In Drama All of Us are Dead, Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Jo Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, Yoo In Soo and Son Sang Yeon star. From January 28, 2022 wrap up until 12 episode at once on Netflix. This series is Based on the webcomic “Jigeum Woori Hakkyoneun” by Joo Dong-Geun (published from May 13, 2009 to November 2, 2011 via Naver Webtoon Corp). Here We provide drama All of Us Are Dead quotes with cast and synopsis.

Drama Detail

Drama: All of Us Are Dead (English title) / Now at Our School (literal title)
Hangul: 지금 우리 학교는 (Jigeum Woori Hakkyoneun)
Director: Lee Jae-Kyu, Kim Nam-Soo
Writer: Joo Dong-Geun (webcomic), Chun Sung-Il
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 12
Release Date: January 28, 2022
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Adaptation from webtoon: Here


They are stuck at Hyosan High School during a zombie virus. Their goal is to stay alive and get out of their school before they become zombies.

Cast All of Us Are Dead

Park Ji Hoo as Nam On Jo
Yoon Chan Young as Lee Cheong San
Choi Yi Hyun as Choi Nam Ra
Park Solomon as Lee Su Hyeok

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 1

Whether you’re rich or poor, got good grades or bad,
you’re all equal in accidents.
Grades aren’t important.
Being safe and healthy is.
-Nam So Ju-

The textbook says a virus is not an independent living organism.
Whether or not something is an independent living organism
doesn’t depend on its metabolism, but its will to survive.
If it has such a strong will…
the instinct to survive surpasses intelligence.
The ecosystem is eventually dominated by that will.
Humanity has never once defeated a virus.
-Lee Byeong Chan-

A survival will that has evolved and been passed down
is the only thing that makes a person or animal
an independent living thing.
-Lee Byeong Chan-

All of us have some sort of prejudice.
We all have preconceptions about other people.
-Choi Nam Ra-

My mom made me classroom president by donating to the school.
That’s why no one considers me the classroom president.
So why must I act like it?
-Choi Nam Ra-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 2

Lee Cheong San:
Think of all the people who died. Why are you…
Nam On Jo:
There’s no one left that I like.
Lee Cheong-San:
There are people who like you though.
Like your dad and…
You have to live for them.

Most of the mice sat in a corner
and were frozen, trembling in fear.
But once in a while,
there would be a mouse that would lose all reason
due to the overwhelming fear and attack the cat.
When this happens, its testosterone level shoots up.
I extracted that hormone and refined it.
For all the mice in this world trembling in fear.
I thought that if fear turned into rage, he’d become stronger than anyone.
-Lee Byeong Chan-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 3

Seo Hyo Ryung:
Some kids probably left the school, right?
Should we consider ourselves the lucky ones?
Park Sun Hwa:
The fact that we’re alive means we’re lucky.

The strong cells are attacking the weak cells.
Every single cell is struggling to survive…
and attacking each other.
This virus is the will to survive defined.
It consumes all the cells almost instantly.
The infected human feels extreme fear…
Then they attack only to survive.
-Lee Byeong Chan-

No matter what happens, don’t die.
And don’t let anyone else die.
If you cause someone else to die,
living becomes meaningless.
-Park Sun Hwa-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 4

I told you no one would come.
No one cares about this school.
If they did, they would’ve saved us sooner.
Would’ve saved us from being bullied.
-Min Eun Ji-

I know you actually want to live.
I know that you’re dying to live.
Why are you blaming me?
-Kim Cheol Soo-

People can change their minds.
Shut it and stand up.
-Yoo Joon Sung-

“It happens.”
“Kids fight. They were bullied because they deserved it.”
Those who thought that and shunned them
made this world what it is!
-Lee Byeong Chan-

Please stop acting like human trash.
No one respects you just because you act tough.
-Lee Cheong San-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 5

In some countries, they are sadder when adults die than when children die.
And in others, they are sadder when children die.
-Choi Nam Ra-

