In Drama The Interest of Love Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Young, Geum Sae Rok, and Jung Ga Ram star. From December 21, 2022, every Wednesday and Thursday at 22.30 on JTBC. The Interest of Love brings the story of Four men and women who work at a bank getting caught up in a complicated love story as they try to figure out what they are willing to give up for love. Here We provide Quotes Drama The Interest of Love with cast and synopsis.


A story about four people who fell in love and met at the Youngpo branch of KCU Bank.

Ha Sang-Su, played by Yoo Yeon-Seok, lives a normal life. He thinks that a stable life is a key to happiness. When love comes into his life, everything changes.

Ahn Su-Yeong, played by Mun Ka-Young, believes that love doesn’t last forever and can end at any time. She has to work hard to make a living in a bad situation. She gets excited when a man comes up to her out of the blue.

Park Mi-Gyeong, who is played by Keum Sae-Rok, is from a wealthy family. She is sure of herself and doesn’t hide how she feels. When she likes someone, she does whatever it takes to get that person on her side. She gets involved with someone, but things don’t go the way she wants.

Jeong Jong-Hyun (Jung Ga-Ram), who wants to become a police officer, is studying for a test. He is the kind of person who wants to do well in everything. He lives in a tough place.


Drama: The Interest of Love (English title) / Understanding of Love (literal title)
Hangul: 사랑의 이해 (Sarangui Yihae)
Director: Jo Young-Min
Writer: Lee Hyeok-Jin (novel), Lee Seo-Hyun, Lee Hyun-Jung
Network: JTBC
Release Date: December 21, 2022 —
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:30


Yoo Yeon Seok as Ha Sang Su
Moon Ga Young as Ahn Su Yeong
Geum Sae Rok as Park Mi Gyeong
Jung Ga Ram as Jeong Jong Hyun

Quotes Line from Drama The Interest of Love Episode 1

Living a glamorous, single life like me is the trend these days.
-Lee Ku Il-


I shouldn’t have given her my heart, but I did it anyway.
-Ha Sang Su-

Quotes Line from Drama The Interest of Love Episode 2

Large, dazzling, and unfamiliar.
That was my first impression of Seoul.
A place full of strangers, who lead lives that I know nothing about.
-Ahn Su Yeong-


I believed that I could achieve anything if I tried hard enough.
-Ahn Su Yeong-


I had to work like a dog in order to just get by to live a better life.
-Ahn Su Yeong-


The only way not to get hurt was to accept the truth.
-Ahn Su Yeong-


You have everything that others could only wish for.
Refusing your parents’ help doesn’t make you a good daughter.
-Yoon Mi Sun-


I didn’t fit in with the other kids who were born wealthy.
That’s why I studied. And I promised myself to never live that poor again.
-Ha Sang Su-


I want to marry a nice, average woman.
-Ha Sang Su-


Should two people from similar backgrounds get married
just to maintain the lifestyles they’re used to even though they’re not in love?
-Ha Sang Su-


Love can’t conquer all in this awful world.
Money is more powerful than you think.
-So Gyeong Pil-



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