In Drama Bad Prosecutor Do Kyung Soo, Lee Se Hee, and Ha Joon as star. From October 5 until November 10, 2022 on KBS2. This drama with law and criminal theme tells the story of an irreverent prosecutor with mischievous tendencies who believes in fighting for justice by any means necessary. Here We provide Drama Bad Prosecutor quotes with cast and synopsis.

Attorney Jin Jung causes issues for the Central District. He has a warped sense of justice and punishes criminals severely. A Ra is Jung’s legal partner and a skilled prosecutor who approaches cases with objectivity and resolves them efficiently. Do Hwan, a top-tier prosecutor who puts power and wealth above everything else, is also based out of the Central District Office. He’s the kind of guy who’ll do whatever it takes to get ahead. This narrative of prosecutor takes place in a society tainted by greed and evil.

Drama: Bad Prosecutor (English title) / True Sword Battle (literal title)
Hangul: 진검승부 (Jingeomseungbu)
Director: Kim Sung-Ho
Writer: Im Young-Bin
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 12
Release Date: October 5 – November 10, 2022
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:50

Do Kyung Soo as Jin Jung
Lee Se Hee as Shin Ae Ra
Ha Joon as Oh Do Hwan

Quotes Line from Drama Bad Prosecutor Episode 1

Coppers these days have no manners.
-Jin Jung-


All I want is for you to remember my name.
That is more than enough.
-Jin Jung-


The one to blame is the dupe, not the one who dupes.
-Jin Jung-


Shin A Ra:
How did someone like you become a prosecutor?
Jin Jung:
I was just talented and fated to be one.
I decided it when I witnessed my first injustice.


When it’s unfair, you must fix it and not endure it.
-Jin Jung-


What do you think our job is as prosecutors?
Are we to fight for justice, the truth, and rights?
I truly hope that’s not what you believe.
I can assure you that no one here believes that.
This is a place where you can cover up dirt and manipulate cases just to reach the top.
Connections and backgrounds can keep those guilty from being indicted.
The lesser can be sacrificed for the greater good, and anyone who doesn’t fit in can be ostracized.
A place where a faulty lone wolf like you could never survive to save the day!
That is the place known as the prosecutors’ office.
-Oh Do Hwan-

Quotes Line from Drama Bad Prosecutor Episode 2

When they cross us, we must teach them a lesson.
-Jin Jung-


You may be older than me, but I don’t see bad guys as human beings.
-Jin Jung-

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