When kids die, you lose hope.
When adults die, you lose their wisdom.
-Oh Joon Yeong-

Most of the media are spreading fake news
circulating on social media without verifying it,
exacerbating the chaos.
The government should not control the media.
The people control the media.
Our citizens have enough power to do that.
-Police Staff-

People with important information need to survive.
-Jeon Ho Cheol-

They say when people confirm their situation is hopeless,
they truly fall into despair.
Even if the entire world has turned into zombies,
let’s not despair.
-Choi Nam Ra-

Falling from the third floor won’t hurt as much as failing to get into college.
-Park Mi Jin-

The only explanation is that the virus learns and evolves.
If this virus manages to learn the human mind…
a new breed of human may be born.
-Lee Byeong Chan-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 6

My mom and dad both died.
What am I supposed to do alone?
I have nobody.
I don’t have a mom or a dad.
I have nowhere to go and no one waiting for me.
No one to scold me or praise me.
Do you know how that feels?
So stop acting like you know everything.
-Kim Ji Min-

There was something he said that I did believe.
He said that if anything happened to me…
he’d be the first one there.
But he didn’t come.
But who knows? Maybe he can’t come.
What if my dad died?
-Nam On Jo-

You said being healthy is the best even if I don’t get good grades.
You said you’d come first if anything happened.
You’re okay, right? You have to be okay, Dad.
You don’t have to come save me.
But still, I wish you’d come.
I really thought you would come.
But I’m okay.
I only say this when you give me my allowance,
but I’ll say it for free today.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you so much.
-Nam On Jo-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 7

Your voice woke me up.
You know you never called me by my name before?
You always call me “Prez.”
It was the first time you called me by my name.
-Choi Nam Ra-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 8

Assholes fighting to stay alive
and coming at you hoping to die are impossible to beat.
-Song Jae Il-

Nam On Jo:
You always put up a wall.
You always wore earphones and never said a word.
Wasn’t it because you didn’t like us?
Choi Nam Ra:
I never disliked you guys.
I just didn’t have any friends.

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 9

All living organisms come from somewhere,
and a homology test shows us the origin.
It’s like a genealogy for viruses.
-Medical Officer-

I have never done anything but study.
Not because I was naive but because I was a coward.
I was scared my grades would drop
and that my mom would get mad. So I didn’t do anything else.
I was too scared to make friends too.
My mom always asked about how well they did at school,
what their father did for a living, how big their house is…
I never thought I’d get to sit by a fire with all of you like this.
It’s really nice. It’s my first time.
-Choi Nam Ra-

Even if it’s dangerous and we’re under martial law,
no one can stop a father’s love for his child.
Regardless of the punishment I may receive…
I will always stand with the powerless people.
-Assemblywoman Park Eun Hee-

There was something we’d say
whenever we hit a wall when I worked at the pharmaceutical company.
“Science begins with imagination and ends as a mystery.”
-Lee Byeong Chan-

When it rains, you use the rain.
When it’s windy, you use the wind. That’s politics.
-Assemblywoman Park Eun Hee-

It’s not like anyone will save us if we stay here.
We’re the only ones who can save ourselves.
-Lee Cheong San-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 10

A virus must have a consistent pattern for a vaccine to be made.
-Lee Byeong Chan-

Don’t calculate how many we’ll kill.
Think only about how many we’ll save.
-Jin Seon Mu-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 11

You can forget someone who dies…
but it’s hard to forget someone who has changed.
-Lee Byeong Chan-

Living life to the full in honor of the person who died…
It’s too selfish.
You can’t die even if you want to.
You lack the courage to live, but you can’t die.
-Nam On Jo-

Quotes Line from Drama All of Us are Dead EP 12

Don’t die a meaningless death.
If we run now, we can all live.
We have enough time.
-Choi Nam Ra-

I’ve been killing zombies, too,
but a human being would apologize for killing her brother in front of her.
-Park Mi Jin-

We’re all hurting just like you.
Being alone doesn’t make it hurt less.
-Jang Ha Ri-



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