Quotes From Drama The Veil. Han Ji-Hyuk (Namkoong Min) was the best agent at the National Intelligence Service (NIS). He was admired by his peers, but he put the NIS in a crisis. He then went missing. One year later, Han Ji-Hyuk returns to the NIS to find the traitor that caused him to fall into the bottomless pit.

This action, crime, and mystery drama have aired on September 17 – October 23, 2021, for 12 episodes. Recommended for your healing space.

Details of Drama The Veil
Title: The Veil
Korean Tittle: 검은 태양 (Gomeun Taeyang)
Also known as: Black Sun
Genre: Spy, Action, Revenge
Episode: 12
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2021-Sep-10 to 2021-Oct-16
Showtimes: Friday & Saturday 22:00
Production Company: MBC, 3Mana Creative, Ateod Co. Ltd
Director: Kim Sung Yong
Screenwriter: Park Suk Ho

Main Cast
Namgoong Min as Han Ji Hyuk
Park Ha Sun as Seo Soo Yun
Kim Ji Eun as Yoo Je Yi

Overseas part
Jang Young Nam as Do Jin Sook
Kim Jong Tae as Kang Pil Ho

Criminal Information Integration Center
Kim Do Hyun as Ha Dong Kyun
Park Jin Woo as Cha Min Chul
Kwon So Hyun as Goo Hyo Eun

Domestic part
Lee Kyung Young as Lee In Hwan
Kim Min Sang as Jung Yong Tae

Kim Byung Ki as Bang Young Chan
Yoo Oh Sung as Baek Mo Sa
Hyun Bong Sik as Cheon Myung Ki
Jung Ji Yoon as Kim Yeo Jin
Hwang Hee as Oh Kyung Suk
Jo Bok Rae as Kim Dong Wook
Ok Ja Yun as Lin Wei

Jung Moon Sung as Jang Chun Woo

Here we present some quotes from The Veil drama excerpts that we have summarized from several episodes that have aired the cafehallyu version.

Quotes from the veil

You must be suspicious of every move, word,
and breath from everyone who approaches you.


Quotes from Drama The Evil

The power of emotions is stronger than memories.
You should keep your mind clear…
so your memories won’t be swept by your emotions.


The Evil Drama Quotes

A wild dog sometimes hunts down its prey even though it won’t eat it.

The Evil Dialogue

Do not trust anyone.
Don’t ever.

the Evil kdrama

People may look cold on the outside,
but the fact is emotional and sensitive inside

The Evil Dialogue

You just see what you want to see.
Because you don’t have the guts to face the truth.

Kdrama The Evil

They say when you stay in the dark for too long, you forget who you really are.

The Evil Dialogue

The truth can never be monopolized.
The truth may come off differently for everyone.
It depends on where you stand.

The Veil Netflix

At times “when” is more important than “what”.
Time is the most important for everything.

Quotes Kdrama

Everyone wants a righteous answer.
And they want to hear it from someone else.

Watch The Veil Netflix

Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean the past has disappeared.
Just because you don’t remember doesn’t erase the past.


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