In Drama Little Women Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hoo, and Wi Ha Joon star. From September 3, 2022, until October 9, 2022 on tvN. Here We provide Drama Little Women quotes with cast and synopsis.

Three sisters get involved in a case that puts them in conflict with South Korea’s richest and most powerful family.

Oh In-Joo, who is played by Kim Go-Eun, is the oldest sister. She grew up in a very bad place, and she is still in a bad place. Since she was a child, she knew that the best way to protect herself and her family was to have money. She wants to live a normal life like everyone else. She gets involved in a case that might change her life.

Oh In-Kyung is the middle sister. She is played by Nam Ji-Hyun. She works as a reporter at a news station with a lot of energy. She thinks that doing the right thing is important. She has also always been poor, but that doesn’t mean that money runs her life. She is now looking into a strange case that she first dealt with when she first started working as a reporter.

Oh In-Hye is the youngest of the three sisters. She is played by Park Ji-Hu. She goes to a prestigious high school for the arts and is very good at painting. She feels like her two older sisters love her too much a lot of the time.

Drama: Little Women
Hangul: 작은 아씨들 (Jakeun Assideul)
Director: Kim Hee-Won
Writer: Jung Seo-Kyoung
Network: tvN
Episodes: 12
Release Date: September 3, 2022 —
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:10

Kim Go Eun as Oh In Joo
Nam Ji Hyun as Oh In Kyung
Park Ji Hoo as Oh In Joo
Wi Ha Joon as Choi Do Il


Quotes Line from Drama Little Women Episode 1

When I was a kid, there was something I really wanted to experience.
Blowing out candles on a cake and having my friends sing to me.
-Oh In Joo-


Our lives were different from the lives of people on TV.
That we shouldn’t desire the same things that others desire.
-Oh In Joo-


Do you want anything for your birthday?
What if someone were to grant you a wish regardless of the cost?
-Oh In Joo-


It’s fine.
I never thought for a moment that I could go on the trip.
-Oh In Hye-


Some people should never become mothers.
Sadly, our mom is one of them.
-Oh In Joo-


Nothing’s more annoying than fellow outcasts being close.
-Jin Hwa Young-


People can only identify with others who are in similar circumstances.
-Jin Hwa Young-


Your problem is that you’re overly empathetic.
-Jang Ma Ri-


Oh In Kyung:
Which do you prefer?
Rich but mean parents
or incompetent but kind parents?
Oh In Joo:
How could someone be incompetent and nice? Incompetence in itself is bad.


Oh In Joo:
You’re the only one in our family who buys rich people’s ice cream like this.
Oh In Kyung:
It was bought one, get one free.


I want to live with my sisters in an apartment with nice windows.
I’d sleep through the night without a worry in the world in a place like that.
-Oh In Joo-


If I fell asleep worrying about money,
I’d wake up in the middle of the night.
As soon as I woke up, the worries would sweep over me.
“Where will I get all that money?”
-Oh In Joo-


I told myself two things when I was coming here.
The first was to not get angry.
The second was to not listen to your bad-mouth Mom.
-Oh In Kyung-


You should get moving if you’ve got what you needed.
It’s a busy world.
-Oh Hye Suk-


People may lie, but money is honest.
-Oh In Kyung-


Do you know what the most important thing for an outcast is?
It’s posture. Don’t hunch. Stand tall.
-Jin Hwa Young-


Quotes Line from Drama Little Women Episode 2

You don’t take after him.
He’s indecisive and weak-hearted,
but you know exactly what you want.
And your heart isn’t just strong. It’s hardened.
-Oh In Joo-


Oh Hye Suk:
I wanted to stop you from wasting your time studying.
What was it you wanted to study?
Oh In Kyung:
I wanted to know why some are poor while others are rich.


The rain reminds me of the flow of money.
In the end, money also flows through familiar paths.
-Ha Jong-Ho’s grandfather-


Bookkeepers need to look shabby to stop people from talking.
A bookkeeper must see money as just numbers.
-Jin Hwa Young-


I’ve always been obsessed with money and men.
-Oh In Joo-


Most bookkeepers will be obsolete in the future.
Then who’ll survive?
Those who can read the stories numbers tell.
-Jin Hwa Young-


Choi Do Il:
People keep the thing they value most inside their hearts.
We valued the same thing.
Oh In Joo:


Nothing in this world is more sacred than money.
-Choi Do Il-


When I look at someone, their emotions slowly seep into me.
That’s why news reporting was tough.
Mostly, I keep myself under control.
-Oh In Kyung-


Politics is a show business anyway.
Someone who represents the era came out and apologized,
and the victim forgave him. Isn’t that significant?
-Ha Jong Ho-


I bought those wondering if shopping would make me feel better.
Everything I’ve always wanted.
-Oh In Joo-


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