’s life as if it was mine.

Episode 20

I ask that you punish ll of your subjects
who had turned a blind eye on their corrupt acts
before you punish the preceding king.

Episode 20



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