In drama The Silent Sea Gong Yoo, Bae Doo Na, and Lee Joon star. Its airs December 24, 2021 wrap up until 8 episode at once on Netflix . Here We provide drama The Silent Sea’s quotes with cast and synopsis.

Synopsis The Silent Sea

Desertification has made a lot of land on the planet dry, so there isn’t enough water or food for everyone on the planet. He is a space soldier named Han Yun-Jae. He is chosen to go to the moon with Song Ji-An (Bae Doo-Na) and other people. They need to get a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station.

Details The Silent Sea

Drama: The Silent Sea (English tilte) / The Sea of Tranquility (literal title)
Hangul: 고요의 바다(Goyoui Bada)
Director: Choi Hang-Yong
Writer: Park Eun-Kyo
Producer: Jung Woo-Sung
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 8
Release Date: December 24, 2021

Cast The Silent Sea

Gong Yoo as Han Yoon Jae
Bae Doo Na as Song Ji An
Lee Joon as Ryu Tae Seok

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 1

According to the National Institute of Statistics,
infant mortality rate hit an all-time high this year.
Among the main causes mentioned are various infections and diseases
caused by the consumption of contaminated water.
Both governments and private corporations
are investing heavily in vertical farms,
which can drastically reduce water usage.
-News Reader-

When you’re in space,
everyday out there feels like a year on Earth.
-Dr. Hong Ga Young-

If you’re concerned about their safety,
you should reduce the uncertainty as much as you can.
-Dr. Song Ji An-

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 2

I’ve been in the Moon and Mars, none of these places are fit for humans.
I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but come on!
Hwang must have been a sick man to survive so many years out here.
-Co Pilot Lee Gi Su-

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 3

We should all work together as a whole.
-Gong Soo Chan-

If that creature was aware of the sample’s value,
then it is most likely human.
-Dr. Song Ji An-

If this wasn’t an intruder, there’d be no reason to steal the sample.
If they survived they’d be welcoming us, not attacking.
-Captain Han Yun Jae-

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 4

If you get water in your lungs,
it can cause pulmonary edema, respiratory failure.
And if enough fluid fills the pulmonary air sacs
and you don’t realize it, it can be fatal later on.
-Dr. Hong Ga Young-

Well, as chief of this mission,
I, more than anyone, want the crew to return safely.
-Director Choi-

You have to complete this mission.
Not just to save your daughter,
but to offer hope to every one of us.
-Director Choi-

If someone in your family died and you didn’t know why,
if everything you knew seemed meaningless and nothing changed,
you could be at the end of your rope too.
-Chief Gong Soo Hyuk-

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 5

I want you to survive this.
We can’t lose another.
-Captain Han Yun Jae-

I don’t care if you don’t trust me.
I’m not doing any of this for personal reasons.
-Dr. Song Ji An-

I wonder if I had…
taken her call and heard what she had to say to me…
would that have changed anything at all?
-Dr. Song Ji An-

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 6

Automated voice: What thoughts help you get through challenging situations?
Dr. Song Ji An: Nothing in particular.
Automated voice: What about your family?
Dr. Song Ji An: My parents passed away,
and my older sister also died five years ago.
Automated voice: And what does your older sister mean to you?
Dr. Song Ji An: I don’t know.
I think I relied on her a lot as a kid.
-Dr. Song Ji An-

If we carry something back without confirming its safety,
it could pose a danger for everyone.
-Dr. Song Ji An-

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 7

If the target shows any sign of aggression,
I’ll shoot her to make sure we complete the mission.
-Chief Gong Soo Hyuk-

The sun rises and falls once a month.
So it feels like I’m living one long day
where time just drags and drags.

Quotes Line from Drama The Silent Sea EP 8

It’s considered an act of treason for us to disclose state secrets
no matter what the secrets are.
-Chief Gong Soo Hyuk-

We just can’t repeat the same mistake.
-Dr. Song Ji An-

The only choice that I can make
is completing this mission for my daughter.
-Captain Han Yun Jae-


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