In Drama Connect Jung Hae In, Ko Kyoung Pyo, and Kim Hye Jun star. From December 7, 2022, Disney+ wrapped up to 6 episodes. Connect brings the story of Ha Dong Soo (Jung Hae In) a human figure who can connect with people who get organ transplants. This drama with Mystery, Horror, Crime, and Sci-Fi themes will catch people’s attention with its dark story. Here We provide Quotes Drama Connect with cast and synopsis.


Ha Dong-Soo (Jung Hae-In) is a member of a new human race called Connect. The beings who are connected never die. One night, a group of people who sell organs take Ha Dong-Soo hostage. He has his eye taken out. He soon figures out that the person who stole his eye is a serial killer when he sees something. Now, Ha Dong-Soo can see what a serial killer sees. He is trying to catch the serial killer so that he won’t kill any more people.

Ha Dong-eye, Soo’s which was stolen, has been put into Oh Jin-Seob (Ko Gyung-Pyo). Oh Jin-Seob seems like a friendly and capable worker at work, but he is a cold-blooded serial killer.


Drama: Connect
Hangul: 커넥트 (Connect)
Director: Takashi Miike
Writer: Shin Dae-Sung (webcomic), Masaru Nakamura
Network: Disney+
Episodes: 6
Release Date: December 7, 2022


Jung Hae In as Ha Dong Soo
Ko Kyoung Pyo as Oh Jin Seob
Kim Hye Jun as Choi I Rang

Quotes Line from Drama Connect Episode 5

I’ve been hiding who I am all my life because I’m different.
But there are things that only I can do.
-Ha Dong Soo-


Connect is the neo-human.
If the world can’t accept us, we need to change it.
We have to conquer the world and rule over it.
-Choi I Rang-


People are destined to die, aren’t they?
Immortality isn’t an option, and the only thing humans can choose is how they die.
-Oh Jin Seob-


Ha Dong Soo:
You can die on your own. Why drag other people into it?
Oh Jin Seob:
No man is an island.

Quotes Line from Drama Connect Episode 6

Stop getting innocent people involved.
-Ha Dong Soo-


You were born outside a world that doesn’t want you,
but you still so desperately wanted to become a part of it.
-Oh Jin Seob-


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