In drama The Queen Classroom Ko Hyun Jung, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Sae Ron star. From June 12 to August 1, 2013 it airs every Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55 on MBC. Here We provide drama The Queen Classroom quotes with cast and synopsis.


Now, this is a person who tells children the hard truth. Also, Ma Yeo Jin goes a step further. By becoming a bossy and manipulative teacher, she keeps up the bad parts of our immoral society. In class, students learn how to act in fake situations that are meant to look like real life. Her students are scared, hurt by mean comments, and betrayed by other students because of how Ma treats them. But over time, the students learn to be independent and take care of themselves.


Drama: Queen’s Classroom (English title) / Queen’s Class (English title)
Hangul: 여왕의 교실 ( Yeowangui Kyosil)
Director: Lee Dong-Yoon
Writer: Kim Won-Suk
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 12 – August 1, 2013
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55


Ko Hyun Jung as Ma Yeo Jin
Kim Hyang Gi as Shim Ha Na
Kim Sae Ron as Kim Seo Hyun
Cheon Bo Keun as Oh Dong Goo

Quotes Line from Drama The Queen Classroom EP 7

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s my philosophy, but
when there’s a sale, I don’t go to the department store,
because I can’t stand big crowd.
What I really want is important,
it shouldn’t matter how much the price is, that is true class.
So, it’s not that you can’t go to Gangnam, but
rather that you chose not to, right?
-Na Ri’s mother-

Does being in the same class in school make them friends?
-Na Ri’s mother-

It looks like she appreciates studying, since her grades improved.
-Na Ri’s mother-

I think playing is as important as studying.
-Yang Min Hee-

Just because school is on vacation,
it doesn’t mean the kids are on vacation.
-Yong Hyun Ja-

Anyway, kids or flower, raising a living life
must be something that is not efficient.
-Yong Hyun Ja-

They say if you use it properly, it’s medicine,
but if you don’t, then it’s just poison.
If you only think about the results, and go too far,
and hurt the children’s hearts,
then I wonder if it is really medicine.
-Yong Hyun Ja-

Shin Ha Na:
I thought saying “Sorry. It’s okay. Thanks”
was enough between friends.
Shin Ha Na Sister:
Just be friendly enough to get by.

In this world where money is power and power is money,
trying to handle everything with money is understanable.
-Ma Yeo Jin-

Bribing is not a fair method.
But you should understand your parents
who can’t better express their care for you in any other way.
-Ma Yeo Jin-

Sometimes comfort isn’t really comfort.
-Kim Seo Hyun-

After they do that once,
they are quiet for a while.
It’s similar to how the kids torment us.
If you stay still, it ends.
-Eun Bo Mi-

When people say that everyday behavior
does affect education, that shouldn’t be only meant for kids.
-Song Young Man-

Discrimination is a fact of life.
People with money and power get better treatment, and
their intention to protect their kids with their influence is as expected,
it’s the rule of this world that you live in.
-Ma Yeo Jin-

Quotes Line from Drama The Queen Classroom EP 8

Real self-respect
is the courage to be able to proudly admit you’re wrong.
-Ma Yeo Jin-

If you don’t sell yourself,
with money or power in the world, what is truly precious to you,
absolutely no one can ever buy it.
-Ma Yeo Jin-

I think the truth should be correctly revealed.
-Yang Min Hee-

Leaving accurate records about students
is the most basic responsibility of a teacher.
-Ma Yeo Jin-

When the kids are hurt,
teachers have limitations, and doctors have limitations.
But, I think what mothers can do has no limitations.
-Yong Hyun Ja-

Compared to discriminating against students by scores,
it seems better to do the work together.
-Shim Ha Na-



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