In Drama Juvenile Justice, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Sung Min, and Lee Jung Eun star. From February 25, 2022 wrap up until 10 episode at once on Netflix. . Here We provide drama Juvenile Justice quotes with cast and synopsis.


Drama: Juvenile Justice (English tilte) / Juvenile Judgement (literal title)
Revised romanization: Sonyeonsimpan
Hangul: 소년심판
Director: Hong Jong-Chan
Writer: Kim Min-Seok
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 10
Release Date: February 25, 2022


Minors who commit more violent and cruel crimes usually don’t get any punishment that is too harsh for them. Sim Eun Seok (Kim Hye So) is a judge who is very good at what he does. He doesn’t seem to be very friendly to people. She hates juvenile criminals. Sim Eun Seok is put in charge of a local juvenile court. There, she breaks with tradition and punishes people in her own way.


Kim Hye Soo as Shim Eun Seok
Kim Mu Yeol as Cha Tae Joo
Lee Sung Min as Kang Won Joong
Lee Jung Eun as Na Geun Hee

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 1

In the juvenile court system, a legal assistant may be present,
but there are no prosecutors in the court room.
The judge directly questions the young offenders and then decides whether to grant them probation.
And if probation is granted, the judge’s real work begins.
Since they need to monitor the young offender
and see that they’re adjusting well.
To ensure that the young offender doesn’t run away or re-offend.
The judge overseeing the case assumes a continuous supervisor role.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Why is the judge involved even after the trial is over?
I believe the purpose of Juvenile Law is to provide a structure
where troubled kids can reform themselves and mature into better citizens.
-Sim Eun Seok-

So these juvenile criminal cases go through collegiate court
and the sentences are reported to Mr. Kang.
Although protection cases are done separately and on specific days.
-Cha Tae Ju-

Following up the kids after their release
is one of the responsibilities of a Juvenile Court judge.
You may not have overseen their cases, but they’re your responsibility, you know.
-Cha Tae Ju-

When someone’s cornered, their true nature always comes out.
That’s how we know how vicious humans can be.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Schizophrenia manifests in many different ways.
Some patients believe that someone’s trying to hurt them.
Others hear things, see things, smell things, and feel things.
Unfortunately, the illness can have different symptoms for everyone.
But one thing we know for certain
is that, for now, we don’t have a viable cure for schizophrenia.
Patients have difficulty concentrating for an extended time.
-Sim Eun Seok-

There are two main reasons why criminals usually hide their underlying intent.
One reason is that it’s unfavorable to the criminal,
and then the other is oftentimes because there’s another person involved.
-Sim Eun Seok-

I guess it’s hard to predict.
How things are gonna pan out.
-Cha Tae Ju-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 2

These kids aren’t serial killers or international criminals.
They’re just some juvenile delinquents.
But they’ve managed to fool the whole nation and the police as well.
The court should at least try and find out the reason.
Isn’t that our job after all?
-Sim Eun Seok-

If they commit even worse crimes when they’re older,
and victimize more people like Ji-hu,
whose fault is that gonna be?
We need to show them how harsh the law can be!
We have to teach them when you hurt someone…
you have to pay the consequences.
And when parents attempt to cover for their criminal children,
we must intervene and stop it.
That’s the job we’re all here to do.
-Sim Eun Seok-

It isn’t just a question of offenders and victims.
The objective of the Juvenile Criminal Collegiate Division
is to ensure that the juveniles won’t become repeat offenders.
-Cha Tae Ju-

It’s not like the juvenile division’s a very high status.
Your work here won’t gain a lot of attention
when you open a law office later.
-Cha Tae Ju-

Sim Eun Seok:
At least that’s the court’s rule.
We’re only court judges.
We can’t change a person’s nature, you know.
Cha Tae Ju:
I’m just concerned.
She’ll serve out her prison time and become an adult.
And then what?
Sim Eun Seok:
That’s what her parents need to do.
They need to make her realize the seriousness of what she’s done.

If parents don’t make an effort,
their children will never change.
-Sim Eun Seok-

“The pain of a mother who lost her child
is as severe as an internal splitting stomachache.”
-Sim Eun Seok-

Young offenders are the ones who get punished.
But sometimes, other people have to bear the crosses.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 3

The Juvenile Act, Section 4, Clause 1.
“Juveniles prone to committing criminal offenses
will be taken into custody.”
-Sim Eun Seok-

She’s a child who suffered from abuse.
Children like that never grow up.
Ten years? Twenty years?
Time will quickly pass by
but she’ll still be an abused kid, she’ll still carry that weight.
No one cares about these kids.
That is up to us judges to give them a second chance.
That’s what’s meaningful and important about being a judge.
-Cha Tae Ju-

There’s only one reason why I lock you up.
To make you stand trial.
All I want is to show you
how a perpetrator can be punished
and not the victim who doesn’t deserve it.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 4

No one’s living a fairy-tale life in this world.
I can assure you that from experience.
you overcomes your limitations.
That’s why there are courts and police stations around us.
And why people like me can make a living.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Don’t talk back to your elders like a spoiled kid.
Don’t be offensive just because you’re sad.
Don’t put your emotions before your words.
-Sim Eun Seok-

And even without a reason, try to smile.
Those things will bring you luck.
-Sim Eun Seok-

No matter how many people make a false report,
I still think it’s the court’s duty to look into it.
-Cha Tae Ju-

And if your suspicion is right,
it will come out eventually even if we stay quiet.
Because… kids are impatient.
-Sim Eun Seok-

