(G)I-DLE has Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua as its five members right now. On May 2, 2018, they made their official start under Cube Entertainment. Minnie is a member from girl group (G)-IDLE. Her position is as the main vocalist. Her voice often fills in several popular drama osts.

This time, with his sweet voice was used to make the soundtrack for TV show Link: Eat, Love Kill. Here we present the lyrics with english translate.

Minnie (G)-IDLE – Saying Hello
Link: Eat, Love, Kill OST Part 2
Release Date : 2022.06.21

Saying Hello by Minnie (G)-IDLE (Link: Love, Eat, Kill OST) With English Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Same night
알 수 없는 마음과
al su eomneun maeumgwa
My unknown feeling
잊었던 기억들
Ijeotdeon kieokdeul
My forgotten memories
네게 이렇게 손을 흔들 때 처음 느껴보는 이런 떨림들
Nege ireohke soneul heundeul ttae cheoum neukkyeoboneun ireon tteollimdeul
The nervousness I’ve never felt before when I wave you like this

Still, I’m here, saying hello
너의 하루를 묻고 싶어
Neoui harureul mudgo shipeo
I want to ask you about your day

[Verse 2]
Twilight, 널 담은 하늘과 Stars shine 어두운 밤에도
Twilight, neol dameun haneulgwa, stars shine eoduun bamedo
Twilight, the sky, and star shine like you, even in the dark night
너는 언제나 빛나고 있어
Neoneun eonjena bitnago isseo
You are always shining

그 언젠가 지나쳤던 시간 속에 니가 있었을까
Keu eonjen.ga jinachyeotdeon shigan soge niga isseosseulkka
Will you be in the time that I passed by?
너의 웃음 너의 슬픔 나를 움직여
Neoui useum neoui seulpeum nareul umjigyeo
Your laughter, and your sadness, move my heart
때론 그렇게 지치고 가끔 저 멀리 어딘가
Ttaeron keureohke jichigo gakkeum jeo meolli eodin.ga
Sometimes I get tired like that and sometimes I go somewhere far away
숨어 버리려 해도 괜찮아 그대로 넌 충분해
Sumeo beoriryeo haedo kwaenchana keudaero neon chungbunhae
It’s okay if you try to hide, just being like this, it’s enough

Still, I’m here, saying hello
너의 하루를 묻고 싶어
Neoui harureul mudgo shipeo
I want to ask you about your day

[Verse 3]
안녕 서툰 인사로 다 말해 줄 수 없겠지만
Annyeong seotun insaro da malhae jul su eopgetjiman
Hello! With awkward greetings, I can’t say anything
이런 내 맘을 전해주고 싶어
Ireon nae mameul jeonhaejugo shipeo
I want to tell you how I feel
그저 괜찮다고 너의 모든 순간
Keujeo kwaenchandago neoui modeun sun.gan
That I’m just fine, every moment of you

Still, I’m here
Saying hello
너의 세상을 알고 싶어
Neoui sesangeul algo shipeo
I want to know your world



Link: Love, Eat, Kill OST Korean Lyrics by: Genius
Synchronization Lyrics + Romanization by: Sparkling @ cafehallyu
Eng Trans by: Alphasubs

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