In Drama Pachinko Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, Jin Ha star. From March 25, 2022, it airs every Friday on Apple TV+. This drama based on novel “Pachinko” by Lee Min-Jin (published February 7, 2017 by Grand Central Publishing). Here We provide drama Pachinko quotes with cast and synopsis.


Drama: Pachinko
Hangul: 파친코 (Pachinko)
Japanese: パチンコ
Director: Kogonada, Justin Chon
Writer: Lee Min-Jin (novel), Soo Hugh
Network: Apple TV+
Episodes: 8
Release Date: March 25 – April 29, 2022
Runtime: Friday
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Kim Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha) was born and raised in Busan, Korea, in the early 20th century, when Korea was ruled by Japan. He was born and raised there. Koh Han su (Lee Min Ho) is the man she falls in love with. When she looks at him, she knows that he is a powerful person and from a different social class than her. She doesn’t know everything about him. When Kim Sun Ja’s mother runs the lodge, a church priest named Baek Isak (Noh Sang Hyun) comes to stay. In the beginning, he tries to give Kim Sun Ja some advice. When he sees how strong she is, he proposes to her. In a short time, Kim Sun Ja will move to Japan and face hard times as a Korean immigrant living in a new country.

When Baek Solomon (Jin Ha) moves to New York in 1989, he wants to make it in the business world. This is how it works: A company wants to build a new hotel in Tokyo. A Korean woman doesn’t want to sell her land where the hotel is going to be built. Baek Solomon wants to go to Tokyo with his bosses and try to get the woman to sell her land to a hotel group. His family is also there.


Kim Min Ha as Kim Sun Ja (young)
Youn Yuh Jung as Kim Sun Ja
Lee Min Ho as Koh Han Su
Jin Ha as Baek Solomon
Noh Sang Hyun as Baek Isak

You can watch legally on Apple TV+

Quotes Line from Drama Pachinko EP 1

Clean money, dirty money, makes no difference.
Money’s money.

Sun Ja:
It doesn’t look very happy.
Mr. Song:
That’s because even the lowliest creatures on this earth
struggle to remain alive.

Sun Ja:
She complains all the time that death keeps thumbing his nose at her.
Mr Song:
That’s because her husband is all sweetness and light outside,
but when he gets home, he starts beating on his wife and his children.
But still, she has the will to live.

Didn’t your parents teach you to listen to your elders?
-Mr. Song-

Nowadays it’s hard for us
to judge between guilt or innocence.

When you were barely a week old…
your mother and I would stay up every night.
All our days and nights, we watched over you.
That’s when I made you this solemn vow…
that as long as you drew breath,
there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
to ward off all the ugliness in this world
and keep it far away from you.
You should know I will honor that vow.

Easy times, hard times..
It’s all the same when you’re a woman.
She must learn to feed herself.
-Yang Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama Pachinko EP 2

When they lose, feel their heartache.
When they win, feel their joy.
-Baek Mozasu-

I was as poor as you once.
Poorer, even, believe it or not.
Although, even then, I had my dreams.
And I didn’t let anyone take them from me
-Koh Han Su-

Baek Solomon:
I have so many things to tell you.
Things I can’t tell anyone.
It’s good to hear you still need me.
I feel better.




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