South Korean television series Under The Queen’s Umbrella features Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, and Choi Won Young. A new Saturday and Sunday 21:10 time slot on tvN was created for the show, and it premiered on October 15, 2022. Here We provide Kdrama Under The Queen’s Umbrella quotes, cast, and synopsis.


Queen Hwaryeong (Kim Hye-Soo) is supposed to be graceful and dignified, but her sons are princes who cause trouble. She gives up on those rules and tries hard through education to make her sons into princes who can marry.


Drama: Under The Queen’s Umbrella (English title) / The Queen’s Umbrella
Hangul: 슈룹 (Shuroop)
Director: Kim Hyeong-Sik
Writer: Park Ba-Ra
Network: tvN
Release Date: October 15, 2022 —
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:10


Kim Hye Soo as Queen Hwa Ryung
Kim Hae Sook as Queen Dowager
Choi Won Young as King Lee Ho

Quotes Line from Drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 11

If the people complain about the King despite their fear,
it means their suffering is unbearable.
-Crown Prince Seongnam-


It is undesirable for the ignorant to be blinded by their faith.
But what is even more undesirable is that those who should have principles act against conscience.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


Also, as a parent, you should not let your child go down a dangerous path.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


Even if you intend to help your child, if you choose the wrong means,
you may end up harming your child.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


They say the duty of a parent is not to lead the way
but to show their child the path they have walked.
You should at least keep your child off dangerous paths.
If your mind has become clear again,
think carefully about what you should do from now on as a mother.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


I realized
I would never be able to overcome the limits of my origins.
-Prince Bogum-


The world is full of people
seeking to take advantage of those blinded by their goals.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


Prince Bogeom.
Becoming the Crown Prince is not the only way to prove yourself.
Even though the King possesses ultimate power, he cannot do everything by himself.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


Prince Bogeom may be mature for his age,
but his mother must be the only person he can truly rely on.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


A woman can always tell when a man has feelings for her.
Even if he does not say a word, you can just feel it.
And that is what they call destiny.
-Yoon Cheong Ha-


The way he hid his feelings for me
and worked relentlessly to fulfill his task was truly amazing.
-Yoon Cheong Ha-


I have hidden the truth even from you all these years,
and it is all my fault.
I could not bring myself to tell you
because I was ashamed of my foolishness.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


Just because I am a mother and an adult
does not mean I am right all the time.
-Queen Im Hwa Ryeong-


I am aware that you used to come and see me when I was a child.
You also sent Brother to me.
He taught me how to read and trained me as well.
Look at me now.
Did I not turn out much better than the naive princes who grew up
sheltered in the palace?
-Crown Prince Seongnam-


Quotes Line from Drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12

Crown Prince Seongnam:
I will always carry out my duties with modesty.
Queen Im Hwa Ryeong:
Although it is a position everyone wishes to rise to,
you will also face difficulties at every moment.


I will fill my eyes with what I see, remember what I hear,
and if I must, speak forthrightly as the Crown Prince.
-Crown Prince Seongnam-


Always be alert and devote yourself to everything you do.
-Queen Dowager-


Sun Tzu said, “Move not unless you see an advantage.”
“Fight not unless faced with danger.”
-Crown Prince Seongnam-


No matter what you do to this golden hairpin,
its value does not diminish.
The same goes for her!
So you must pay her the same amount as anybody else.
-Yeon Cheong Ha-


One’s parents are the child’s first teachers.
So they must always set an example
with a rightful mind and just behavior.
-Minister of War Yoon Soo Gwang’s Daughter-



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