In Drama Summer Strike Seolhyun and Im Si Wan star. From November 21, 2022, on ENA. This drama is adapted from a popular webtoon “I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything”. Here We provide Drama Summer Strike Quotes with cast and synopsis.

Lee Yeo-Reum, played by Seol Hyun, gets dumped by her boyfriend, and then her mother dies in an accident not long after. She has one of the worst things happen to her. Then, Lee Yeo-Reum decides to live a completely different life than before and do nothing. She quits her job and moves to a small village, where she finds everything strange. There, she gets to know the people who live there, including An Dae-Beom (Im Si-Wan). An Dae-Beom is a librarian by trade. He doesn’t talk to people very often, and when he does, he stutters. He seems to feel at ease and happy when he’s with Lee Yeo-Reum. Lee Yeo-Reum also finds out who she is during this time.

Drama: Summer Strike / I Don’t Want To Do Anything (literal title)
Hangul: 아무것도 하고 싶지 않아 (Amugeotdo Hago Sibji Adda)
Director: Lee Yoon-Jung, Hong Moon-Pyo
Writer: Joo Young-Hyun (webcomic), Hong Moon-Pyo, Lee Yoon-Jung
Network: ENA, Genie TV, Seezn
Episodes: 12
Release Date: November 21, 2022 —
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:20

Seolhyun (AOA) as Lee Yeo Reum
Im Si Wan sebagai as Dae Beom


Quotes Line from Drama Summer Strike Episode 1

The places I arrived in my dreams after running as fast as I could…
turned out to be a school, the office, or the college entrance exam site.
The destinations might vary, but my dreams always end the same way.
I always find myself standing all alone in front of the closed door.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


Our emotions are bound to be shown in our handwriting.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


Finding out about your boss’ preferences is the most basic task.
-Manager Choi Ji Won-


It doesn’t matter if they lied to you or not.
The lack of trying on your part is the problem.
-Jae Dong-


I’m not mad.
You just exhaust me.
-Jae Dong-


I still smell garlic when I miss you.
You used to come home after working at the restaurant.
You always came home around the time we fell asleep.
Then you used to stroke my hair.
And your hands smelled like garlic.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


I’ll do everything for you.
I’ll make a lot of money,
so I can take you out to look at flowers and take you to the beach too.
I’ll do everything for you. So don’t age too quickly.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


Mom.. I’m sorry, Mom.
I go to work.
Then I come home.
I go to work, then come home again.
Go to work.
Come home.
Go to work again.
I’m still living, but barely.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


Nothing has changed.
Perhaps nothing happened.
Every day, the exact same sun goes down and comes up.
The world hasn’t changed at all.
But I’ve become an orphan.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


If you go in the opposite direction of everyone else,
you may be able to find a quiet, peaceful path that isn’t as crowded.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


Don’t call me impatient when you’ve made it utterly intolerable.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


I don’t care what you two do.
But you at least shouldn’t make others suffer because of you.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


I’ve lived my life in a daze.
In order not to fall behind and not to be criticized,
I held out with all my might.
But looking back now,
I realize that I always criticized myself more harshly
than anybody else ever did.
-Lee Yeo Reum-


From now on, I want to use my time for myself and myself only.
-Lee Yeo Reum-

Quotes Line from Drama Summer Strike Episode 1

But man is not made for defeat.
A man can be destroyed but not defeated.
-From The Old Man and the Sea’s Book-


Young people these days have such creative minds.
So they have no problem fixing houses to suit their needs.
-Property Agent-


While going through my stuff,
I realized I had bought so many things.
The tea mugs I collected just because they looked cute.
The plates I’ve only used once for my housewarming party.
The clothes I had bought but didn’t even know I had.
The cheap shoes I habitually bought at the shops by the bus terminal.
From each category, I only picked one item I absolutely needed.
It was even more competitive than the interviews to join those top companies.
I listed the things I didn’t need online, and they sold right away.
Goodbye, my 20m² life.
Before this trip is over, I want to find the answer.
On how I should live my life from now on.
-Lee Yeo Reum-

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