In Drama Today’s Webtoon Kim Se Jeong, Daniel Choi, Nam Yoon Su star. From July 29, 2022, it airs every Friday & Saturday at 22:00-23:10 on SBS. Here We provide drama Today’s Webtoon quotes with cast and synopsis.

This drama based on Based on the “Juhan Shuttai!” manga series by Matsuda Naoko.

Kim Se-Jeong, who plays On Ma-Eum, used to do judo. Her whole life was focused on the sport, but an injury ended her judo career. Then, she got her first job in the editing department of a webcomic. She has trouble getting used to her job as a webcomic editor and the people she works with. On Ma-Eum grows as a person and as a webtoon editor because of all the problems she has to deal with.

Drama: Today’s Webtoon (literal title)
Hangul: 오늘의 웹툰 (Oneului Webtoon)
Director: Jo Soo-Won, Kim Young-Hwan
Writer: Naoko Matsuda (manga), Jo Ye-Rang, Lee Jae-Eun
Network: SBS
Release Date: July 29, 2022 —
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10

Kim Se-Jeong as On Ma-Eum
Daniel Choi as Seok Ji-Hyung
Nam Yoon-Soo as Ku Joon-Youn

Quotes Line from Drama Today’s Webtoon Episode 1

You are too physical without thinking.
-Seok Ji Hyung-


Work and life balances are important aspects of modern days
but the IT business requires to run 24 hours a day.
-On Ma Eum-


They tell me not to ask what school or major.
They tell me to get out when I ask personal questions.
-Jang Man Cheol-


Game is not a sport!
Sports require physical contact like this and should get you hot and sweaty.
In desperate situations, you’re out of breath and trying to catch breath…
This is real sports.
-Jang Man Cheol-


I’m not idolizing art or athleticism.
I respect people who go beyond their limits and go all the way.
-Jang Man Cheol-


You can share experiences and skills can be taught.
But you can’t do anything about having passion.
-Jang Man Cheol-


I like the smell of paper and ink.
-On Ma Eum-


The greatest benefit of webtoon is
having direct communication with the readers.
Of course, vicious comments are inevitable, but
If he reads warmhearted reviews from his true fans,
I’m sure he will gain a lot of good energy from it.
It feels like a waste to let that go.
-On Ma Eum-

Quotes Line from Drama Today’s Webtoon Episode 2

“Do your best.”
The more I hear them, the more demotivated I feel.
-Goo Jun Yeong-


Maybe, it’s because I’m simple.
When someone told me to cheer up,
I think I wanted to return the kindness to them.
-On Ma Eum-


Why don’t we stop trying so hard and doing our best?
Don’t waste your precious year with false hopes.
-Goo Jun Yeong-

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