Quotes from KDrama Jirisan. “Jirisan” is a new mystery drama starring Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Kang, a top ranger in Jiri Mountain National Park, and Joo Ji-hoon as rookie couple Kang Hyun Jo, who hides an unspeakable secret. The drama will follow the story that unfolds when two guards begin to uncover the truth behind a mysterious accident that occurred on the mountain.

KDrama Jirisan Synopsis

The female lead, Seo Yi-Kang, is the top ranger of the Jirisan National Park while the male lead, Kang Hyun-jo, is one of the coworkers of Seo Yi-Kang. Be it dirt road, rock wall, or cliff, Seo Yi-Kang instinctively knows how to navigate the trails of the mountains. She could track down a lost hiker based on just a single leaf or blade of grass. (Source: IQIYI).

This mystery drama starts airing on October 23, 2021, for 16 episodes. Recommended for your healing space.

Title: Jirisan
Korean Tittle: 지리산 (Jirisan)
Other titles: Mount Jiri, Jiri Mountain, Jilisan, Cliffhanger
Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller, Drama
Country: South Korea
Director: Lee Eung Bok
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee
Production House: Studio Dragon, Baram Pictures
Episodes: 16
Network: tvN
Runtime: 23 October 2021 – 12 December 2021
Showtimes: Saturday and Sunday, 21.00 KST

KDrama Jirisan Main Cast

Gianna Jun as Seo Yi Gang
Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo

Haedong Branch Office & Bidam Shelter

Sung Dong Il as Jo Dae Jin
Oh Jung Se as Jung Goo Young
Jo Han Chul as Park Il Hae
Joo Min Kyung as Lee Yang Sun
Go Min Si as Lee Da Won

Jeollabuk-do Office

Lee Ga Sub as Kim Sol
Joo Jin Mo as Kim Kye Hee
Kim Kook Hee (김국희) as Yoon Soo Jin

Haedong Village

Kim Young Ok as Lee Moon Ok
Jun Suk Ho as Kim Woong Soon
Han Dong Ho (한동호) as Constable Han

Quotes from KDrama Jirisan

Here we present some Jirisan drama dialogues excerpts that we have summarized from several episodes that have aired the cafehallyu version.

“Our job is to come back safely from a dangerous place.
We must support each other.
If you get blown away, so do I.
If I fall, so do you. So let’s both be careful.”

“Those that want to live instinctively look for these places
Between big rocks
Under a big stump
Among tightly woven bushes.
Under a big rock carved like a cave.
Where you can hide from the wind and rain.
Where you can keep warm.”
episode 1

“You’re destined to roam mountain even when you are dead”
episode 3

“You know they call Mount Jirisan the mountain of patience.
There are more people who climb with a story or two
than for the sake of leisure.
Those people have sorrow and regret.
And ghosts are all about sorrow and regret.
If anyone had a strong desire,
they could remain there as a ghost.”

“We have our own job.
It’s to protect those who come to the mountain.
Local residents are the ones who come here the most.
Our priority is to regain their trust.”
episode 4

“If anyone had a strong desire, they could remain on the Mountain as ghosts.”
episode 5

“On top of this mountain there is a different world.
It might be fun there, but snow is your worst enemy here.
Your vision is blurred in the snow and the chances of getting lost increase.
If your socks are accidentally wet, experiencing hypothermia is a matter of time.
In short, this is killer weather.

episode 6

Kdrama Jirisan Famous Line

This job, you can’t take it just because you want it
or quit any time you want to.
It involves saving people’s lives.
Jirisan Ep 9

There is a famous proverb
“mountains hallucinate people”

Jirisan Ep 10

The man-made path leads to the village,
but the one made by animals is the opposite.
If you feel like you’re going around in a circle, go the opposite way.

Jirisan Ep 10

They just made an unfortunate choice.
Jirisan Ep 11

Flooding is a natural disaster.
It has nothing to do with crimes.

Jirisan Ep 12

But in cases of deaths from disasters, there are some steps to take.
You might not get the benefit if it was suicide.

Jirisan Ep 12

A good father doesn’t ruin the whole family by standing surety.
Jirisan Ep 12

Please stop hiding and pretending you’re okay like you used to do.
When things get tough, you can talk to me.

Jirisan Ep 13

It’s not because I don’t trust you.
I can’t tell you because this is hard to believe for anyone.

Jirisan Ep 14

Kdrama Jirisan Dialogue

If we find out what happened there,
we can clear your charges.

Jirisan Ep 15

We’re not allowed to catch or collect anything on the mountain.
Jirisan Ep 15

Don’t ever tell anyone.
Where are you going.

Jirisan Ep 15

The selfishness of people who gave up coexisting with the mountain.
Because of that selfishness, the village community fell apart, and some people died.

Jirisan Ep 15

Everyone has a mountain in their own heart.
Some go up mountains to live, and some go up to die.

Jirisan Ep 16

The mindset that hikers have when they climb the mountain isn’t important.
Because all we do is to keep them safe.
If you have a burden in your heart, put it down.
A mountain’s just a mountain.

Jirisan Ep 16

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