Here is a list of songs that will be featured on the soundtrack for the drama The Golden Spoon. Here we provide you The Golden Spoon OST Part 10 Missing You by Sojung with English lyrics.

Sojung (Ladies’ Code) – Missing You
The Golden Spoon OST Part 10
Release Date: November 12, 2022

The Golden Spoon OST Part 10

Missing You by Sojung (The Golden Spoon OST Part 10) with Hangeul, Romanization, and English Lyrics

[Verse 1]

그댄 어디쯤에 왔는지
Keudaen eodijjeume wanneunji
Where did you come from?
어김없이 오늘도 눈뜨는 순간부터
Eogim eopshi oneuldo nuntteuneun sun.ganbuteo
As always, from the moment I open my eyes
그대를 떠올리고 커져가는 그리움에
Keudaereul tteoolligo keojyeoganeun keuriume
I think of you with the growing longing


보고 싶은 그대가
Bogo shipeun keudaega
I miss you
너무 그리워진 그대가
Neomu keuriwojin keudaega
I miss you so much
하루 종일 나의 하늘에 별처럼 반짝이며
Haru jongil naui haneure byeolcheoreom banjjagimyeo
All day long in my sky twinkling like a star
스며 들어와
Seumyeo deureowa
It seeps in
왠지 오늘따라 그대가 함께 있던 날의 우리가
Waenji oneulttara keudaega hamkke itdeon narui uriga
For some reason, on the day you were together
내 눈앞에 아른거려서
Nae nun ape areun.georyeoseo
I can’t believe it
잠이 들 수가 없는 이 밤
Jami deul suga eomneun i bam
This night where I can’t fall asleep

[Verse 2]

서두르지 않고 조금씩 다가가고 싶은데
Seodureuji anhgo jogeumsshik dagagago shipeunde
I don’t want to rush and I want to approach you little by little
자꾸만 그댈 보면 조급해지는 마음
Jakkuman keudael bomyeon jogeubhaejineun maeum
I feel impatient whenever I see you
싫지 않은 이 그리움 따라
Shilji anheun i keurium ttara
I’ll follow this longing that I don’t hate


보고 싶은 그대가
Bogo shipeun keudaega
I miss you
매일 생각나는 그대가
Maeil saenggaknaneun keudaega
You, who I think of every day
잠시라도 내 옆으로 와
Jamshirado nae yeopeuro wa
Come next to me for a second
함께 할 수 있다면 좋을 텐데
Hamkke hal su itdamyeon joheul tende
I wish we could be together


어느 날 그대와 나 같은 자리에 서서
Eoneu nal keudaewa na gateun jarie seoseo
One day, you and I standing in the same place
서롤 바라며 항상 웃을 수 있기를
Seorol baramyeo hangsang useul su itgireul
I hope we can always smile for each other


내겐 오직 그대가
Naegen ojik keudaega
To me, you’re the only one
내 눈 속에 비친 그대가
Nae nun soge bichin keudaega
You reflected in my eyes
고요하던 나의 맘속에
Goyohadeon naui mamsoge
In my quiet heart
예고 없이 찾아와
Yego eopshi chajawa
Come to me without warning
가득 물들어
Gadeuk muldeureo
Full of color
지금 내 눈앞에 그대가
Jigeum nae nun ape keudaega
You’re right in front of my eyes
나를 보는 그 눈빛조차
Nareul boneun keu nunbitjocha
Even the way you look at me
현실인지 꿈인지 몰라
Hyeonshirinji kkuminji molla
I don’t know if it’s real or a dream
멈출 수가 없는 이 떨림
Meomchul suga eopneun i tteollim
This unstoppable tremor



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