It’s the court that punishes young offenders,
but I’m the one who takes care of them every single day.
You see them for just two or three hours when you visit for inspection.
Us, on the other hand, we wrestle with them every day to try to change them.
-O Seon Ja-

Even though the kids in the center are young,
to people, they’re just criminals.
-O Seon Ja-

There’s only one way to overcome the strong prejudice against them,
taking the bull by the horns, volunteer work.
-O Seon Ja-

People like you play a bigger role at the frontline
than judges who meet the children for just two or three hours.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 5

The longer they live on the streets,
the more money they’ll need. And they’ll succumb to temptation.
Juvenile crimes aren’t just committed.
They permeate.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Kids who get hurt at home have a tendency to cause self harm.
They commit crimes they wouldn’t normally do.
They’re swayed into the wrong crowd.
Even they know it. They know they shouldn’t, but they do it anyway.
They hope that when they hurt themselves,
it’ll somehow hurt their family as well.
They wanna be noticed.
They want others to know
they’re having a hard time.
Family is the starting point of most cases of misconduct.
-O Seon Ja-

So let me put it this way this country is relying…
on individual sacrifices to do what it has to do.
So in a way the court is at fault.
-Sim Eun Seok-

It’s true that every teenager
is affected by their family and their surroundings.
But whether or not they commit a crime,
is still a matter of choice.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Children do not grow up alone.
Today, the children have been punished,
but the weight of the crime
must be felt by the parents and guardians as well.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 6

Politics is all about presenting a good image.
-Assemblyman Eom Jun Gi-

And wealthy kids get good grades.
If your parents aren’t willing and able to support you financially,
you can’t even dream of getting in.
-Lee Seok Hyeon’s mother-

Sim Eun Seok:
No matter what the system is,
people will still cheat and it’ll still cause side effects.
But the court can at least take this chance to set up standards.
Cha Tae Ju:
Standards. Like what?
Sim Eun Seok:
No matter how intense and difficult it is to get into college,
everyone has to be equal when they’re sitting in front of the exam papers.

Right now, you should do
everything you can to protect your son.
-Assemblyman Eom Jun Gi-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 7

These are the students.
If you get expelled, your grades drop to a zero,
so the student suffers.
But it’s different if you drop out.
All of your non-subject grades still stay intact.
-Seo Beom-

Cha Tae Ju:
The school allowed the kids who leaked the tests to drop out.
Sim Eun Seok:
Why retake it?
Fairness, and trust… in the system wasn’t the only issue.
The kids who dropped out have a leg up on the entrance exams.
And the ones who will suffer the worst will be the innocent ones.
The trial has lost all fairness.

There’s a saying, “Don’t steal a candle to read a Bible.”
It means, if the way are corrupt, the purpose is, as well.
-Sim Eun Seok-

So just… do your thing.
Don’t follow my example.
I have nothing against you since you were right.
Take care and…
I hope that someday I will see you again.
-Kang Won Jung-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 8

I’m able to tolerate dumb judges,
but not judges who are rude.
-Na Geun Hee-

You should do it properly.
I won’t accept a… half-assed apology.
-Na Geun Hee-

A forged ID and unlicensed driving.
It was a crazy thing to do.
-Baek Mi Ju-

A teenager’s peer group is more important than their life.
She won’t confess if she still cares what they think.
-Sim Eun Seok-

You can’t just cover up for him and take his side.
You should recognize what he did,
and objectively proceed.
The actions of those kids,
made Do-seok permanently bed-ridden,
and cost an innocent man his life.
But no one wants to take responsibility.
Everyone’s a culprit here, but they won’t admit it.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Uncovering the truth is important.
But if it goes wrong, the court could harm someone else as well.
-Sim Eun Seok-

For some people, it’s just an interesting story,
and they’re just a defendant and a victim.
But for us, they were a husband and a son.
-Kwak Do Seok’s mother-

What’s important in life is a comma, not a period.
So you don’t need to be anxious.
Anyone can make a mistake.”
“Mistakes do not mean failure.
You can start over again at any time.”
-Cha Tae Ju-

The law doesn’t protect every single victim.
The law is decided through evidence.
That’s just how the law is.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 9

“Juvenile cases are about speed.”
That doesn’t mean you should cause a ruckus and make a big deal.
It means you should handle it quickly and quietly.
-Na Geun Hee-

“When a judge has a relationship
with a trial’s subject, they should be excluded from the case.”
-Namgung I Hwan-

Quotes Line from Drama Juvenile Justice EP 10

You believe.
You always make the right decision.
It was only three minutes.
They killed a person.
And that was how long they stood at trial.
What could they have learned from that?
“The law doesn’t protect all victims.”
“The law is so simple.”
“It takes three minutes to get through a trial.”
-Sim Eun Seok-

Why do you handle all cases with speed?
What about the kids who can’t keep up with it?
And the victims?
Who’s responsible for them?
We haven’t found all the victims yet.
-Sim Eun Seok-

Aren’t the buyers of the prostitutes the bad ones?
If those guys didn’t want it so bad, we wouldn’t have done it, right?
-O Gyeong Su-

They say that it takes a whole village to raise a child.
In other words, a child could be ruined if the village neglects them.
-Sim Eun Seok-

“Hatred.” It means dislike or ill will.
Though I despise young offenders, I have no ill will towards them.
I’ll be sincere when I deal with their cases.
Though I despise them,
I’ll make decisions with a cool head.
Though I despise them,
I won’t look at them with any bias.
In other words, my initial thoughts remain the same.
But the context for them is very different at this point
So, yes, my actions will be different from before.
But I will always despise young criminals.
-Sim Eun Seok-


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